Cabal is Engaging in the Covid Mass Extermination Hysteria due to Fear of Impending Superwave

Posted by: P. LaViolette
January 10, 2022

This was passed on to me by Bill Ryan, former Project Camelot coworker and originator of Project Avalon.  Bill had been contacted by a man who was an aquaintance of a very successful entrepreneur “E” who had been courted by the Cabal Free Masons and who had confided in this person their future plans for humanity.  He was told the following:

They spelled out for him the various steps of escalation to expect if things don’t go as they would like with the covid mass vacination, that is if 90% vaccination is not achieved.  They spelled out a number of  threats aligned as a precise sequence which would affect poor Humanity in many ways.  Then they went on to tell him that the real reason for this whole mess goes much beyond money, but is a desperate counter move to the arrival of an oncoming wave coming from the centre of the Galaxy, whose consequences they fear.

Indeed, back in 1944 mystic Peter Deunov had predicted the arrival of a cosmic wave (i.e. superwave) in 2029, in other words in seven years.  The above makes sense to me because the Cabal fear that they will lose control of the population with the arrival of the superwave and are desparately attempting to impose authoritarian control measures presently to control Earth’s population as well as whittle it down to a more manageable number.  Perhaps they conclude that there are not enough tunnels to hide everyone in.  What this shows is that the current covid vaccine craziness is driven by the elite’s fear of what will happen in the near future when the superwave arrives.  I should point out that no member of this elite has contacted me for advice.

My opinion is that no matter what they do to beat down humanity, in the end they will lose control when the superwave arrives.  They take a dark view of the superwave when in fact it could trigger humanity’s ascension into a higher state of consciousness, a very positive thing.  As I have stated in some interviews I have posted on this site, once we achieve a higher global synchronized state, humanity’s collective peak experience, we will collectively be able to transcend the superwave and redirect the cosmic ray volley around our solar system.  Theoretically, we could do it ourselves without the assistance of other ET races.

Those interested to learn more about the superwave phenomenon should consult information on this website and on  Also you may read my book Earth Under Fire available on this site.

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