Terrorists Made Plans to Burn the Forests of Greece and Even the Parks in Athens

Posted by P. LaViolette
August 9, 2021

This reporter below informs us that people who have been caught trying to set fire in Athens including the Pnyx Park, Royal Garden, and Paidion of Areos in Athens are mostly of foreign nationalities such as from Albania, Pakistan, Afganistan, or Turkey.  Even the Royal Palace was targeted.  It is generally believed that the fires were set by arsonists for gas cans were found in the forests and fire fighting water storage tanks were found to have been vandalized.  For highly suspicious reasons the Greek government had restrained from sending military assistance to rural areas where fires had broken out in regions such as Evia, Attika, and Pelloponesus, leaving people in some places to try saving their houses by beating the flames with bush branches.  The inaction of the currently elected Greek administration in the midst of this crisis borders on criminality and likely will result in future arrests and tribunals.

Video is in the Greek language.

Δείτε το γιατί θα το ξαναρίξουν!!!
Merlin Avalon reports
Video is in the Greek language.

The above patriots try to get the word out about the terrorism taking place in Greece this very moment.

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