Cabal is Engaging in the Covid Mass Extermination Hysteria due to Fear of Impending Superwave

his was passed on to me by Bill Ryan, former Project Camelot coworker and originator of Project Avalon.  Bill had been contacted by a man who was an aquaintance of a very successful entrepreneur “E” who had been courted by the Cabal Free Masons and who had confided in this person their future plans for humanity.  He was told the following: More

So far, 1.5 billion people may die of covid vacines

Urgent report from Mike Adams who projects that 1.5 billion people (1/3 of those vaccinated may die and that another 1.5 billion who were vaccinated will need to be cared for by the ones who are still healthy.  A bleak outlook of our immediate future.  He notes that these numbers will progressively rise as people are being vacinnated at the rate of 30,000 per day. More

Omicron Variant is Cover for Vacine Deaths

Mike Adams warns that the Omega Variant is a fabrication designed to cover the spiking increase in deaths due to the covid vacine.  Apparently, all the people who reportedly succumbed to the Omega variant had been previously vacinated.  He lays out the vicious cycle that the shadow government is setting up.  To counter the Omega variant, the narrative is to issue booster shots and increase the number of vacinated people.  This in turn leads to more vacine deaths, which is claimed to be due to the nonexistent Omega variant.  Learn more from Mike Adams’ report below. More

Billionaire Philippe Argillier Takes on Cabal with Databanks in his Possession

This is another eye opening interview.  Stew Peters interviews French billionaire Phillippe Argillier who knows the names of the people controlling the shadow government and has databases full of information that could convict them all.  He calls on President Trump to team up with him to bring down the cabal once and for all.  Rather than making the databases public as Wikileaks did, he lets the Cabal know that he is in possession of incriminating information on them which could put them in jail unless they stand down. More

PROJECT VERITAS – PART 1: Federal Government HHS Whistleblower -“Vaccine is Full of Sheet””

From Project Veritas: Covid 19 Vacine Exposed Part I

Federal Govt Whistleblower Goes Public with Secret Recordings: ‘Government Doesn’t Want to Show the [COVID] Vaccine is Full of Sh*t: Adverse Effects ‘Shoved’ ‘Under the Mat’. More

UK Funeral Director Reveals Shocking Truths About Covid

What UK funeral director John O’Looney has to say about his experience with covid deaths is a bombshell.  I recommend that everyone watch it to the end.  Based on his first hand experience, he makes the following points:
• There was no rise in death rate from covid until they started giving the vacine.
• Deaths due to the so called Delta Variant are actually deaths due to vacination; the Delta Variant is vacine injury.
• The broad agenda is population reduction.

Covid Remedies

I would like to summarize a number of things that might be useful to keep on hand in case one happened to test positive on a covid test. 

hydrochloroquinine and zinc (see earlier postings).  Hydrochloroquinine acts as a zinc ionophore to assist zinc to pass through the cell wall where it is effective to block viral replication.  But the medical establishment has made it difficult for one to obtain a prescription.  For a prescribing doctor see More


This may be one of the most important documents that has come forth from the global patriot movement.  It amounts to a declaration of independence from the tyrannous rule of the Cabal elite who have been suppressing the inalienable rights of the common man.  In this brief update Simon Parkes summarizes the importance of this document.  The document itself is copied below. More

NY coronavirus doctor challenges standard protocols for treating covid

LifeSite’s Claire Chretien interviews Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, an upstate New York doctor who has successfully treated many coronavirus patients using safe, effective medicines. He explains clearly how zinc is able to stop viral replication within the cell and how hydro chloroquinine and zinc work together to allow zinc to enter the cell.  He notes that people who have been unable to obtain hydrochloroquinine from their pharmacies (as is the case in New York) have had equal success by taking zinc with quercertin.  Quercetin obtainable from most vitamin shops is also works as a zinc ionophor which allows zinc to penetrate into the cell.  Dr. Zelenko had an 85% lower death rate from covid than standard treatments.

Med Beds and 24 hour Rejuvenation Pills in Our Healing Future

The essay below was copied from the website: America Out Loud. Imagine if you dare; your free will and fantasy allowing you to envision the most mind wrapping methods that your body could endure to heal the human body. All this through alien technologies that were suppressed for decades of time via the Military Industrial Complex and DC politics and alphabet government agencies; that’s correct, alien technologies! More

Dr. Chris Martenson talks about the crazy way society is dealing with Covid

On his Uncommon Sense show Dr. Martenson talks about the following topics backing up all he says with data:

•Data showing the degree to which masks protect us.
•The many successes of using hydrochloroquinine for treating Covid.  He does not allow himself to name this drug for fear of being censored from the internet.  He instead either puts in bleeps when he says it, or calls it “the drug that shall not be named”.
•The successes of the drug Ivermectin-Doxycycline in treating Covid.
•The stupidity of France’s planned one month lock down and putting hydrochloroquinine on the poison list.
•The criminality of the FDA for preventing the use of hydrochloroquinine outside of the hospital setting where it could do the most good as a preventative. More