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Max L. Day, Amazon Review (5 stars), January 12, 2013

Excellent Resource

The theories behind anti-gravity propulsion are certainly controversial, and not accepted by so-called “mainstream” science. That is to say, they aren’t accepted by those in science who haven’t been “in the loop” of what the black-budget part of the US and other governments have been doing for the last 50 years. I recently took a college physics course and talked with the professor about some of these topics, and he seemed delighted to “debunk” all of these things, because they didn’t agree with what he had been taught.

How many times have we seen this over the history of mankind? Does anyone remember the story of Robert Fulton, the inventor of the steamboat? It will do us all good to remember the details of his story.

Robert Fulton had an idea: to propel a boat over the water using steam power. The critics and skeptics were nearly unanimous: “It will never work!” Then he put a steam boat together and they were standing around watching him trying to get it started. “It’ll never start! It’ll never start!” Then he got it started, and the boat started moving down the river. “It’ll never stop! It’ll never stop!” (argh).

How many of you today believe what the skeptics were saying? Anyone? I didn’t think so. I think that we would all do well, when facing what appears to be an impossibility (faster-than-light travel, government-built flying saucers/craft, electro-gravitic propulsion, etc), to stop and say to ourselves, “We don’t know what we don’t know.”

1) We already know that the government has a long-standing habit of lying to the American people (that goes for every other government under the sun too). So why should we believe them when they claim that the thousands of sightings of strange-looking craft that “float” in midair, some with a strange electric hum (!!!), and that can make right-angle turns going thousands of miles an hour, are really weather balloons or swamp gas? How stupid do they think we really are?

2) We know that the US Military has a long history of black-budget programs that few people know the details about, even our Senators and Congressmen/women. Dr. LaViolette does an excellent job of reminding us of the history of Dr. Townsend’s experience with the US military, and how after demonstrating the electro-gravitic effect with small tethered discs going in a circle very fast, powered by nothing but electro-gravity propulsion, suddenly the news media got very quiet about the subject, and supposedly the military was no longer interested in the subject. Really? Does anyone really believe that? I do not.

I give this book my highest recommendation, and urge everyone to get a copy and read it for yourself. We have all been lied to for a very long time, and I personally am sick and tired of it.

This book is written on a layperson’s level, so that anyone with at least some high-school physics should be able to follow the discussion without much problem. And even if you can’t follow the details in some places, you can skip over them and learn a lot from the rest of it.

J McKay, Amazon Review (5 stars), February 14, 2012

Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion Although some of the technical aspects of this book are over my head, I enjoyed it in discovering what transpired to reach the point of current knowledge in Anti-gravity propulsion – a real eye-opener

Omeron, Amazon Review (5 stars), December 14, 201

Read ONLY if you are wanting technical data This book is a difficult read, and in depth. It is not for everyone! This book is only for those who wish to understand the soon to be public “new” sciences first discovered between world wars. This is not I repeat NOT a casual read. This will NOT tell you about aliens at roswell. This will give you clues though to how our flying saucers really work and gives sceince theories behind this.

As Note to some of the low ratings on this book. “THIS WILL NOT TEACH YOU ABOUT ALIENS OR HOW TO BUILD FLYING SAUCERS!” Why some in this great country of america act like everything is just there for their demands at discount is insanity at its best. This book assumes “common sense” is well understood on the part of the reader.

With that said, 5 Stars isnt good enough for this book. If you already have a understanding of the fringe sceinces, this is a must have, even for the casual mad scientist types like myself.

Gene Reilly, Amazon Review (5 stars), November 10, 2011

Way over my head This book is facinating. It is by far the best book I’ve read on the subject of physics. It is also way over my head, but that’s okay. I’m riveted by the theory and the topic. I skim over the math. The highly technical nature has not diminished my reading experience one bit.

Boson18, Amazon Review (5 stars), September 17, 2011

The book hit the spot, but could use some more math. But a great eye opener. The author of this book presents some great information on where to look for the basics of looking at magneto or electro-gravitic propulsion. It seems that Brown was onto one of the easiest ways to create a coherent beam of energy with BaTi. Dealing with perovskite structures (which barium titanate is one), you can get many different anomalous effects, dealing from solid state lasers, high temp super conductors, to the effect of collosal magnetoresistance. The optical phase conjugation he presents in the book with project Sky beam (or whatever is was called) is just the side step to try to reach the same goal, from my understanding. Podkletnov should have gotten a nobel peace prize, not a public embarassment. One question? What made Brown look at the certain materials he did? Cooper pairing wasn’t even proposed until 5 or 6 years after Brown started his work?

