Dr. LaViolette Reviews the Galactic Superwave Theory

Joan Cerio interviews Paul LaViolette on her show Envisioning a New Earth.  The topic of discussion is the galactic superwave theory.  Dr. LaViolette begins with a discussion of the significance of Halloween, which is said to be in rememberance of the many lives that were lost in catastrophes occurring in ancient times. More

Billionaire Philippe Argillier Takes on Cabal with Databanks in his Possession

This is another eye opening interview.  Stew Peters interviews French billionaire Phillippe Argillier who knows the names of the people controlling the shadow government and has databases full of information that could convict them all.  He calls on President Trump to team up with him to bring down the cabal once and for all.  Rather than making the databases public as Wikileaks did, he lets the Cabal know that he is in possession of incriminating information on them which could put them in jail unless they stand down. More

PROJECT VERITAS – PART 1: Federal Government HHS Whistleblower -“Vaccine is Full of Sheet””

From Project Veritas: Covid 19 Vacine Exposed Part I

Federal Govt Whistleblower Goes Public with Secret Recordings: ‘Government Doesn’t Want to Show the [COVID] Vaccine is Full of Sh*t: Adverse Effects ‘Shoved’ ‘Under the Mat’. More

UK Funeral Director Reveals Shocking Truths About Covid

What UK funeral director John O’Looney has to say about his experience with covid deaths is a bombshell.  I recommend that everyone watch it to the end.  Based on his first hand experience, he makes the following points:
• There was no rise in death rate from covid until they started giving the vacine.
• Deaths due to the so called Delta Variant are actually deaths due to vacination; the Delta Variant is vacine injury.
• The broad agenda is population reduction.

Covid Remedies

I would like to summarize a number of things that might be useful to keep on hand in case one happened to test positive on a covid test. 

hydrochloroquinine and zinc (see earlier postings).  Hydrochloroquinine acts as a zinc ionophore to assist zinc to pass through the cell wall where it is effective to block viral replication.  But the medical establishment has made it difficult for one to obtain a prescription.  For a prescribing doctor see https://etheric.com/dr-simone-gold-gives-truth-about-covid-19-vaccine/ More

New Studies Point to l Lysine Cure of Covid and Dangers of the Vacine

New virology findings show that the inexpensive over-the-counter amino acid, l lysine, can effectively treat all corona virus attacks.  Symptoms subside in a matter of hours.  This entirely eliminates the need for a vacine.

https://beforeitsnews.com/eu/2021/09/virologists-report-poor-mans-amino-acid-cure-for-covid-19-would-abolish-need-for-vaccines-2676681.html More

Firsthand witness testimony of the 9/11/01 Pentagon attack

I witnessed the sound of the bombing of the Pentagon on September 11th, 2001.  I say bombing and not plane crash because what I witnessed was a shock wave explosion and not the sound of a plane crashing.  At the time I lived in an apartment located on the west side of Alexandria, near Route 395; see blue star in map below.  The Pentagon was located 7.5 miles to my northeast; see red star in map.  On that fateful morning at 9:37 AM I was indoors in my apartment working at my computer when I heard a distant boom sound.  I could feel the shock wave from the explosion penetrate through my apartment.  I was at the time startled since I had been living in Alexandria for three years and had not heard anything like it.  The image that first came to mind was that someone had detonated some dynamite somewhere in the city, perhaps to make an excavation for a building or tunnel.  But that could not be since such operations are prohibited in city limits. More


This may be one of the most important documents that has come forth from the global patriot movement.  It amounts to a declaration of independence from the tyrannous rule of the Cabal elite who have been suppressing the inalienable rights of the common man.  In this brief update Simon Parkes summarizes the importance of this document.  The document itself is copied below. More

Mike Lindell Cyber Symposium

Day 2 of Symposium (Soundtrack begins after first 11-1/2 minutes)
Youtube may have purposely corrupted the file by injecting abrupt stop intervals in the soundtrack.
If true, this shows all the more reason why what is being said in this symposium is so important to the point that this Cabal puppet does not want people to hear the truths being spoken here. More

Terrorists Made Plans to Burn the Forests of Greece and Even the Parks in Athens

This reporter below informs us that people who have been caught trying to set fire in Athens including the Pnyx Park, Royal Garden, and Paidion of Areos in Athens are mostly of foreign nationalities such as from Albania, Pakistan, Afganistan, or Turkey.  Even the Royal Palace was targeted.  It is generally believed that the fires were set by arsonists for gas cans were found in the forests and fire fighting water storage tanks were found to have been vandalized.  For highly suspicious reasons the Greek government had restrained from sending military assistance to rural areas where fires had broken out in regions such as Evia, Attika, and Pelloponesus, leaving people in some places to try saving their houses by beating the flames with bush branches.   More