New Studies Point to l Lysine Cure of Covid and Dangers of the Vacine

Posted by: P. LaViolette
September 15, 2021

New virology findings show that the inexpensive over-the-counter amino acid, l lysine, can effectively treat all corona virus attacks.  Symptoms subside in a matter of hours.  This entirely eliminates the need for a vacine.

Also below, Professor Sucharit Bhakdi reports on findings that came out a few months ago that indicate that we already have in our bodies antibody protection for COVID-19, even without a vacine.  He points out that there is, then, no point to take a vacine and particular to risk the health hazards that it poses.  He explains how a booster vacine shot can result in one’s immune system destroying one’s blood vessel walls after a vacine shot as the lymphocytes and leukocytes attack the spike proteins that have invaded the cell walls.

One Response to New Studies Point to l Lysine Cure of Covid and Dangers of the Vacine

  1. Rick says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this information. I believe a major problem for the average American is the lack of any solid information and the politics that has been used to separate people. This is about politics and making money and most Americans that I know just want the simple truth and move on with our lives. Thank you sir!

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