Cosmic EMP Event Claimed to Strike Planet Next month — June 2022

Posted by: P. LaViolette
May 31, 2022
Update: June 15, 2022

In a May 20, 2022 posting, Judy Byington warns about the imminent arrival of a catastrophic EMP pulse that goes across the entire planet and which she refers to as “the Event”; see video below. Simon Parkes also posted her “intel update” a day later on his website, bringing it to the attention of over 100,000 of his own followers. In a question answer session he posted on May 28th, the person requesting further information about this solar flash claimed that this event was to take place in the upcoming month of June, but gave no information how they knew this specific date.

Bydington gives no source for her “intel” information on this other than to refer to the source as “he”, she claims that this Event would impact the whole planet and would produce affects similar to an extreme solar flare. She admits that the Sun is to play a partial role in this Event, the latter presumably involving more than just the Sun and Earth. One wonders whether she is referring to a Galactic superwave since an event of this scale would normally be produced by some natural astronomical phenomenon. Although perplexingly she anthropomorphizes the event as being of conscious intent, saying that “the Event is intended to shock and scare human beings who are asleep”. This comment and the general character of her naravitive raises significant suspicion about Ms. Bydington’s scientific expertise or the expertise of her intel source.

She then states that this Event is going to be monitored by “millions” of ET beings who have had knowledge of advanced technology for thousands of years and have come to our solar system to watch it transpire. She claims that these ET’s are going to use the EMP flash “to heal the planet” and to “heal the pineal glands of all humans and animals” on the planet. She then makes the more strange proposal that the effect of this EMP will be to cause a large majority of human beings to move into a 5th dimensional (5D) state of consciousness and “leave the party”, whatever that means. She is very vague and does not explain.


Excerpt from Judy Byington 5/20/22 Situation Update Describing the imminent arrival of a cosmic solar event.

If what she is referring to is a Galactic superwave ETs would likely show an interest in shepherding and assisting the more primitive planetary civilizations through the event, For example, as indicated in years of research that I have conducted on Galactic radio pulsars, an ETI warning message has been encoded in the placement of certain pulsar beacons of artificial origin and was presumably constructed by a Galactic Federation of advanced civilizations. The fact that this particular message has been beamed to us for seemingly centuries, indicates that its authors are interested in our well being and trying to alert our Galactic sector to the existence of the phenomenon. I presented details about all this were at the January 2000 American Astronomical Society meeting and later published my findings as a book Decoding the Message of the Pulsars, also giving a synopsis in a 2017 journal paper.

But, it is a bit disturbing, if the Event Byington is referring to is indeed a Galactic superwave. I have devoted almost 45 years to developing the superwave phenomenon which was previously unknown to the astronomical community. In 1983 I did a Ph.D. dissertation on this subject and thereafter published numerous papers in scientific journals. Also I have lectured extensively on this topic both in the U.S. and Europe and have done many radio and podcast interviews on the topic. Also in 1984, I founded an organization called the Starburst Foundation which has intended to inform the public, scientific community, and governments around the world about this phenomenon. So, if Ms. Bydington knows something that the rest of us don’t about the possible recurrence of a superwave in the near future, we would appreciate hearing from her.

Now more recently in a May 28th, 2022 posting on his website, Simon Parkes responded to a question received from Austria concerning the “solar flash” that’s supposed to happen in June and how will it occur. They asked if he could be more specific about this, whether it will be visible or will it be more on a spiritual level? Parkes responds as though he has information about this event that many people don’t know, but denies using the term “solar flash” to characterize it. He said that there would be a release of “high vibrational energy” simultaneously accompanied by “lower vibrational frequency which will potentially fry communication systems in some locations. He says that all of this is “a cover or smoke screen for a different vibrational energy that is being naturally released which is part of the process for humanity to break free of the matrix and see the truth.” He says that this accompaying vibrational energy “will elevate the spiritual body of all people who have trained themselves to allow the spiritual connection within themselves to call the shots.”

Excerpt from a 5/28/2by Simon Parkes answering a question the imminent arrival of the Event.

That was all the information he gave. Some of us may consider his response an insult to our intelligence. It gave the impression that I am only giving you this terse vague response because you people are too dumb to understand anything more, and that’s all I am willing to tell you. Or, is it all that his minders will allow him to say and we should point the finger to them? What about those of us who would like a more logical explanation: what is the character of said vibrations? Where did he get this information that this Event would strike in June? Why does he not say more about the natural phenomenon, that he claims will release this vibration? If anything, by this condescending response he only sows fear and uncertainty in many people’s minds, even though he claims that the result for many will be positive. But is that his opinion only that it will be positive. He gives no reason for us to believe so.

Prior to his May 28th, I had written to him twice through his Connecting Consciousness email network (as I am a member and they claim that they solicity questions from their members). My first correspondence concerned intel that Bill Ryan of Project Avalon had received, that the Cabal was aware of an upcoming superwave event and that this was driving all the craziness that has been going on during the past few years. In my email sent around January 2022 I gave a link to the posting I had made about this: But I got no answer back from him. Then after his Byington post I sent another email to Mr. Parkes via the Connecting Consciousness network asking whether he was aware of the Galactic superwave phenomenon which seems to strongly resemble the “solar flash event” that Byington talked about. My questions to him is reproduced below. Again I got no answer back.

