Peter Deunov: His Last Prophecy

Posted by: P. LaViolette
June 22, 2021

Bulgarian Avatar Peter Deunov

“The whole world is bowing to me today, but I am bowing to Master Peter Deunov!”
Albert Einstein

Over 5 years ago I had posted about the Prophecy of mystic Peter Deunov and how he described the coming of a cosmic energy wave that would sweep over our planet; see  As was pointed out there, various passages in his prophecy speaking about the coming of a cosmic wave appear to allude to what today is known as a Galactic superwave.  

This is interesting because Peter Deunov made this prophecy in 1944.   In that same year Karl Seyfert had published his astronomical discovery of galaxies of unusual appearance called Seyfert galaxies and it was not until a few decades later that astronomers began to learn that the cores of galaxies can periodically become highly energetic and that the unusual appearance of Seyfert galaxies was due to the energetic emissions from such active cores.  Moreover it was not until 39 years after his prophecy that evidence for the existence of the galactic superwave phenomenon was first proposed.  I was entirely unaware of Deunov’s prophecy at the time I researched this phenomenon for my PhD, but curiously what he describes in many ways describes the superwave concept discovered many years later.  Also it has been only in the past few years, due to data obtained with the use of new space telescopes, that astronomers have come to verify the main tenets of the galactic superwave theory; see  Those interested in learning more about superwaves see: 

Below I copy his entire text of his last prophecy which presents an astounding vision of what humanity will come to experience.  Some say that he gave a date of 2029 when this will come to pass.  Even though the night time skies may seem clear and peaceful presently, remember, “the Day of the Lord comes as a thief in the night”.

Peter Deunov: Brief Bio

Equally known by his spiritual name “Beinza Duno”, Master Peter Deunov who lived in Bulgaria (1864 – 1944) had attained a very high level of consciousness, at the same time being an amazing musician. He was born in the village of Nikolaevka, near Varna, and died on December 27, 1944 in Sofia, leaving behind a legacy of the highest spiritual value to both the Bulgarians and to humanity.  Master Peter Deunov was a being who throughout his life set an example of purity, wisdom, intelligence and creativity.

He settled in a large spiritual center – Izgrev – which he created on the outskirts of Sofia, where he lived surrounded by a large number of students and from where, thanks to his radiance, he awakened thousands of souls in true spirituality, both in Bulgaria and in the rest of Europe.

Impressed by this person who stood out from the crowd, Albert Einstein told reporters one day: “The whole world is bowing to me today, but I am bowing to Master Peter Deunov!”

A few days before his departure from this world and while he was in deep meditation, the Master gave a remarkable prophecy about the troubled times we are going through today, as well as about the coming of a Golden Age in humanity.

Below is the complete text of his prophecy. It is so relevant that one can hardly believe that these words were uttered 77 years ago – 1944.

Peter Deunov: His Last Prophecy

“In the course of time, human consciousness has gone through a very long period of darkness. This phase, which the Indians called “Kali Yoga” (Iron Age) is now coming to an end.

We are today on the border between two seasons: this “Kali Yoga” and this New Age that we are beginning to enter.

A gradual improvement is already taking place in the thoughts, feelings and actions of people, but soon everyone will suffer the Divine Fire which will bring purification within them and will prepare them for the New Age. Thus, man will be “elevated” to a higher degree of consciousness, absolutely necessary to be able to enter the New Life. This is what we mean by the word “Elevation”.

It will be several decades before the Fire comes to Earth, the Fire that will transform the world by bringing it a new morality. This vast wave is coming from outer space and will flood the whole earth.  All those who will try to resist it will be seduced by its power and will be transferred elsewhere.

Although the inhabitants of this planet are not all at the same level of evolution, this great wave will be felt by all. And this change that will happen will affect not only the earth, but our entire solar system and the Universe [sic Galaxy].

The only and the best thing that man can do in this age, is to turn to God and by consciously improving, daily, to raise the level of his vibrations, so that he can enter into harmony with this strong wave that will soon flood everything.

The Fire I am talking about, which accompanies the new conditions that will be presented to our planet, will regenerate, purify, rebuild everything: even matter will be refined, people’s hearts will be freed from stress, from riots, from uncertainty and people will be enlightened. Everything will improve, everything will rise: Negative thoughts, negative emotions and harmful actions will burn, will be destroyed.

