Ether Physics

The time will inevitably come when mechanistic and atomic thinking will be put out of the minds of all people of wisdom, and instead dynamics and chemistry will come to be seen in all phenomena. When that happens, the divinity of living Nature will unfold before our eyes all the more clearly.

Johann von Goethe, 1812

The time spoken of has now come.
Discover Subquantum Kinetics!



Subquantum Kinetics is a new microphysics methodology that successfully solves many problems presently confronting physics and astronomy. Introductory information about this new open system approach to physics and cosmology may be accessed through the sphinx stargate cyber portals below.

Portal Alpha

Subquantum kinetics (a nontechnical summary)

Portal Beta

Subquantum kinetics (frontier physics)

Portal Gamma

Subquantum kinetics compared to conventional theory

Portal Delta

Early prediction of the Pioneer Effect

Portal Epsilon

Subquantum kinetics predictions and their verifications

Portal Zeta

Subquantum Kinetics (the book)

Portal Eta

Book Reviews of Subquantum Kinetics

Portal Theta

Book foreword by Fred LaViolette about his son's theory

Portal Iota

Tracing the origins of subquantum kinetics

Portal Kappa

Video on the continuous creation cosmology

Portal Lambda

Two hour lecture: cosmology of subquantum kinetics

Portal Mu

Genesis of the Cosmos: The Ancient Science of Continuous Creation

Portal Nu

New Relativistic Paradoxes by Prof. Florentin Smarandache

Portal Xi

SpaceCollective.Org Overview of Subquantum Kinetics

Portal Omicron Forum Discussion of Subquantum Kinetics

Portal Pi

Open SETI Physics: Discusses Subquantum Kinetics

Portal Rho

Some Rubbish in Physics that Needs to be Gotten Rid Of

Portal Sigma

Matt Pulver is interviewed about Subquantum Kinetics

According to subquantum kinetics, the transmuting ether is the wellspring of Creation.  It continually regenerates and maintains the physical universe every moment.  If this continual activity were to diminish from its present rate, your physical body, your house, the Earth, the Sun, the countless planets and stars filling the vast expanse of space, in fact, all the subatomic particles and energy waves composing our physical universe would gradually dissipate, disolving into a state of uniformity.  What would remain would be the vast and unfathomable, ever-present multi-dimensional consciousness, of which we all are a part, and whose featureless calm “surface” would have once generated our beautiful physical universe.  But our physical universe has remained in existence for many  trillions of years and any such dissolution is not expected for many trillions of years to come.  A similar paradigm is expressed in the Hindu creation story of Vishnu and Brahma (see Genesis of the Cosmos,  chapter 6).


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