Sirius8ly, Amazon Review (5 stars), September 3, 2011

Anti-gravity secrets reviewed I was very excited to receive Paul LaViolette’s book Secrets of Anti-gravity and I was not disappointed. I have no way of verifying the math used in Paul`s formulas to justify the propulsion systems but I feel Paul LaViolette does a fine job explaining, in simple terms, the technology that has been in development since the late 40s. Anti-gravity is not exclusive to extra-terrestrials as many are lead to believe and then ridiculed to further cover up military involvement in this not so exotic field of propulsion. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learning more about this fascinating subject.

B. Hauser, Amazon Review (5 stars), February 16, 2011

The Nuts & Bolts of the Gravity Mechanism This has truly got to be the gold standard whereby all literature on the nonconventional or unorthodox views on gravity is gauged. I found that it is not only well and quite soberly written and gives every appearance of being thoroughly researched, but is easily comprehensible to anyone who has had at least second year college physics and the associated calculus and even at that there is actually very minimal advanced mathematics which, for those not familiar with vector calculus notation, can be skipped with little or no loss in continuity of discussion.

The main thesis here is that, as initially difficult to accept as it might seem, gravity and electrostatic force are in fact directly related to the extent that both electrostatic and gravitational force are gradient scalar field potentials, and more significantly that gravitational force between two masses can be either mutually repulsive or attractive in effect…..specifically, a positively charged proton produces a “well” in gravitational potential while the corresponding negatively charged electron allegedly creates a gravitational “hill” but much smaller because the electron has approximately 1 / 1840th of the inertial mass of the proton thusly accounting for the net effect of “attraction” between two electrically neutral physical masses. Certainly an intriguing concept even if as yet remaining to be proven “beyond any reasonable doubt and to a moral certainty” until an even more comprehensive theory should emerge.

Author Paul LaViolette also explores much of the personal history of Thomas Townsend Brown and his experimentation with the “electrokinetic thrust” device, the patent for which I have personally seen at the U.S. Patent Office in Sacramento and a full copy of which I have in my files from the Sunnyvale Patent Office Library. There is flatly no question whatsoever that the patent has very much always existed since originally issued…the question is whether the design actually does work as proposed and if so, what is the exact theory of operation and does it truly prove that the largely plagiarized so-called “Einstein” Theory of Gravitation (General Relativity) is either in grave error or must be radically modified or revised. The works of Charles Fort were not for those intimidated by the idea of thinking outside the box of conventional science and neither is this particular treatise…but for anyone considering himself to be of true intellectual courage and willing to impartially examine and ponder, even while not blindly accepting, a few offbeat concepts of gravity and a host of other fascinating material on antigrav and alternative propulsion that have been set forth throughout the last century, this is a must read.

As a final note, it was cited briefly in Max Born’s benchmark compilation of atomic research in the first half of the 20th century, ATOMIK PHYSIK, that the brilliant German physicist, Artur Sommerfeld, had conceived of a “Quantum Theory of Gravitation” (1942), but the text did not go into any detail whatsoever other than mere mention of its existence.

CyberTom, Amazon Review (5 stars), February 5, 2011

A Little Wonder Taken Out of The Universe This is a truly excellent book. It takes a serious in depth technical approach to a subject which most Scientists and Engineers treat with great skepticism.

If you are a skeptic but open minded, this book will slowly but surely build a plausible case as to how existing technologies and materials could (and may have already been) used to achieve this goal.

If I was lucky enough to witness a silent hovering aircraft with my own eyes, I would now see it almost exclusively as the probable result of a government black project than any other possibility.

I also agree with the premise that taking legitimate research and associating it with fiction such as the Philadelphia Experiment or UFO’s has effectively discouraged professionals from pursuing this subject thereby maintaining the secret.

PS, If you don’t bother to read this book but do see a silent hovering craft…don’t get to close. You’ll want to avoid the health problems caused by exposure to significant microwave radiation:)

A definite good read!

Jorge Luis Hevia Casanova (Madrid, Spain), Amazon Review (5 stars), October 3, 2010

Incredible, but seemed to be true…. Well, I have little idea about where should I start.

In any case, and after reading this very interesting book, I found an impressive amount of unknown data that I have enjoyed a lot. I began studying gravitics from a fusor, and finally reached Podkletnov experiment, who marked my life forever. The same subquantum kinetics Paul explains, is mostly the same conclusions I obtained myself after 8 years of intense researching in the topic. Almost same conclusions are obtained, but in a different way, since, as engineer, I got just relativistic theory as a medium to write it scientifically. Right now I have another approach into the matter, and right now I know also tons more that I knew just a month ago, before reading this book.

I must thank Paul for his quickly reply when emailed him, and his kindly behaviour. Thats not the type of person that gives up so easily.

