New Imaging of the Active Core of Galaxy M87 Invalidates Black Hole Theory

Recently, on July 1 of 2022, a Japanese consortium lead by Makoto Miyoshi, et al. published a paper in the Astrophysical Journal (ApJ 933: 36 (42pp) presented a reconstruction of by adding in new data from other submillimeter antennae array operating at 230 GHz.  The image they obtained an image shows instead an unresolved spherical core and knot ejection; see below.  The conclusion is that the EHT image was seriously flawed because they did not include sufficient telescope data in their analysis. More

James Webb Space Telescope Disproves Big Bang Theory

The James Webb Space Telescope has recently imaged the most distant galaxy yet discovered, CEERS-93316, at a redshift of z = 16.7.  The standard ΛCDM big bang cosmology (Ho = 69.6, ΩΜ = 0.286, and ΩΛ =0.714), which predicts that the universe began 13.72 billion years ago, maintains that light from this z = 16.7 galaxy was emitted around 233 million years after the time of the supposed big bang.  More

New Discovery of Radio Pulsar with 76 Second Period Proves ETI Beacon Theory

On May 30, 2022, a consortium of astronomers led by Manisha Caleb published an important paper in Nature Astronomy journal of the discovery of PSR J0901-4046, a radio pulsar with a 76 second pulse repetition period.  This pulsar calls attention to itself by sending out a bright pulse of radio emission every 76 seconds, the pulse lasting anywhere from about half to one second in duration.  This finding puts one more nail in the coffin of the lighthouse pulsar theory. More

Jaw Dropper: Dr Bryan Ardis reveals that the Covid virus is essentially snake venom

The latest jaw dropper about covid comes from Dr. Bryan Ardis whose research concludes that the Covid virus is essentially snake venom, especially the spike protein that is in the vacine.  This is why the narrative put out by the CDC and other deep state organizations  is that monocolonal antibodies have no curative effects for covid.  In fact, they are snake antivenom.  Dr. Ardis learned that he is number two on the assassination hit list that one pharmaceutical company has put out.  He is urgently getting out this information while he is still alive. More