As an update to what Bill Ryan told me in January 2022, he writes to me today (6-15-22) that through his connection to masonic insiders his source has learned from that “there will be a major wave of some kind is coming toward’s us at the speed of light, that can’t be detected by normal means, and that is due to arrive in 2026 – 2027.”  The insiders claim to have psychic information that they fully trust and are acting upon.  Currently, we have no information as to how they learned about this wave or the date of arrival they give, which is a few years earlier than the date given by Reverend Peter Deunov.

If Mr. Parkes has information on the June arrival of such a phenomenon, I would very much like to talk to him. One of the objectives of the Starburst Foundation is to collect information on the likelihood of a global cosmic ray event (superwave) occurring in the near future. Up to now the only date we have to rely on is that the superwave will arrive in 2029, based on the prophecy of spiritual master Peter Deunov (see

Also some may be interested to check out the January 26, 2018 posting on the website “Prepare for Change”. They speak about the imminent arrival of a Galactic superwave, although do not give a specific date of arrival; see:

Question sent to Simon Parkes sent via Brittaney Connecting Consciousness Coordinator for NY:

Four months ago (Jan 21, 2022) I had contacted you about some information I had received about the Cabal knowing about an upcoming Galactic event.
I asked you to pass this on to Simon, but received no answer back. Although I am a member of Connecting Consciousness.

Now regarding the May 21st video posting on Simon’s website, I see that Judy Byington discusses a coming event towards the end of her intel update.  She talks about a solar flare being part of this, but involving much more, including ET interest to shepard Earth in going through this.

This sounds very much like she is talking about a Galactic superwave event. If you put my name in a search engine along with “galactic superwave”, you will pull up much information related to work I have been doing on this over the past 44 years. I am the one who coined the word “galactic superwave”. I am the first to alert humanity to this recurrent event which involves a volley of cosmic rays, EM energy, and a gravity wave launched from the core of our Galaxy. I received a PhD researching the phenomenon in 1983 and over the years the superwave hypothesis has made as many as 14 predictions which have been later verified, thereby establishing the reality of the phenomenon. I have lectured extensively about this in both the U.S and Europe, have done many interviews on the topic and early on had contacted the UN, U.S. congress, and various government agencies warning about the possiblity of an EMP associated with such an event.

Ms. Byington’s discussion bears close resemblance to what I have been researching and she says that she received intel about this “event” but does not disclose where. I would be interested to know where she got this intel. It may be third part information passed on about my work with no credit being given. For the past 44 years one of my life purposes has been to bring my findings to the general public to be prepared for one such upcoming event, should it occur. It is difficult to do this unless people contact me to ask my assistance. These events can either be very brief, lasting just a day or so, or can transpire over 4000 years as occurred at the time of the Neanderthal extinction and geomagnetic polar reveral.

I have written a few books on this topic as well as published papers on this, There are free papers available for download from the archive of the Starburst Foundation: Several may be found under the heading “Astronomy/Climatology…” More information can be found here: . By the way I am the founder and director of the Starburst Foundation, which I founded in 1984 for the purpose of researching galactic superwaves and informing the public about them.

Books and videos about the superwave phenomenon can be purchased here:, see Earth Under Fire and Galactic Superwaves selections. Also I am the first to decipher a warning message encoded in pulsar signals and close by supernova explosion maps and being sent to us by a presumably friendly ET Federation I have published about this in a refereed journal and also have a book and a few videos available for sale on this at the link above.

During the decades of my research on this topic I have been trying to find information on the date when this event will arrive. So far the best I have been able to do is the date 2029 which comes from the Bulgarian mystic Peter Deunov ( His warning about this came to him in a vision in 1944 that he received just days before his death. It is incredibly accurate in all details even though his warning came over 3 decades before my own serendipitous discovery of the phenomenon. Another source of channeled information that comes very close is that provided by Ray Stanford in his book The Fatima Prophecy. I give an analysis of his interpretation of the prophecy in the last part of my book Earth Under Fire.

Anyway I wanted to alert Simon, Becky, and the Connecting Consciousness group that I am available here to help out with information this phenomenon. Also I would like to have Ms. Byington’s contact information to find where she got her information.

I believe that much of the craziness going on today is because the elite is scared out of their pants that such a thing is coming down the pike and that the only way to deal with it is to control the public through facist autocratic means to do their bidding. This is entirely the wrong way to go about things. It is important that the public be given open information about the phenomenon and not scare tactics. Also we should be preaparing people to be able to live off the grid with free energy power sources in every house and factory, water burning automobiles, trains and planes, etc.  Much of this information Trump was promising to declassify in his second term as you know.


Paul A. LaViolette, Ph.D.
The Starburst Foundation

End of world video that comes close to the idea of a superwave impact:

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  1. Michael says:

    could this be about the recent sunspot activity?

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      Sunspot activity could result in a solar proton event, but it is difficult to predict when such would occur. These people seem to be referring to something already coming towards us, but withhold much information about how they know this.

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