Billionaire Philippe Argillier Takes on Cabal with Databanks in his Possession

Posted by: P. LaViolette
October 14, 2021

This is another eye opening interview.  Stew Peters interviews French billionaire Phillippe Argillier who knows the names of the people controlling the shadow government and has databases full of information that could convict them all.  He calls on President Trump to team up with him to bring down the cabal once and for all.  Rather than making the databases public as Wikileaks did, he lets the Cabal know that he is in possession of incriminating information on them which could put them in jail unless they stand down.  He has a broad understanding of the Cabal’s deep penetration into governments worldwide and their control on society.  He says that the shadow government used international conflict as a way of bringing trillions of dollars into their coffers to strengthen their control over the world and that Trump spoiled this ploy by initiating the U.S.’s troop withdrawl from the middle east.  Furthermore he says that covid was planned years ago by the shadow government and was bought into play as a way of controlling society and serving as an alternative way of bringing money into their coffers.  The interview keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very end where you learn that Michael Jackson’s death was an assasination engineered by the deep state.  In the weeks before his death Argillier was collaborating with Jackson to assist Jackson in his effort to protect the children around the world.  Jackson had confided in him that he knew they were going to kill him and asked Argillier to continue his legacy.

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