Personal thinkings away, I must admit that this book is “uneasy” to many ppl out there, and classic so called “scientist” immediatly refuses this book’s contents. I have got in some troubles because that, so not new to me already.

As someone else stated before, you must have a minimum of scientific knowledge to understand what this books tries to tell you (especially physics and math, since Paul tries to explain it the way he knows), and of course, and most important, a very open mind.

By definition, a scientist is an open minded person, so those who calls themselves such, should think twice before stating “stupidities” about the facts and the wrongs.

Movement is demonstrated moving out. The facts, in effect, are so persistant, that neglecting them is like neglecting oneself.

MEC, SEG, Electro-gravitics, what a wonderful new science insight. Book itself tells by its own.

Davejonespe, Amazon Review (5 stars), August 23, 2010

Should be required reading Wow. This book is awsome. For decades I have felt that Einstein was all wrong. Now I know it. This book is very technical and may not be for everybody. However, even if you’re not an engineer or scientist, you will get a lot out of this. This should be required reading in every college engineering or science curriculum.

Rodrigo Lazzaris Fernandez, Amazon Review (5 stars), July 4, 2010

Superb, Outstanding, Mindblowing This book thoroughly explains antigravity and everything that surrounds it.The author, Paul A. LaViolette, writes and explains the subject very well to the extent that every reader is capable of understanding the phenomenon. This book is definitively a must-buy for everyone that wants to have a deep knowledge in antigravity.

Bradley Chapple, Amazon Review (5 stars), June 27, 2010

Read this… and expand your mind Just check out the negative reviews. They are quite condescending to the would-be buyers… making it seem like anyone who buys and reads this book must be crazy kook who runs around with aluminum-foil hat on 24-7.

I see phrases like “woe to the misled imbecile” or “if you are stupid and proud of it, this is the book for you”. I find these reviews insulting, but at the same time it makes me wonder if these reviews were planted here to dissuade a purchase.

I’m a science-minded professional myself, and I have many friends, colleagues, associates and clients who are scientists. All I can say is that the level of arrogance in the scientific community is astounding. What else could it be but complete ARROGANCE that makes people think that everything we know about science has already been discovered (and if we haven’t discovered it, then it will fit neatly into a well-defined little box when we do)?

It’s well known in scientific social circles that if you ever bring up the subject of UFOs, anti-gravity, aliens, “free energy” or any other “fringe science” topic with any seriousness, you immediately discredit yourself and any and all of your work. This is very sad, and because of this attitude we are holding ourselves back more than we realize… Seems a little bit like the “dark ages” all over again.

Yes, the law of conservation of energy is amazing, and makes everything fit into that neat little box… but, I wish the mainstream scientific community would expand it’s mind a little. There is a lot more out there that is yet to be discovered.

Norman E. Derouin, Amazon Review (4 stars), April 16, 2010

Worthy of your attention I would actually rate this as a 4.75 as nothing is “perfect”. The author writes very well indeed. It is accessible to all. I gave a few copies as gifts. Also read Genesis of the Cosmos. Enjoy!

M. C. Ellis, Amazon Review (5 stars), January 11, 2010

It’s All There! If you want to learn about the real research into anti-gravity propulsion, this book covers it’s history from the 20’s onward. The section on T. T. Brown’s research even included physical formulas! I’m relieved to report that this book excludes any of the bunk you’d find in other fringe science books. I’ll admit, this makes me believe in UFO’s – as far as experimental aircraft goes!

OtherWorlds&Wisdom, Amazon Review (4 stars), November 6, 2009

Antigravity is not Fiction If books like The Hunt for Zero Point: Inside the Classified World of Antigravity Technology and Secrets of the Unified Field: The Philadelphia Experiment, The Nazi Bell, and the Discarded Theory peaked your interest in secret government projects on antigravity and secret energy sources, LaViolette’s book may be the next step for you. Much of it is highly technical in attempts to lay out the realities of the technologies. Now sounding technical doesn’t always mean its valid, but engineers and scientists need to read this and analyze it for accuracy. I haven’t had a chance to study it that deeply, but there are a lot of fundamental truths here. Even if half of what LaViolette writes about is accurate, it could mean tremendous advances in spaceflight, transportation and energy production. I’m always a bit surprised that people like LaViolette give credence to claims that UFOs are “ET.” After all this research into secret government projects one would think they would realize that the government loves to use “UFOs” and “ET” as cover for their projects. Especially when the manmade tech they are writing about explains these “UFOs” perfectly. Realizing that and leaving people like Lazar out of the discussion would garner more support for the tech theories.

