Two day Amsterdam Workshop by Paul LaViolette (August 8th & 9th, 2015)

The Alternate Reality of Paul LaViolette:
Peering Beyond the Matrix Looking-Glass


Paul LaViolette will give two-day weekend seminar in Aalsmeer, Netherlands near Amsterdam on August 8th and 9th.

Fee for attending either day is 35 Euro or for attending both is 50 Euro.

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Paul LaViolette at the press conference held September 6, 2014 in Sarajevo.

The event will cover a broad range of subjects.  Topics include:

Day 1, Saturday, August 8th (10:30 to 17:00)

Advanced Science in Ice Age Times, Superwave Cataclysms, and a New Physics for the 21st Century

Part I: Evidence that there once existed scientific advancement in our ancient past.  

Will also discuss the 205 BCE Antikythera mechanism.  Also will go back to the ice age era to learn why ancient humanity had knowledge of things that required powerful telescopes and sophisticated space monitoring apparatus to know about: e.g., the location of the Virgo galaxy cluster, to know about the microwave background radiation and the location of its warm and cold spots, the location of the center of our Galaxy and its anticenter location, and to know that the Galactic core erupted toward the end of the ice age.

Will discuss the discovery of an ancient zodiac cryptogram message and of how this led to the discovery of the Galactic superwave phenomenon.

zodiac table

Part II: Galactic Superwaves.

Will explain about Galactic core cosmic ray outbursts, how they produce Galactic superwaves, and why the astronomical community was (and still is) oblivious to this  phenomenon which has had an immense impact upon humanity.  Will discuss why the precise time of superwave arrival cannot be predicted and what happens to the Earth and solar system when one does arrive.   Will discuss supporting evidence that superwaves recur regularly: their triggering of supernova explosions, the creation of the Galaxy’s cosmic radio background radiation and diffuse gamma ray background emission, The formation of the Galaxy’s Fermi gamma ray bubbles, the terrestrial record of cosmic ray bombardment, the solar system evidence of elevated solar activity.

Will discuss catastrophic consequences on the Earth described in ancient myths such as solar flare conflagrations that charred the Earth and mountainous deluges that inundated the land.  Will relate some ancient legends.  Will discuss how these events have had an effect on the genetic evolution of life on our planet.

Will reconceptualize the history of ice age man: a history of what humanity endured during the last ice age.

Will discuss the mysteries of the 34,000 year old pyramid found in Visoko, Bosnia:  The advanced cement technology involved in its construction; Why an electromagnetic and ultrasonic energy beam emerges from its peak.  What the purpose was for the construction of the pyramids and the digging of their subterranean tunnel complex.  Why the pyramids are buried in flood deposits.

Will derive a new date for the construction of the Gizeh Pyramid complex and Sphinx

Will examine the interstellar dust disaster of 49,000 BP and show electron microscope images of the dust particles that fell at that time and poisoned the Earth.  Will also explain why Neanderthal man became extinct 41,000 years ago.  Will also discuss the cause of the Pleistocene mass extinction of 13,000 years ago and its disastrous impact on humanity, the disappearance of Clovis man and later appearance of Folsum man.


Part III:  The alchemic ether paradigm of Subquantum Kinetics: A physics superior to what universities teach.

Why the most cherished concepts of physics and astronomy taught in the universities need to be thrown out, e.g. the following: special and general relativity, black holes, worm holes, big bang origin for the universe, first law of thermodynamics, Newton’s third law, dark matter, dark energy, quantum mechanics, the wave-particle dualism, etc.

Why people working in highly classified black projects know that this physics (and astronomy) is wrong and why they want universities to continue teaching it.  The dark war of suppression against inventors of free energy devices and advanced propulsion technologies.

Discussion of the new physics of subquantum kinetics, how it came to be formulated, and its stunning microphysical and astronomical predictions and verifications.  Will show evidence that the universe is not expanding and that there never was a Big Bang.  Will summarize the explanation subquantum kinetics gives for how the universe came into being — a cosmology of continuous creation.  Will show a 35 minute movie illustrating this.

Atlantis mapped to the dimensions specified in Plato's myth.

Atlantis mapped to the dimensions specified in Plato’s myth.

(If there is time will discuss the following below, or if time is unavailable will present it at the beginning of Sunday.)

The ancient roots of subquantum kinetics.  Will show evidence that in ancient times there was an advanced physics of cosmic creation that surpasses in effectiveness standard 21st century physics.

Will explain the advanced metaphysical and scientific concepts encoded in the zodiac signs, tarot arcana, and how the zodiac star lore contains an ancient cryptographic message.

Will explain the creation science encoded in ancient Egyptian and ancient Greek creation myths, and in the I Ching.    The true meaning of Plato’s story of the creation of Atlantis as told in Critias.



Day 2, Sunday, August 9th  (10:30 to 17:00)

Advanced Space Propulsion Technologies, the Secret Space Program, the Receipt of Intelligent Signals from Alien Civilizations, and the Mysteries of How the Mind Creates Thought

Part I: Space Colonization and Advanced Space Propulsion

We will review some of the latest NASA spacecraft findings.  Solving the mystery of Pluto’s internal heat source.  How I predicted Pluto would have an internal heat source over two decades ago: The genic energy prediction.

The bright spots on Ceres observed by NASA’s Dawn spacecraft: Evidence of a breakaway civilization or alien outpost?

Dwarf planet Ceres

We will discuss the xenon ion thruster that propels the Dawn spacecraft and compare it to a thruster that is light years ahead in its abilities: The Nassikas Superconducting Thruster.  Thrust-to-weight ratio 1000 times greater, no fuel required, infinite energy efficiency, infinite specific impulse, ability to propel a craft to the nearest star systems.

The U.S. secret space program.  Reverse engineering a number of its propulsion technologies:

The early history in development of the B2 Bomber from the research of T. Townsend Brown to industry wide excitement with the technology of electrogravitics.  The veil of secrecy which dropped after 1957.

The secret information leaks.  Explaining how the B2 bomber actually works.  How we could go to Mars in 5 days using T. T. Brown’s electrogravitic thrusters.  Project Skyvault revealed: The U.S.’s microwave beam propulsion technology.  The likely existence of a breakaway civilization.  Bases on the dark side of the moon.



Part II: Extraterrestrial communication

Astronomers have been receiving signals of intelligent origin.  The pulsar mystery: Why pulsars are alien beacons.  The existence of an interstellar federation of alien civilizations.  The Galactic GPS network and its use for message communication.  Possible means for superluminal transportation.  The Podkletnov gravity impulse beam.  What is their message saying?

Fast radio bursts recently detected with radio telescopes: Why they may be hailing signals from alien civilizations.


Part III (if time is available): Creative Thought Formation

Will discuss the feeling tone theory of thought formation which for the first time explains how creative thought formation works.  Will discuss how it leads to a new approach to school teaching, and a new understanding of certain psychiatric conditions.  Will discuss a possible theory of telepathy and the superluminal communication network that binds together our unconscious minds.

Starlane Publications, Niskayuna, NY, 2003

Starlane Publications, Niskayuna, NY, 2003

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