Stephen Hawking rejects the idea of a black hole


    Stephen Hawking recently posted a paper in which he states that black holes should not exist, that a supermassive gravitational entity such as a Galactic core should be able to radiate energy from its interior.  The full story of Stephen Hawking's recent reversal on the black hole idea may be found in the following news posting on the Starburst Foundation website.

    How does Hawking’s revised view on black holes relate to the upcoming G2 cloud encounter with the Galactic core that astronomers are so closely following?  Well, current papers describing this encounter are based on the standard black hole theory and the assumption that the Galactic core has an event horizon through which no matter or radiation can escape.  This model must be dispensed with on the basis of Hawking’s new view.  According to this new view if a massive body such as a one solar mass star were to fall into the Galactic core (and there is a relatively small probability that this might happen during the G2 cloud/star encounter), all the energy released from its infall could be explosively discharged back out as a cosmic ray volley accompanied by intense X-ray and gamma ray radiation.  If we go beyond Hawking to the subquantum kinetics view, not only would such an infall allow the release of the energy of mass infall, but it could ignite an exponential rise in the genic energy being produced by our Galactic core Mother star and this as well could be radiated outward to the rest of the Galaxy resulting in an energy output many of orders of magnitude higher than the total energy released from the infall of the star alone.  In short, it could possibly ignite a Galactic core explosion of the kind seen in Seyfert galaxy nuclei.  The magnitude of this energy release and the finding that cosmic rays from such an event would begin impacting Earth about the same time would come as a total surprise to current astronomers who operate on the classical black hole idea.  If this scenario happens, they had best stay indoors and keep out of harms way.

P. LaViolette
January 28, 2014

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