John P. Hanssen, Amazon Review (5 stars), September 24, 2009

Maybe it’s time we stop giving credit to little green Bork from Zircon and give it where it’s due….Tesla and Brown “Antigravity Propulsion” is an extremely well-written, researched book that explains in great detail the science behind antigravity and how the government has been secretly working with it for decades. This seems to be a far more logical explanation than simply labeling UFOs the handiwork of “little green men,” and when one reads up on the work performed by both Nikola Tesla and Thomas Townsend Brown, it becomes all the more plausible. In fact, every last UFO incident, including Roswell, the Belgium Triangles, and the Hudson Valley Boomerang can be traced to the government working with antigravity technology developed by Tesla and Brown. There is only one problem I had with this book: ABSOLUTELY NO MENTION OF JOHN WORRELL KEELY. This scientist/inventor lived at the same time that Tesla lived and could honestly be labeled the leading pioneer of antigravity research. In fact, Tesla was very familiar with Keely’s experiments and even admitted to “borrowing” a few of his ideas in regards to antigravity. I highly recommend picking up a copy of the extremely well-researched book entitled “Free Energy Pioneer–John Worrell Keely” by Theo Pajmans. In fact, in the chapter entitled “Prisoners of the Neutral Point”, the author goes into great detail about Keely’s “Aerial Navigator” which was operated by what Keely referred to as his “Aerial Propeller”, a complex device that made the Navigator float silently, resisting all gravitation pull and going up to speeds of 500 miles per hour. This was all demonstrated to the War Department (now the Department of Defense) and all the scientists and military personnel were extremely impressed at what they saw Keely demonstrate. Also, this so-called “aerial navigator” bears an astoundingly striking resemblence to the craft that was described by thousands of eyewitnesses as flying silently over the Hudson Valley during the 1980’s.

Aside from this fact, though, this book is highly informative and I absolutely recommend it to anyone who wants to know the truth about the government’s work with antigravity technology. It is no longer science fiction, and hasn’t been for quite some time.

Also, along with this book, I highly recommend obtaining a copy of Theo Pajman’s book “Free Energy Pioneer–John Worrell Keely”.

Zeeshan A. Zakaria, Amazon Review (5 stars), June 27, 2009

A truly wonderful book Those who like to read about the secrets of antigravity and UFOs and look at these phenomenons from a scientific point of view, and not reading stories and rumors associated with these things, trust me, this is the book.

Personally I have a very high interest in physics and reading about mysteries and secrets of nature and human constructions, answers to which are not clear because of either their classified nature or because nobody knows their right answers. This includes antigravity and UFOs. I wanted to read some good and reliable material on it, which I found in this book. This book turned out to be way more interesting, exciting and wonderful than what I was expecting. It grabs reader’s attention right in the beginning, and rest of it is as exciting as reading a very interesting novel (given that you understand and like physics). Unlike many other books on this topic, which tell you stories without any valid references or present unreliable material based on rumors or unauthentic sources, this book is written by a scientist with valid references, and proven scientific research on the subject. Book includes a lot of formulas, diagrams, and references to researches done by various scientists of 20th century on antigravity and flying disks.

Reading about subquantum kinetics and ether physics was the most interesting part for me. Seems like I have finally found the physics which I was looking for to answer questions about the mysteries of the universe, a physics way better than the string theory and physics based on Einstein’s principles, which don’t give answers to so many vital questions of physics, including the nature of gravity and speeds higher than speed of light.

Author also talks about how he believes B2 Bomber uses electrogravitic propulsion mechanisms and what is the history behind it. It seems very convincing in the light of the facts which he has presented. But these are only author’s views, only the manufacturer’s on this plane know if it even encompasses any antigravity technology at all.

This book was one of the best books I’ve ever purchased. By the time I am writing this review, I already have all other books of Paul LaViolette in my book shelf. Now I am anxiously waiting when I get time and start reading his book on subquantum kinetics.

Edwin G. Garver, Amazon Review (5 stars), June 11, 2009

Very very interesting I will admit in a most straighforward fashion, that I have only gotten about 1/4 through the book. It is most fascinating reading. One must wonder, have we discovered all of the esoteric laws of physics outside of quantum mechanics? I acquired the book from the library. However this is a book that I most decidedly wish to keep on a bookshelf. Thus I am going to buy it so that I can refer back to it as my knowlege of physics increases. As it is, this book is rather deep for the mere well read layman. The famous “Philadelphia Experiment” is discussed and that in itself makes the book a must have for conspiracy theorists and government coverup afficianados.