Your present life is a slavery, a grueling prison. Try to understand your situation and get rid of it! I tell you again: get out of your prison! It is truly frustrating to see so much deception, so much sadness and pain, so much inability to understand where your true happiness lies.

Everything you see around you today, in the human world, will soon collapse and be lost. There will be no trace left of this culture and its misery. The whole Earth will be shaken and not a trace of this false, hypocritical civilization that holds people under the yoke of ignorance will be left.

Earthquakes on earth are not just mechanical phenomena, but at the same time they aim to awaken the minds and hearts of people to free themselves from their mistakes and madness and to finally understand that they are not alone in the Universe.

Our solar system now crosses an area of ​​the Galaxy where once, in the very distant past, a constellation was destroyed. With its destruction, this constellation left its traces, its dust in space. This passage through a contaminated space is a cause of poisoning, not only for the inhabitants of the earth, but also for all the inhabitants of the other planets in our system and the planets of the entire galaxy.

The only celestial bodies that are not affected at all by this hostile and harmful environment are the Suns. This harmful area is called the “thirteenth zone”. It has also been called the “zone of contrasts”.

Our planet has been locked in this zone for thousands of years, but we are finally approaching the exit from this space of darkness and we are already approaching to reach an area much more ethereal, more spiritual, where beings live much more advanced.

The Earth is now following an upward movement in its evolution and everyone must try to harmonize with these currents of Ascension.

Those who refuse to harmonize with this new direction will lose the advantage, the opportunity of all the exceptional conditions that will be presented to them to evolve. They will be far behind in their evolution and will have to wait tens of thousands of years for the arrival of a new, similar rising cosmic wave.

The Earth, the Solar System, but also the whole Galaxy are moving in a completely new direction under the influence of Cosmic Love. Most of you still consider Love to be just a force of desire, an attraction, but in reality, Love is the Strongest of all Powers!

For the time being, money and power continue to be in people’s first esteem, as if your life depends on them! In the future, however, everything will bow to Love and everything will serve it.

But it is through terrible sorrows and difficulties that the consciousness of the people will be raised. The terrible prophecies of Daniel mentioned in the Scriptures relate to the age in which they begin.

There will be incredible floods, tornadoes and hurricanes, giant fires out of control, but also earthquakes that will clear everything. Blood will flow abundantly. There will be constant revolutions. Terrible explosions will occur in numerous parts of the earth. Where earth is, will come water and in many places in the water will come earth.

God is Love!

And yet, all these events will be a response of Nature against the constant and perpetual crimes of people who commit almost from the dawn of time against their Mother, the Earth.

After these great disturbances and pain, those who will have remained alive – beings separately – will know the Golden Age, Harmony and Beauty without limits.

Keep your peace and your faith when the time of terror and sorrow comes because it is written that not a hair will fall from the head of the righteous.

Do not be disappointed then. Constantly continue the work of your inner, personal development.

You do not have the slightest idea of ​​the Magnificent Future that awaits you. A New Earth will come to light soon.

In a few decades from now, your work will already be less suffocating, oppressive and everyone will have time to devote to spiritual, artistic or mental activities. The issue of gender relations will finally be resolved harmoniously: both sides will finally be able to pursue their visions, their goals, without hindrance from the other.

Even couples’ relationships will soon begin to be based on appreciation and mutual respect. Humans will begin to travel in space, but also to enter other levels, and then begin to cross intergalactic space.

They will study in depth the function of the various galaxies and will soon have the opportunity to get to know the Divine Universe, to taste it, to unite, to merge with the Head of the Universe.

* The New Age is that of the Sixth Race. * Your destiny is to prepare properly to receive and experience it. The Sixth Race will be built around the Idea of ​​Brotherhood.

All conflicts based on personal, selfish, interests will then disappear. The only search of everyone will be “yes how to manage to harmonize with the Law and the Power of Love. The Sixth Race will be that of Love. A new continent will be formed for this Race. It will spring up in the Pacific, so that the Highest may establish their abode on this planet.

I call the Founders of this New Civilization “Brothers of Mankind” or even “Children of Love”. They will be immovable, unshakable for the Good and will represent a new type of people. People will form a family, like a huge body, where each people will represent an organ of this body.

In the new race, Love will be manifested in such a perfect way that today man can not yet even have a very vague and fuzzy idea of it.

