LaViolette to Lecture on Navy UFO Tech Patents at APEC

Posted by: P. LaViolette
March 1, 2021, updated March 8, 2021

Open access conference by zoom on the Navy’s Pais Gravity Engineering Patents.

Youtube posting of APEC seminar.  First two hours is Paul LaViolette who speaks on Subquantum Kinetics and the Pais gravity engineering patents (begins around 11 m mark and goes up to the 2h 13m mark).  Then Mike McCulloch speaks during the two hours that follow on Quantized Inertia and the Horizon Drive.  After him Jeremiah Popp and Mark Sokol speak for two hours on breakthrough propulsion concepts.

DATE & TIME: Saturday, Mar 6th @ 12:00pm PT / 3:00pm ET

• 12:00pm PT: Paul LaViolette: The Pais Navy Gravity Engineering Patents

Paul will begin by discussing the electrogravity theory of subquantum kinetics and how it is different from other theories such as GR.  We will examine how the Earth generates its gravity field and why this is related to the accumulation of a negative charge on its surface.

Then we will examine the Pais Navy UFO patents and explain how they work, how they can achieve phenomenal accelerations, inertialess forces when accelerating or turning right angles, and explore the possibility that they may achieve self cloaking, i.e., a state of invisibility.  This will include discussion on the field-induced soliton effect and the production and manipulation of virtual mass around the spacecraft for useful propulsion.  We will examine evidence indicating that the technology described in this patent may actually be over 30 years old and whether Pais was the first to invent it.

We will also examine the Pais Navy gravity repulsion beam patent entitled “Electromagnetic Field Generator”.  We will explain how it is able to achieve its affects and compare to the Podkletnov gravity impulse beam generator.

Also I will discuss a UFO design that I devised in 1985 that was not included in my book Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion.  You will find it to be essentially the same principle as described in two of the Pais Patents.

To be prepared for the conference you are advised to download and read Salvatore Pais’ patents:

For more information, see earlier posting:

4 Responses to LaViolette to Lecture on Navy UFO Tech Patents at APEC

  1. Dan says:

    How do I gain access to a maser to test my theory of energy production at the nucleonic level?

  2. Donald Tryk says:

    Fantastic presentation—just finished watching it and will watch the rest of this 7+ hour conference later! Mike McCulloch’s stuff is also super-interesting. I would love to see a discussion between Paul and Mike. It is a sad commentary on modern science, physics in particular, that Paul has not yet been awarded a Nobel Prize.

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