Continuous Creation Cosmology


Information about the cosmology of subquantum kinetics may be learned by accessing the sphinx stargate cyber portals below.  Some portals will take you also to the postings of other researchers who advocate similar points of view.

Parthenogenesis: The spontaneous emergence of a particle of matter in space 
as depicted in a simulation of subquantum kinetics Model G.

Video by P. LaViolette, simulation by M. Pulver,
soundtrack: Thus Spake Zarathrustra from 2001 Space Odyssey

Portal Beta

The z = 30 Prediction

Portal Gamma

Hubble's Skeptecism of the Expanding Universe Hypothesis

Portal Delta

The Big Bang as Modern Mythology

Portal Epsilon

The Cosmology of Continuous Creation

Portal Zeta

Resurrection of the Hubble-Jeans Galaxy Formation Theory

Portal Eta

Tesla's Comments on Stellar Energy in Agreement with SQK

Portal Theta

Slow Rotation of Stars Supports SQK Continuous Creation

Portal Iota

Ultra-luminous Galaxy with Two Galactic Cores: Arp 220

Portal Kappa

Giant Planet Formation: Core-accretion Theory Questioned

Portal Lamda

Radial Motion of Stars in the Milky Way Supports SQK Creation Theory

Portal Mu

Genic Energy Powering Pulsar?

Portal Nu

Galactic Core Ejection: Globular Clusters Co-planar with Satellite Galaxies

Portal Xi

Distant Galaxy Too Distant for Big Bang Theory?

Portal Omicron

Intergalactic Gas Heating Over Time Validates Continuous Creation

Portal Pi

Elliptical Galaxies Found to Resemble Spirals in Structure

Portal Rho

Supermassive Cores Present in Host Galaxies in Early Universe

Portal Sigma

Galaxies Grow From a 'Seed' Core

Portal Tau

Open Letter to the Scientific Community, New Scientist (2004)

Portal Upsilon

The Farce of Physics by Bryan Wallace

Portal Omega

Subquantum Kinetics Central Cyber Portal

Portal 22

The Demise of Black Hole Theory

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