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The Om (or Aum) is said to be the “sound” of cosmic creation that occurs throughout the universe.  It is described in Hindu and Buddhist teachings and texts and many claim to hear it during meditation.  In the context of the ancient physics of subquantum kinetics, it may be interpreted as the constant fluctuation of the ether substrates that extend throughout the universe and underlie our physical wave-like existence.  This vibrating ether may be be compared to a choppy sea, or to the white noise snow many have seen on an untuned analog TV set.  Subquantum kinetics predicts the existence of such a cosmic vibration as a collective of minute energy impulses, each of which is a momentary localized ether concentration pulse (or energy pulse) imparted when an etheron changes from one state to another either through a transmutation or reaction process.  There may be an infinite number of such ether states in this possibly endless journey through ether states deployed through the higher dimension of space, but we have no way of knowing for sure.  We can only hypothesize with some certainty that our universe exists at a particular juncture in this river of transformation, a flux that extends both “above” and “below” our physical plane.

This etheron transformation is a Markov chain process, one in which death from one state occurs in conjunction with birth into a new state.  Shiva Nataraja, the Cosmic Dancer from Hindu mysticism shown above, symbolically illustrates this Markovian process.  His left hand holds the flame of cosmic dissolution which represents the departure of etherons as they disappear from their former etheric state to transmute into the next.  His upper right hand, his hand of creation, holds a drum which he continually shakes creating the sound of cosmic creation, the Om sound.  This represents the vibratory pulses of the etherons popping into their new etheron states throughout the universe.  Shiva’s dancing body is configured in the shape of the ancient sanskrit Om symbol.  Together, these processes of etheron dissolution and creation which Shiva denotes signifies the ever-present cosmic flux that sustains our physical universe in its present state of existence.

The Om may also be identified with the continual omnipresent stochastic energy fluctuation process that physicists call the zero-point energy continuum.  Although the standard physics concept of quantum zero-point fluctuation differs in some respects in comparison to the subquantum fluctuation concept of subquantum kinetics, both theories predict the existence of a zero-point energy continuum.  There is no known experiment that can directly observe these zero point fluctuations since subquantum kinetics predicts that they take place below the quantum level and standard physics predicts that they last a length of time too short for measurement.  Their presence, however, has indirectly been observed through detection of the Casimir effect, a force theorized to be exerted on two closely spaced parallel plates, due to environmental zero-point fluctuation pressure attempting to pushing them together.

Subquantum kinetics predicts that these subquantum ZPE ether fluctuations spawn the spontaneous materialization of subatomic particles.  Every subatomic particle that comes into being throughout the universe is predicted to be nucleated by a rare mega-fluctuation, or “critical fluctuation”, that emerges from time to time in this zero-point energy ether fluctuation process. In fact, in computer simulations of Model G, it is necessary to introduce such a seed fluctuation in order to nucleate a dissipative soliton (subatomic particle).  In overview, we see that the continuous process of physical creation is ultimately spawned by the same vibratory process that produces the sound of the Om.

 A more complete explanation of the symbolism of Shiva and of the etheric significance of the Om sound may be found in Genesis of the Cosmos.


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