M@rk “Life is short. Eternity is long.”, Amazon Review (5 stars), May 16, 2009

Amazing look at the black ops world of antigravity research. This book goes into amazing detail into the world of antigravity research. It looks as though we may be a bit closer to “Star Trek” than we think. You don’t need a science background to enjoy this book but it would help in the technical sections. This book would especially be a treat for electrical engineers and people who have to work in the electricity world. If you love sci-fi you’ll love this book. It will also open your mind to the possibilities of a world where gravity has been conquered and harnessed in much the same way as we harness the power of the atom.

Greg Quesnelle, Amazon Review (5 stars), March 9, 2009

Everything All Wrapped Up in One This book is extremely informative. If you like learning about Zero Point Energy devices, low level quantum physics you will love this all inclusive book.

Valkyrie777v, Amazon Review (4 stars), January 30, 2009

Great read I found this to be a preaty intreating read. I like anything that has to do with Telsa or antigravity so I have to give it a thumbs up!!!!!!!!

MRM90 Amazon Review (4 stars), January 21, 2009

Gravity is a form of electromagnetic and physical magnetic results! This is truly a great book by LaViolette. His theory predicting the unification of electromagnetism and gravitation is on the money. And as Charles wrote in his review, “attractive” and “repulsive” gravity forces seems very much on the right track too, and here’s why.

There is undeniable evidence that the physics taught in colleges today is incorrect, and this evidence has existed for many years. A scientist named Albert Roy Davis discovered (in 1936) that the North and South poles of magnetism are in reality, two separate and distinct energies with two distinct electron spins. The North pole energy spins counterclockwise and causes a “contraction” (attraction) of matter, and the South pole energy spins clockwise and causes an “expansion” (repulsion) of matter. In chapter 11 of their first book, “Magnetism and Its Effects on the Living System”, Davis and Rawls (Davis’ associate) show how magnetism and gravity are combined and react together, and how they affect living beings. The title of my review, “Gravity is a form of electromagnetic and physical magnetic results”, is a direct quote from their book.

The problem with physics today is that the very fundamentals of magnetism that scientists base their theories on are wrong, so until they adopt the discovery by Albert Roy Davis of two separate and distinct energies of magnetism they will never find the correct answers. Here are a few quotes from another book by Davis and Rawls, “The Magnetic Blueprint of Life”, published in 1979. “Magnetism has been relegated to an inferior position in relation to electricity and gravity. As long as this concept exists in the scientific community, there will be only theories on theories, confusion on confusion.” “Magnetism has a spin effect; electricity has a flow effect, and as all matter is in motion, characterized by spin, here is another reason why magnetism is the father of electricity–not the child, which is generally accepted in physics.” Torsion physics, or Hyperdimensional Physics (as Richard C. Hoagland calls it), is on the right track, but it isn’t entirely accurate. You see, James Clerk Maxwell was wrong. He did not know that magnetism consists of two separate and distinct energies.

Davis and Rawls warned (in articles they wrote) in the 1970’s that Russian scientists may try to take credit for their discoveries, and it appears as if A.I. Veinik has attempted to, among others. The Russians know all about Davis and Rawls.

For a quick summary of some of their incredible discoveries read “The Scope of Biomagnetism”, on the Teslatech website. Just type the title of the article in a search engine and you’ll find it.

The missing ingredient in this book and ALL other books on the theoretical “new physics”, aliens, UFO’s, psychic abilities etc., is the amazing discoveries of Davis and Rawls. I know this sounds grandiose, but they discovered that magnetism can be used to dramatically increase intelligence, psychic abilities, physical strength, to develop advanced propulsion systems… the list is endless. Magnetism is the key to it all. The information in their books is the result of forty years of scientific investigations that followed Davis’ initial discovery in 1936, and the research has continued up to the present. It is not theoretical or speculative, it is factual, and it has been confirmed by many scientists. This book is still a great read though.

Charles Malcolm, Amazon Review (5 stars), November 6, 2008

An Excellent Overview “Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion” provides an excellent overview of the history of antigravity research over the past 100 years. LaViolette focuses primarily on the experiments conducted by Thomas Townsend Brown and Nikola Tesla, but also reviews the work of many others conducting research in the areas of electrogravitics, overunity levitation, gravity beam propulsion, microwave phase conjugation, and magnetic energy conversion. All of this research originated with experiments attempting to explain the unusual discharge effects of high voltage capacitors with heavy high-K dielectics. LaViolette uses the theory of subquantum kinetics to provide a theoretical explanation for the phenomena produced by these experiments. A theory based on “ether physics” and the notion that masses with polarized electric fields generate polarized gravity fields that result in gravity wells (attractive forces) and gravity hills (repulsive forces).

