Matt Pulver of Blue Science is interviewed about Subquantum Kinetics

 Matt Pulver of Blue Science is interviewed on May 2013 about Subquantum Kinetics, Gödel’s Theorem, and Electrogravitics.  Also posted here on the Blue Science website.  Beside acting as coordinator of the Blue Science project, Matt is also an accomplished physicist and consciousness researcher (UCLA magma cum laude in physics and mathematics).  He … More

Comparison of Subquantum Kinetics to Conventional Physics and Astronomy

The subquantum kinetics paradigm avoids many of the pitfalls of conventional physics and astronomy theories and interprets physical phenomena in a distinctively different manner. A listing of the numerous problems of the conventional paradigm and how subquantum kinetics resolves is presented below.   Comparison to Quantum Theory and Field Theory … More

Stationary Dissipative Solitons of Model G

Model G, the earliest reaction-diffusion system proposed to support the existence of solitons, is shown to do so under distant steady-state boundary conditions. Subatomic particle physics phenomenology, including multi-particle bonding, movement in concentration gradients, and a particle structure matching Kelly’s charge distribution model of the nucleon, are observed. More

An Electrogravitic Solution to the Columbia Disaster

“Concerning a Technology that Could Help Avoid Another Columbia Disaster” by Paul A. LaViolette, Ph.D. March 2003 This paper was submitted in 2003 to Admiral Gehman, chairman of the Columbia Accident Investigation Board investigating NASA’s Columbia Space Shuttle disaster. It describes how electrogravitic technology similar to what is used in … More

“Outside-the-Box” Technologies, Their Critical Role Concerning Environmental Trends, and the Unnecessary Energy Crisis

“Outside-the-Box” Technologies, Their Critical Role Concerning Environmental Trends, and the Unnecessary Energy Crisis” Briefing to the U.S. Senate Environmental and Public Works Subcommittee October 2000 Paper by P. LaViolette entitled: “Moving Beyond the First Law and Advanced Propulsion Technologies”: Download: Briefing-LaV.pdf (File size: 158 kB) Entire briefing. Includes papers by … More