“Outside-the-Box” Technologies

Outside-the-Box” Technologies, Their Critical Role Concerning Environmental Trends, and the Unnecessary Energy Crisis Briefing to the U.S. Senate Environmental and Public Works Subcommittee (October 2000) Paper by P. LaViolette entitled: “Moving Beyond the First Law and Advanced Propulsion Technologies”: Download: Briefing-LaV.pdf (File size: 158 kB) Entire briefing. Includes papers by … More

The Planetary-Stellar Mass-Luminosity Relation

The Planetary-Stellar Mass-Luminosity Relation:Possible Evidence of Energy Nonconservation? by Paul LaViolettePhysics Essays, vol. 5(4) 1992, pp. 536-543 Abstract The mass-luminosity coordinates for the Jovian planets are found to lie along the lower main sequence stellar mass-luminosity relation, suggesting that both planets and red dwarf stars are powered by a similar … More