LaViolette also investigates black (classified) projects of the US government such as the Philadelphia Experiment, Project Winterhaven, Project Skyvault, and Project Redlight which provide evidence of top-secret research into areas of antigravity propulsion, man-made UFO’s, StarWars technologies, and the building of the B-2 Bomber which uses antigravity technology to fly. The book concludes with a look at the future of space exploration and examines Nasa’s on-going role as a front for black projects while it engages in cover-ups and disinformation involving these areas of research.

This book is academic and technical, and may be difficult for those unfamiliar with the subject matter. But if you can bare through it, the book provides a fascinating insight into antigravity experimental research. Even more fascinating may be the significance and implications of LaViolette’s theory of subquantum kinetics. According to LaViolette, this theory predicts the unification of electromagnetism and gravitation, something that both Classical physics and String Theory have been unable to do.

Brent M. Braten, Amazon Review (3 stars), September 29, 2008

Interesting Although the title is slightly misleading – yes, Tesla is mentioned a few times but his work is not explored in much depth – this is a very informative book. It is more or less a history book written by a scientist. It explores the work of T. Townsend Brown in some depth and examines The Searl Effect in some detail. Perhaps unfortunately, quite a bit of the information in this book is speculation because black ops projects are, by their very nature, extremely secretive.

I must give credit where credit is due, however, because it is a very thought provoking book. One of the nice things about this book is that the appendices are well designed. Several patents are mentioned throughout the text and they are all listed in one of the appendices for easy reference and if you know where to look on the Internet you can download and study them yourself.

De Guchteneere, Amazon Review (5 stars), September 15, 2008

Astounding information The book “anti-gravity propulsion” from Paul LaViolette is a very dense and extremely well documented work on new technologies that offer brilliant perspectives for solving the world energy crisis, though being totally unknown in the public because of security classification. A must-read for any scientifically oriented person with an opening to paradigm-changing perspectives.

Elliot Malach, Amazon Review (5 stars), September 10, 2008

The Real Data About Antigravity Propulsion, and the Government Paranoia to Prove It Works I’m not much for conspiracy theories, but… there is just way to much information here into subquantum kinetics and electrogravitic propulsion systems that work to be validly discounted. It is pretty conclusive that gravity has polarity, and our current physics paradigm is insufficient to explain the results achieved. Experiments by Tesla, Brown, Searl and others also show that generators can be constructed that produce energy vastly in excess of the energy required to operate them.

These experiments date back 60+ years, but once they went “black” under US Military control, no further information was available, that is until the B-2 bomber was unveiled. It seems the US government embraces subquantum kinetics, but keeps it secret, even though it would solve our energy problems, pollution, and global warming.

The book delves into the “actual” propulsion of the B-2 which corresponds perfectly with the known research and experiments into electrogravitic propulsion. At one point, Boeing, after completing classified propulsion work for the government, felt it would be of fantastic benefit for use in commercial aviation. They applied for declassification, but of course, were denied.

The author even tried to submit data to NASA on shuttle propulsion, but NASA appears to be nothing more than a puppet organization for military PR to the public, since the military already has their own covert space program in place.

This is an excellent book, but unless you understand college physics and higher math, it will be very hard to follow.

Midwest Book Review, Amazon Review (5 stars), September 5, 2008

Perfect for any new age library. The secret history of antigravity experimentation from Tesla to the B-2 Advanced Technology Bomber is covered in a survey of advanced gravity-control technologies under secret military development for decades. Numerous field-propulsion devices and technologies that have huge thrust-to-power ratios are surveyed in chapters which offer new science ideas and theories perfect for any new age library.

T. Long, “Da Blogger”, Amazon Review (5 stars), August 2, 2008

Superb! This is it! If you buy only one book on antigravity/electrogravity, this had better be the one! I have been a fan on Townsend Brown since the early eighties. This book showed me things I DID NOT know! Letters, sketches and the whole shabang. Secrets ARE revealed. With this book you can do your own experiments. It even has info on the “Lifters” now making a craze around the world. Paul-when will there be a part-2? GET THIS BOOK!

Anon, Amazon UK Review (5 stars), November 29, 2009

Superb book with lots of detail Excellent book on the manipulation of ether pressure potentials (gravity/inertia) for creating local ‘gravity’ inbalances giving rise to ‘anti-gravity’.


Skyraider, Amazon UK Review (5 stars), September 11, 2012

Beautifully detailed Avery beautifully written detailed book on the subject. Its my first book on electrogravitics and I am loving it. This book is igniting my thirst for antigravity knowledge more and more.

Secrethen, Amazon UK Review (3 stars), April 12, 2012

Unputdownable This well massive book about anti gravity, although weighty, is uplifting. I found I just could not put it down.

