Med Beds and 24 hour Rejuvenation Pills in Our Healing Future

The essay below was copied from the website: America Out Loud. Imagine if you dare; your free will and fantasy allowing you to envision the most mind wrapping methods that your body could endure to heal the human body. All this through alien technologies that were suppressed for decades of time via the Military Industrial Complex and DC politics and alphabet government agencies; that’s correct, alien technologies! More

Dr. Chris Martenson talks about the crazy way society is dealing with Covid

On his Uncommon Sense show Dr. Martenson talks about the following topics backing up all he says with data:

•Data showing the degree to which masks protect us.
•The many successes of using hydrochloroquinine for treating Covid.  He does not allow himself to name this drug for fear of being censored from the internet.  He instead either puts in bleeps when he says it, or calls it “the drug that shall not be named”.
•The successes of the drug Ivermectin-Doxycycline in treating Covid.
•The stupidity of France’s planned one month lock down and putting hydrochloroquinine on the poison list.
•The criminality of the FDA for preventing the use of hydrochloroquinine outside of the hospital setting where it could do the most good as a preventative. More

The Covid 19 Political Resistance has Begun

On October 19th and 20th physicians, epidimeologists, lawyers, and economists from many European countries gathered in an online symposium to shed light on the Covid-19 epidemic and to protest the false information that has been spread in the media, the stupidity in which the situation is being managed, and the draconian manner in which measures are being imposed.  More