Paul LaViolette has passed away

Astrophysicist Paul Alex LaViolette, PhD has passed away Paul Alex LaViolette, a Doctorate of Philosophy in Systems Science, was an astrophysicist, an inventor and a philosopher whose thinking was outside the box: a Renaissance Man. Dr. LaViolette was president of the Starburst Foundation under whose aegis he had been conducting … More

“Outside-the-Box” Technologies

Outside-the-Box” Technologies, Their Critical Role Concerning Environmental Trends, and the Unnecessary Energy Crisis Briefing to the U.S. Senate Environmental and Public Works Subcommittee (October 2000) Paper by P. LaViolette entitled: “Moving Beyond the First Law and Advanced Propulsion Technologies”: Download: Briefing-LaV.pdf (File size: 158 kB) Entire briefing. Includes papers by … More

The Planetary-Stellar Mass-Luminosity Relation

The Planetary-Stellar Mass-Luminosity Relation:Possible Evidence of Energy Nonconservation? by Paul LaViolettePhysics Essays, vol. 5(4) 1992, pp. 536-543 Abstract The mass-luminosity coordinates for the Jovian planets are found to lie along the lower main sequence stellar mass-luminosity relation, suggesting that both planets and red dwarf stars are powered by a similar … More

More Reviews of Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion

Max L. Day, Amazon Review (5 stars), January 12, 2013 Excellent Resource The theories behind anti-gravity propulsion are certainly controversial, and not accepted by so-called “mainstream” science. That is to say, they aren’t accepted by those in science who haven’t been “in the loop” of what the black-budget part of … More

Earth Under Fire (DVD Video)

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Earth Under Fire: Understanding Mythology as the Science of the Past Based on the work of Dr. Paul LaViolette In this exciting new video, Dr. Paul LaViolette theorizes that there is a periodic cyclic catastrophe in the Milky Way. He proves that our ancestors knew more about the universe and … More

The Eye of God

The Voynich manuscript which dates from the Middle Ages is encoded in an obscure language that has long baffled linguists. Scholars had failed to decipher it. But in 2001, researcher Jim Finn felt that he had successfully cracked its linguistic code; see his archived webpage. The few pages he has … More

Comparison of Subquantum Kinetics to Conventional Physics and Astronomy

The subquantum kinetics paradigm avoids many of the pitfalls of conventional physics and astronomy theories and interprets physical phenomena in a distinctively different manner. A listing of the numerous problems of the conventional paradigm and how subquantum kinetics resolves is presented below.   Comparison to Quantum Theory and Field Theory … More