UK Funeral Director Reveals Shocking Truths About Covid

Posted by: P. LaViolette
October 2, 2021
Updated: October 4, 2021

What UK funeral director John O’Looney has to say about his experience with covid deaths is a bombshell.  I recommend that everyone watch it to the end.  Based on his first hand experience, he makes the following points:
• There was no rise in death rate from covid until they started giving the vacine.
• Deaths due to the so called Delta Variant are actually deaths due to vacination; the Delta Variant is vacine injury.
• The broad agenda is population reduction.
• administration of vacine to adolescents is designed to make them infertile and unable to reproduce when they mature.
• Construction of large prison facilities to harbor over 30,000 people are actually detention camps to imprison people who refuse to be vacinated.  These are outfitted with morgues and incineration facilities similar to the Nazi death camps.

Below is an interview of Mr. O’Looney made by Australia’s Max Egan available on his bitchute Crows Nest channel.  What Looney has to say is shocking:

Excerpt from interview of funeral director John O’Looney by Stew Peters:

  • O’Looney: The vaccine method being used is the ‘advocate’ method: suppose you have 100 vaccines in a tray, and 85 are placebo whereas the remaining 15 are designed to maim and kill. The 85 recipients that are fine are your advocates for the vaccine, whereas the 15 that become sick and ill are your ‘Covid’ deaths. And they’ve already warned us that the vaccines aren’t fully effective.
  • So how are they going to nail people who’ve had a placebo vaccine? With the regular boosters for the next 3-5 years.
  • Peters: Are the non-placebo vaccines all kill shots?
  • O’Looney: There’s a range in there because clients of O’Looney have had a very different range of symptoms.
  •  He feels as if he’s conducting funerals for murder victims.

For more on this story go to this link:

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Absolute MUST Watch: UK Funeral Director Proves “Delta Variant” Is 100 Percent KILL SHOT Deaths And Injured!

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