Firsthand witness testimony of the 9/11/01 Pentagon attack

Posted by: P. LaViolette
September 11, 2021

I am one of those who witnessed the sound of the bombing of the Pentagon on September 11th, 2001.  I say bombing, and not plane crash, because what I witnessed was a shock wave explosion and not the sound of a plane crashing.  At the time I lived in an apartment located on the west side of Alexandria, near Route 395; see blue star in map below.  The Pentagon was located 7.5 miles to my northeast; see red star in map.  On that fateful morning at 9:37 AM I was indoors in my apartment working at my computer when I heard a distant boom sound.  I could feel the shock wave from the explosion penetrate through my apartment.  I was at the time startled since I had been living in Alexandria for three years and had not heard anything like it.  The image that first came to mind was that someone had detonated some dynamite somewhere in the city, perhaps to make an excavation for a building or tunnel.  But that could not be since such operations are prohibited in city limits.

As soon as I heard this I went outside and looked around expecting to see something.  It was a beautiful sunny day with blue sky.  Then something caught my eye to the east toward downtown Alexandria in the vicinity of Old Towne.  I saw a mushroom cloud rising in the air as if something had exploded there.  I estimate that the mushroom part was about 50 feet in diameter and had a stalk about 150 feet high.  It was whitish in color and semi transparent.  I estimate that it had emerged about 5 miles away; see black star in map.  The lower part of the stalk was occluded by buildings so I could not see what had happened to cause it.  I assumed that this was the source of the boom that I had heard and that maybe a gas pipe or something had exploded, perhaps some sort of accident.

So I went indoors and turned on the TV expecting to hear something about it on the news.  What I was greeted with is news reports about the Pentagon and images of the south wall being destroyed.  This was totally unexpected.  I was surprised at the coincidence.  Why would a mushroom cloud be rising from the streets of Alexandria at the same time that the Pentagon had been attacked to the north.

They were claiming that a Boeing 757 (American Airlines Flight 77) had crashed into the Pentagon’s south wall.  This did not make sense to me since a plane crashing into a fortified two-foot thick concrete wall does not make a shock wave sound.  If it had been a jet crashing, as they claim, the hollow-tube, aluminum structure of the plane would have crumpled as it impacted, making a loud sound, but surely not creating a shock wave.  Also the event reportedly made a hole through the inside wall of the Pentagon’s “second ring”.  How are we to believe this was caused by a jet plane when the jet that hit the aluminum and glass World Trade Center tower failed to penetrate all the way through (see  Other discrepancies later emerged such as the absence of wing debris on the ground outside the Pentagon impact site.  Also there is not a single shot showing a jet actually impacting the wall.  Security camera footage made public show an unidentifiable blur to the far right in one frame of the video which is not of much help.  Also some claim that Flight 77 never existed and that the whole idea of a jet was fabricated.

What makes the most sense to me is that the Pentagon wall was hit with a cruise missle.  That would have created a circular hole as observed and would have had enough energy to damage the Pentagon’s second ring as well.  Just now checking on the internet I found that footage is circulating that confirms that it was a cruise missile attack.  For example, see this video:

Also the official explanation of the flight path for Flight 77 does not conform to the data actually recorded on the jet’s flight data recorder.  Someone was able to obtain a copy of the recorder information and analyze the jet’s flight path and what they found does not match the official explnation.  They found that the plane’s flight trajectory made it crash a considerable distance before it would have reached the Pentagon.

But the flight recorder data does support the idea of a cruise missile attack;  see especially the suggestion at the end of the video seen at minute 6:30.

So, I am left wondering, was the Alexandria mushroom cloud a special ops project to create a diversion so that people would think that the explosion that morning on 911 originated locally and not from the Pentagon?  My friends, I am convinced that this whole Pentagon attack was a false flag operation, one executed by some very evil people that had penetrated the U.S.  And, it was not due to a group of Saudi Al-Qaeda terrorists.  One is left to conclude that the attack on the World Trade Center was similarly engineered to look like a terrorist attack.  Keep in mind that terrorists do not have access to a space based phase conjugate microwave beam weapon.  For such a weapon is what would have been needed to bring about the final collapse of the WTC towers, turning large concrete fragments to dust in mid air as they fell to the ground.  More than mourning the dead of that tragic day, we should be mourning how the American public and the world at large has been duped by the world’s greatest fakery that took place on that day.

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