Northolt, Amazon UK Review (4 stars), April 12, 2012

Good Read I am interested in the subject of anti gravity propulsion and have read of some interesting laboratory experiments,but as a layman i found this book on some places rather hardgoing.this was a bit disappionting as the author has gone to a great trouble in making most of the book very understandable. An enjoyable read

R.E. Purcell, Amazon UK Review (4 stars), September 29, 2008

A worthy book for all to read..! This book is a must have read for anyone who has an interest in the esoteric/ufo technology and provides a fascinating insight into a science that has been suppressed from the public domain for far to long..! With excellant (if a little heavy on theory, but necessary) experimental evidence/results from a variety of sources that show that this subject does exist and should be researched and developed for the greater good of mankind..!

Anyone who thinks this is all made up should look again at Paul LaViolette research history, web site the starburst foundation & published subquantum kinetic theory as well as Dr Steven M Greer’s book Disclosure.

Openminded, Amazon Germany Review (5 stars), May 26, 2009

Hintergründe der Antigravitation haben wollen In diesem Buch findet sich eine gut recherchierte Zusammenfassung der Entdeckungen, die in den letzten 60 Jahren in Bereich der Gravitationsmanipulation (Elektrogravitation, Counterbary, …) gemacht wurden. Es erklärt den Leser gut verständlich die ersten Experimente von Thomas Townsend Brown und die sich daraus ergebenden physikalischen Einflüsse auf die Gravitation. Der Autor erklärt die Phänomene mit seiner postulierten SubQuantenKinetik, welche die Verbindung zwischen Materie und Äther erklärt. Die Forschungen auf diesem Gebiet wurden bald von dem militärisch-industriellen Komplex in “Black-Projects” voran getrieben und der Öffentlichkeit somit bis heute entzogen. Die Gründe und die Erklärung, warum auch der B2-Bomber Mithilfe von Elektrogravitation arbeitet, wird ausführlich erklärt. Die Rolle der Industrie und der “Forschungseinrichtung” NASA wird anhand von realen Erlebnissen und dem Schriftverkehr des Autors schnell offensichtlich. Fazit: Absolut empfehlenswert für jene die eine gute Zusammenfassung über diese Thematik suchen, mit Einblick in die SubQuantenKinetik, der postulierten “Ätherphysik” des Autors.

Extron, Amazon Germany Review (5 stars), September 27, 2012

Das Buch hat für jeden etwas was ihn interessieren könnte! Es geht um 2 von der heutigen Physik verleugnete Aspekte der Realität.

1.) Es geht im Buch um Äther. Die einen sagen, es gibt Äther und bringen ihre Überlegungen vor. Die andere Sagen es gibt Äther nicht und machen das selbe! Aber sogar der Einstein hat in seinen letzten Briefen eingesehen, dass es ein Fehler gewesen ist das Äther zu verleugnen. Er wurde aber nicht mehr zu Kenntnis genommen!

2.) Die verleugnete Wechselwirkung zwischen der Kraft Gravitation und der Kraft Elektromagnetismus. Jeder Physiker weiß und sagt, dass diese 2 und insgesamt 4 uns bekannte Naturkräfte bei dem Urknall eins waren. Jeder Physiker sagt, dass 3 davon außer Gravitation mit einander wechselwirken können. Paul LaViolette sagt, dass es auch eine Wechselwirkung zwischen Gravitation und Elektromagnetismus sehr wohl auch gibt und bringt eine Theorie vor die es erklären könnte! Die Modell-G-Theorie! Er ist aber nicht der einzige Forscher dieser Welt der das glaubt und behauptet, dass diese Wechselwirkung existiert.

Interessant fand ich auch im Buch die persönliche Erfahrung von dem Autor des Buches und einiger seiner Kameraden direkt mit der NASA. Es gab da ein weltweites Ausschreiben der NASA an alle Wissenschaftler, so was wie ein Wettbewerb wo jeder Wissenschaftler seine Verbesserungen zu der Weltraumeroberung hinschicken konnte. Die NASA hat aber alle Verbesserungen die mit Antigravitation zu tun hatten, nicht nur abgelehnt, sondern diese Verbesserungen bekamen nicht mal eine Nummer verpasst unter der bestimmte Ideen als Abgelehnt abgestempelt wurden.

Das Buch ist groß und hat für jeden einbißchen was Interessantes. Auch die Infos aus dem Briefwechsel des Autors mit der russischen Forschergruppe von Eugene Podkletnov alleine sind Goldwert, wer sich für Äther und Gravitation als direkter Aspekt des Äthers oder Äther selber interessiert!

