1SQK copyThe scientific background for the superwave theory and material presented in the book Earth Under Fire came out of research Paul LaViolette did for his Ph.D. dissertation. Although the zodiac cipher and pulsar message first inspired him to look into this phenomenon, he took an objective stance, advancing his theory on a tentative basis.

His “Galactic Explosion Hypothesis” was one that would be judged on how well the evidence supported it. Fifteen apriori predictions have been verified since the time when it was first conceived in 1979.

Also in regard to his physics theory, Dr. LaViolette’s subquantum kinetics physics methodology grew out of interdisciplinary research he was carrying out in the area of general system theory and its potential application to physics.

The reason he first enrolled in the Systems Science Ph.D. program at Portland State University was to develop this theory, although, he later switched his dissertation topic in order to investigate the superwave theory which had a higher priority for him at the time.

His discovery that the basic concepts of subquantum kinetics are anticipated in ancient creation myths and esoteric lore such as the Tarot and astrological symbolism (described in his book Genesis of the Cosmos) came in 1975 after he had already been working on subquantum kinetics for some years.

Subquantum Kinetics also has a respectable track record. Since it was first conceived in 1973, 12 apriori predictions have since been verified. The theory is presented more rigorously in his book Subquantum Kinetics which focuses just on the physics, astronomy, cosmology, and electrogravitics aspects of the theory.

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