The Meaning of the Sphinx Stargate

This Sphinx Stargate website presents many cyberportals through which you may journey to learn about Nature, advanced technology, life in the Galaxy, and ancient traditions. These portals are flanked by symmetrically disposed aker heads depicting the ancient Egyptian Aker Sphinx. The paragraphs below describe the higher-dimensional gateway significance of the Aker.

The Aker Sphinx of the ancient Egyptians was a divine leonine beast having two symmetrically disposed torsos each with its own head bespeaking of vast wisdom. In some renditions the Aker is depicted with lion heads and in others with human heads. The two halves of the Aker were believed to be located at opposite ends of the horizon, one lying to the east and one lying to the west. According to the ancient Egyptians, each breast of the Aker contained a portal or gateway leading to their Underworld, the Duat. The sun was believed to pass through the eastern Aker gate at sunrise whereupon it would begin its journey across the sky. Then at the end of the day, at sunset, it would pass through the western Aker gate. During the night hours the sun was believed to continue its journey through the Duat, hidden from sight.

The ancient Egyptian Aker Sphinx.

The ancient Egyptian Aker Sphinx.

The Underworld to the ancient Egyptians signified the higher dimensional etheric realm that was the domain of the souls of the deceased and which was ruled over by their revered god Osiris. Before entering, the dead would request permission from the Aker to make their journey to this dimension beyond. Unlike the Judaeo-Christian concept of hell, the Underworld did not carry the negative connotations of a realm where souls were condemned to eternal punishment. Rather it was a domain where souls continued their journey after death with the aim of reaching a paradisical state if they successfully avoided pitfalls along the way.

The Aker is believed to be one of the oldest gods in the Egyptian cosmogony. Yet, as a symbol it embodies a highly sophisticated concept of the nature of existence. It embraces the idea that the totality of existence is multidimensional, and extends far beyond our physical three dimensional universe, the domain of sight and sound. In fact, this “higher realm” may contain an infinite hierarchy of dimensions and types of being. The sphinx, whose body crouches on the surface of the Earth, symbolizes a kind of stargate portal to this higher dimensional afterlife domain. In some ways it resembles the concept of the stargate monolith in Arthur C. Clark’s novel 2001: A Space Odyssey. Just as our physical 3D world may be thought of as a membrane, or surface, floating within an unseen higher dimensional realm, so too in ancient Egyptian lore, the two dimensional land surface of the Earth extending to the far horizon symbolizes our “day world”, i.e., our 3D existence, which is but an epiphenomenon of a much vaster unexplored hyper-dimensional realm that symbolically lies hidden from our sight in the “night domain” beneath the sphinx portal. Those interested in conceptualizing hyperdimensional reality, see the book and movie Flatland (below).

This Aker sphinx symbology permeates the meaning of the Great Sphinx of Giza. The Sphinx, which faces eastward toward the rising sun, symbolizes the eastern Aker gate. The document entitled “On the Egyptian Mysteries,” attributed to the third century AD neoPlatonist teacher Iamblichus, describes the ceremony in which aspirants to the priesthood were indoctrinated into the mysteries of Osiris, the Science of Will which preserves a highly advanced physics of cosmic creation. It relates that the novice was blindfolded and led through a door in the breast of the Sphinx, hence through the gate that leads to the Underworld, the domain of the deceased god Osiris. Once they had successfully endured and survived a series of tests in this underground labyrinth, they were led into an illuminated subterranean gallery where they were instructed by the head of the College of Magi on the significance of frescoes depicting this advanced science, a science also encoded in the symbolic meanings of the signs of the zodiac. You may try your luck at deciphering this ancient knowledge, the “Riddle of the Sphinx”, by passing through the Sphinx Stargate game portal.

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Sphere:  But where is this land of four dimensions?

Square:  I know not: but doubtless my Teacher knows.

Sphere:  Not I. There is no such land. The very idea of it is utterly inconceivable.

Square:  Not inconceivable, my Lord, to me, and therefore still less inconceivable to my Master. Nay, I despair not that, even here, in this region of Three Dimensions, your Lordship’s art may make the Fourth Dimension visible to me; just as in the Land of Two Dimensions my Teacher’s skill would fain have opened the eyes of his blind servent to the invisible presence of a Third Dimension, though I saw it not.

Excerpted from Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions by Edwin A. Abbot

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