Manche Kapitel habe ich aber auch übersprungen die für mich langweilig waren, solche die zu viel Mathe beinhalteten 🙂 Aber manche Kapitel waren für mich spannend wie ein Krimi gewesen!

suchen, mit Einblick in die SubQuantenKinetik, der postulierten “Ätherphysik” des Autors.

Martin Schwingenheuer, Amazon Germany Review (5 stars), May 8, 2012

Goodby Relativitätstheorie Die Überschrift mag vielleicht verwirren, aber Herr Laviolette hat es in seinem Buch Verschlusssache Antigravitationsantrieb hinreichend bewiesen, dass die allgemeine Relativitätstheorie Humbug ist, speziell Aussage über die Gravitation und der Lichtgeschwindigkeit als Konstante und Obergrenze der Geschwindigkeit. Somit ist auch die Gravitation eine Art elektromagnetische Kraft mit sowohl negativer- wie auch im absoluten Gegensatz zu der Rel. Theorie auch positiver Krafteinwirkung, dh sie, die Gravitation kann abstoßend wirken(Auch Levitation, oder Antigravitation genannt.). Ebenfalls sind einige weitere Axiome der sogenannten “gesicherten Physikalischen Aspekte” so nicht mehr uneingeschränkt haltbar, das sind: Der Energieerhaltungssatz, die Enthalpie anhand der genauesten Erklärung der Phasenkonjugierten Solitionswelle, der Verstärkung einer stehenden Welle durch Entzug von Energie der Umgebung, möglicherweise gar der Vakuumfeldenergie!

Da sind lt. Autor noch Klärungen von nöten!) Ebenfalls ist das 3. Nwewtosche Gesetz: Actio=Reaktio nicht mehr uneingeschränkt gülig, wenn man sich mit der Subquantenmechanik beschäftigt und hinzuzieht. Dh der Elektrogravitationsantieb ist rückstoß -und reaktionfrei! Am Beeindruckesten ist sie für mich geschildert am Beispiel der”Kondensatordüse”des J.Claude Lafforgues, welche eine Kraft von über 0,6 Tonnen erzielte!

Ich muss allerdings hinzufügen, man sollte schon sehr firm sein, was die Grundlagen der Elektrotechnik angeht, ansonsten kann man die Beweisführung des Autors nicht richtig nachvollziehen und das wäre sehr sehr schade! Somit solle man sich ein Buch über diese Thema am besten gleich mitbesorgen, oder eine elektrotechnische Formelsammlung dazunehmen… Von den ersten zaghaften Versuchen vor fast 90 Jahren bis heute zeigt der Autor anhand von vielen beeindruckenden Beispielen mit detailierten Quellenangaben die Entwicklung dieser Technologie an und wie sie schließlich zur absoluten Verschlusssache wurde. Weiter geht der rote Faden über die geheimen Experimente mit dieser Technik bis zu der schon lange stattfindenden richtigen Raumfahrt und deren gezielter Verscheierung vor uns. Aus diesem Grunde gebe ich Herrn Paul A Laviolette fünf Sterne und zusätzlich einen virtuellen 6. Stern für dieses einzigartige Werk. Unbedingt kaufen, lesen verstehen!!!

Frank Traven, Amazon Germany Review (4 stars), February 19, 2012

Operation Geronimo Angeblich wurden von den Nazis schon Ufos gebaut, die ins Weltall flogen. Endlich gibt es ein fundiertes Buch über die Antigravitation, das ein neutraler amerikanischer Physiker geschrieben hat.

Nach den Theorien von Brown über die Aufhebung der Gravitation im Dielektrikum, mittels Verwendung von hohen Spannungen, kann ich nur schlussfolgern, dass dieses Konzept kaum für die zivile Luftfahrt zu verwenden ist. Es würden am Gehäuse mehr als eine Millon Volt DC gegen den anderen Pol anliegen. Wie beim Philadelphiaexperiment könnten Menschen, die sich im Feld befinden sterben, oder andere gesundheitliche Folgen davon tragen.

Bei der Tötung von Bin Ladn durch die Navyseals wurden lautlose Helikopter eingesetzt. Ein abgestürzter Helikpter wurde von den Soldaten sofort gesprengt. Hatte der abgestürzte Helikopter einen Antigravitationsantrieb…..

einzigartige Werk. Unbedingt kaufen, lesen verstehen!!!

Othar der Wolf, Amazon Germany Review (5 stars), May 12, 2012

Realistisch! Zum ersten Mal lese ich ein Buch über Antigravitation von jemand mit einer soliden Physik Ausbildung. Was in diesem Buch steht, hat tatsächlich Hand und Fuß. Es bringt auch echte historische Forschungserbnisse. Unbedint lesenswert.