February 20th Charlie Ward Update

Charlie Ward gives an update.  Says Biden was arrested and executed last year.  That the person posing as Biden is either a double or a clone.  He says this next week should bring many changes.  He has been told that the type I Medbeds will begin to be released next month with Texas being the first to get one.  These will help injuries such as bone healing.  Type II for age reversal and Type III for improving memory and curing cancer will be released later.  And, much more. More

LaViolette to Speak at the APEC Conference on the Navy Patents

On Saturday March 6th at 3 PM EST (12 PM PST), I will be speaking at APEC (Antigravity Propulsion Engineering Conference) about the Pais patents which among other things describe the workings of an antigravity craft and gravity propulsion beam that the Navy has developed.  The talk will be over Zoom and will be an illustrated presentation.  It will last about an hour with about an hour for questions.  A zoom link will be posted here shortly before the conference.  The conference is sponsored by Tim Ventura whose American Antigravity website is: https://www.americanantigravity.com.   More

LaViolette to be Interviewed February 14th on the Navy's UFO Patents

SUNDAY FEBRUARY 14TH, 2021 at 11 PM EST Richard Syrett will interview Paul LaViolette about the U.S. Navy's UFO patents on his radio talk show Strange Planet: https://www.strangeplanet.ca

Richard welcomes a physicist and author to discuss a U.S. Navy file dubbed the 'UFO patents'  which reveals how military scientists spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on experiments involving nuclear fusion and electromagnetic fields as part of research into devastating future weapons. The documents claim a 'Spacetime Modification Weapon' could make the Hydrogen bomb seem like a 'firecracker.' More

Absolute Proof Documentary by Mike Lindell

Mike Lindell's video Absolute Proof about the 2020 election fraud.  Although it presents everything truthfully interviewing well known government experts, it has been banned by mainstream media.  This shows that the mainstream media does not want you to know the truth, but only what they fit is proper to tell you.  Welcome to DeepState 1984.  More

Weapons of Mass Distraction

Mike Adams humors us for an hour and a half with his comedy hour.  After all with the fake inauguration done in Hollywood, the fake Executive orders being signed, and the fake regime, the world around us gotten so crazy that we all need a bit of comic relief.  Here he tells us about weapons of mass distraction, how the public may be distracted and enraged by a false flag gun slaughter to allow Congress to pass a gun bill that would severely restrict gun rights.  He also talks humorously about the edict issued by Biden's Secretary of Defense Austin that the military should "stand down" for a month and reflect on doing something about military extremism.  Maybe the Biden regime is getting tired of being penned in by the National Guard who have surrounded DC.  Adams also goes into the future of the "rainbow" military under the Biden regime.  I am sure you will have some laughs and even Democrats should get a kick out of this update. More

Congress Maybe Not Yet Arrested? But There Is a Troop Buildup Near Mainland China

There is no indication that Congress has yet been arrested yet nor that U.S. troops have already set foot in China.  However, there is evidence of an impending buildup of U.S. forces in Taiwan.  Whether a mainland invasion by US troops will occur in the future is anyone's guess.  But here is Scott McKay with an update of the situation.  He is in contact with a reporter based in Taiwan.  Ignore the beforeitsnews header "CCP Dissolved" More

History Lesson on the Rise of the Quantum Global Banking System

Sgt. Robert Courtney of U.S. Army Special Operations gives us a rundown on American history from the beginning of our subservience under the Crown with Maritime Law, warnings by Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Reagan about the existence of the Cabal, CIA's creation of the largest money laundering system the world has ever seen,  the creation of the Quantum Global Banking System by Russel J. Gould and David-Wynn Miller (white hats), the 1999 date when the U.S. withdrew from Crown authority, the Cabal's war strategy, and much more. More