LaViolette to lecture at the Laughlin UFO Mega Conference in February

The Laughlin UFO Mega Conference will be beginning in just 30 days (Feburary 15th).  So if you are interested to attend, don't hesitate to get your tickets.  Paul LaViolette (seen above in the third row of presenters) will be speaking on Friday afternoon, January 21st.  The speaker schedule may be viewed at this link:  More

LaViolette to Speak at the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference in the Netherlands

Join me on November 9th and 10th at the Global Breathrough Energy Movement Conference to be held in Breukelen, The Netherlands.  The Breakthrough Energy Movement's focus is on creating content to bring awareness about Breakthrough Energy technologies and their implications and we need you to make this happen.  The GlobalBEM conference 2019 will be a great event to expand your horizon. More

Two day Amsterdam Workshop by Paul LaViolette (August 8th & 9th, 2015)

Paul LaViolette will give two-day weekend seminar in Aalsmeer, Netherlands near Amsterdam on August 8th and 9th. Fee for attending either day is 35 Euro or for attending both is 50 Euro.
For more information:
Or view the website (in Dutch): More