James Webb Space Telescope Disproves Big Bang Theory

The James Webb telescope
credit: Pixabay/CCO

Posted by: P. LaViolette
August 6, 2022

The James Webb Space Telescope has recently imaged the most distant galaxy yet discovered, CEERS-93316, at a redshift of z = 16.7.  The standard ΛCDM big bang cosmology (Ho = 69.6, ΩΜ = 0.286, and ΩΛ =0.714), which predicts that the universe began 13.72 billion years ago, maintains that light from this z = 16.7 galaxy was emitted around 233 million years after the time of the supposed big bang.  But, really we should use as our reference point the date of 450 million years which marks the time of the ending of the Dark Age when matter was cool enough to form light-emitting stars and galaxies.  Yet, here is a galaxy which according to the big bang theory had already become fully formed 217 million years earlier when matter was still in the plasma state.  Also considering that most models require 750 million years for a galaxy to form,  The stars forming this galaxy would have had to start forming 500 million years before the big bang!

In short, this finding definitively disproves the big bang theory.  This confirms the conclusion of the cosmology test study performed by P. LaViolette in 1986 and 2021 showing that the expanding universe theory did not make a good fit to observational data.  Those studies showed that the physics of subquantum kinetics with its tired light redshift distance prediction and continuous creation cosmology instead made a consistently good fit to data on multiple cosmology tests.  According to the subquantum kinetics cosmology, a galaxy at a redshift of 16.7 would lie 43.9 billion light years away.

4 Responses to James Webb Space Telescope Disproves Big Bang Theory

  1. Erico Aranas says:

    ..”why do these looked fully formed…”? exactly a very pointed question

  2. Michael says:

    It is obvious that the deeper they look, the more and more galaxies they will see.
    The Cosmological Horizon problem will continue to embarass the establishment theorists.
    Also, the quantum non – locality suggests that there actually EXISTS a Universal system of reference – which is, of course, the Ether.
    Eventually – I hope – a paradigm shift will take place in science.
    And Dr LaViolette’s work will have played a critical role.

  3. Corvinus says:

    As soon as I saw the Webb photos my first thought was ‘why do these galaxies look fully formed?’ At some point if the big bang happened shouldn’t we get images of the presumed chaotic primordial energetic soup? And yet the standard model keeps going. How the establishment, that chuckles at any mention of ‘ether’ can keep a straight face talking about dark matter and dark energy is beyond me. Thanks for your work.

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