Earth remains a hotbed of controversy and violence for the time being, but the dark forces are about to retreat, withdraw and set it free. People, seeing that there is no other way for them, will enter into that of a New Life, that is, of Grace and salvation.

In their foolish arrogance, some of them will continue to think until the end that they can live on earth a life completely contrary to the divine order, but in the end everyone will come to realize that the administration of this world does not belong to them.

A new Culture is preparing to see the light and this Culture to come will be based on 3 guiding principles: the elevation of women, the elevation of the humble and the protection of human rights.

Light, Goodness and Justice will triumph. It is only a matter of time. Religions will be forced to purify themselves. Because each one contains within itself a particle of at least the Teaching of the Masters of Light, but a particle obscured due to the constant influence of human interventions.

One day the believers of all religions will be forced to unite and agree on a common Principle, that of placing Love as the basis of every faith, whatever it may be. Love and Brotherhood, this will be their common basis!

The Earth will soon be shaken, swept by extremely fast vibrations of Cosmic Electricity.

In a few decades from now, the very evil and vicious beings will no longer be able to withstand their intensity. So they will begin to be absorbed by the Cosmic Fire, which will burn down the evil that possesses them. Then, they will begin to repent, because it has been prophesied that “every flesh will glorify God.”

Our mother, Earth, will soon be rid of the people who will not be able to accept the New Life. He will reject them as if they were “spoiled fruit.” In fact, they can no longer be reincarnated on this planet. Likewise, criminal spirits will be “impossible to come back.” The only ones who can stay on our planet will be those who will have Love in them.

Today, there is no place on earth that is not contaminated, either by human or animal blood.

It is therefore necessary to have a purification. For this reason, some of the present continents will be submerged, while other lands will spring up elsewhere.

People do not have the slightest suspicion of what threatens them. They will continue to run after the vain goals they have set and behind the search for pleasures.

On the contrary, the people of the Sixth Race will be aware of the value of their role and will have respect for the freedom of others. They will be fed exclusively by the plant kingdom. Their Ideas will have the Power to circulate as freely as air and light circulate nowadays.

The words “Unless you are born again.” correspond to the Sixth Race. Even Isaiah verse 60 refers to the coming of the Sixth Race, the Race of Love.

After the great upheavals and disasters, people will stop living in sin and will find the way of Virtue again.

The climate of our planet will change and will be temperate everywhere, while violent differentiations will no longer exist. The air will be clean again, pure, as will the water. Most parasites will disappear.

People will begin to remember their previous incarnations and will feel intense satisfaction finding that they are finally free from their old conditions. Just as one frees a vine from its parasites and its dead leaves, so do the Most Evolved Beings act to prepare people to be able to serve the Source of Love, God.

They give them very good conditions to grow and develop and to those who really want to listen to them and follow them, they say: “Do not be afraid of anything!

A little more time and everything will be fine. You are on the right track. He who wants to enter the New Civilization, let him study, let him work consciously and let him “prepare”.

Thanks to the Idea of ​​Brotherhood, the earth will once again become a blessed place and it will not be long in coming.

But before it happens, huge tragedies and pains will come to awaken the consciences. The mistakes and crimes that have accumulated over thousands of years must be repaid. The fiery wave emanating from the Supreme World [sic Galactic Core] will contribute to repaying the karma of the peoples.

Release can not be given otherwise. Humanity must prepare for the great inevitable trials that are coming and that will bring an end to egocentrism.

Under the Earth, something amazing is also being prepared. A majestic and completely inconceivable revolution will soon manifest itself in nature. God has decided to uplift this world and he will! It is the end of an old age.

A new order will come to replace the old one, an order in which Love will reign over “the whole earth.”

(This text was translated from the Greek which was posted at

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    • Brendan Darrer says:

      Hi Agi,

      Thanks for the question! I don’t think it is the same as a the galactic superwave that Dr LaViolette predicted, otherwise we would all know about it and the Earth would be in a cataclysm.


  1. Dana Grimstad says:

    Dear Dr. Laviolette,

    I watched a lecture of yours several years ago. You mentioned at the end of this lecture, a crop circle you decoded. (I believe it may have been located in Avebury) You gave a future date that was shown in the design. May I ask what the date was?
    I understand if this is confusing. The lecture was years ago.
    Thank you for your time.
    May you be blessed with peace of mind and good fortune.

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