Dr. LaViolette’s interview on Caravan to Midnight with John B. Wells


Paul LaViolette’s April 10, 2014 podcast interview on The Caravan to Midnight with John B. Wells (Episode 40) may be heard by clicking this link to an mp2 file: April 10, 2014 interview.  This discusses Subquantum Kinetics, Advanced Aerospace Propulsion, Galactic Superwaves and the G2 Cloud encounter with the Galactic core.  You can also purchase the video version of this interview at the Caravan to Midnight site here: https://www.caravantomidnight.com/IndividualEpisodes/IndivisualEpisodesDetails?Id=10594

12 Responses to Dr. LaViolette’s interview on Caravan to Midnight with John B. Wells

  1. Lucy Meadow says:

    Hi Paul – is it ok to ask whether you recall the sort of insights that you were experiencing for the various components of your theory. I mean was it reasoning with consequences…as defined by the mainstream? Or was it something else? Or a mixture? This absolutely isn’t coming from a narrow minded perspective. I don’t think the reasoning+consequences or criticism or whatever even works. not for the big stuff anyway. lucy.

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      I have followed the old adage of “reason guided by intuition”. Intuition can help you recognize patterns and connect the dots. But you always need to then put those insights through the step of critical thinking; i.e., self criticism, criticizing your own thinking. This is usually a painful process that few people like to go through. If they don’t they can get stuck with an idea that is way off base. The process of the aha experience is usually pleasureful, but this must be followed by number crunching, considering the alternatives, etc. to approach the truth. I have often had to throw out ideas that don’t hold up. No use to waste one’s time developing wrong ideas. For me, there is also an inner guidance, or “gift” that bridges into that dream realm of the beyond. It is as if one is remembering something one already knows from another lifetime perhaps? There is part mysticism involved in all this. Synchronicities, precognitive phenomena (ideas and events occurring later in life having appeared in symbolic form in one’s dreams), being put through tests by “higher powers”. This isn’t something that is easy to teach someone; it just happens when one is ready, I guess, and when one is dedicated to the betterment of humanity. It also helps to not hold onto past scientific teachings or theories unless you feel they are on solid ground. The proper orientation toward understanding the nature of existence also helps. Early on, I came to the realization that the essence of existence is basically process. Everything is in flux. Also I realized that to explain what is here, you need to accept that there is a beyond to the universe. When I made this jump away from the accepted materialistic paradigm, things began to fall into place. Also one must be prepared to be a generalist. One will never be able to understand physics unless one understands existence and knows the basics that general system theory teaches. Most physicists have not constructed this important foundation before venturing into physics and so will forever be lost within their own mathematical constructs. The same goes for specialists in other sciences. One is most free to follow the path if one pursues the approach of the Renaissance man.

  2. Dennis Salisbury says:

    Enjoyed your books.

  3. Teresa Fiore says:

    Dear Dr. LaViolette,

    You are a brilliant eye witness and your ability to simplify your observations into common language is astounding. As one of your many supporters, please keep up the great work! Some of us are paying attention.

    Personally, it is a pleasure to hear someone who has invested their precious life and all their resources for the purpose of openly sharing their knowledge so others may see clearly. A marvelous gift to us all.

    Thank you,

  4. Patricia Lagrange Martínez says:

    Hello, Dr. LaViolette, I am very sorry for what happened to your web site. I hope things are better now for you. I found this video where the man explain the mayan calendar and other things with a lot of humor. I thought of you and maybe you enjoy it as i did. Cheers and the best. http://youtu.be/rxMymXI4KAg

  5. Kenan says:

    Thank You Doc!
    It is great to stay updated on this subject.
    Please carry on and keep up the good stuff.
    We Love Your Work!

    Greetings & Peace from Turkey to Greece!

  6. Patricia Lagrange Martínez says:

    Ay!, Dr Paul LaViolette, I have just listened to this wonderful interview, and I really don’t find the words to express you my gratitude. Thank you once more for sharing your brilliant knowledge, for explain things in such a way that we all can understand, for being a heartful man, humble, and…. For telling the truth. It is importantly nice for me to read or listen what you inform us, knowing that you tell truth. Thanks God for you being here with us, for existing, and for your perseverance in following your path. Thank you.

  7. Sebastian Wegner says:

    Thank you for this wonderful interview, Paul. I enjoyed it especially the latter part of the video. Since the discussion expands to a wider spectrum and considers also a possible effect on human consciousness.
    In spite of all destructive consideration which is of course very much possible, there is tremendous intelligence at work. And there are no mistakes in this universe. When we are able to connect with that intelligence and have some trust in life’s process then there is a great possibility that we not just lose our fear but start seeing what life really is about to give.
    The Mayans call the galactic centre Hunab Ku i.e. “The Only God” or the force that creates life.
    Thank You!

  8. Mary says:

    Very good interview…I enjoyed it.
    Thank you Dr. Paul

  9. Roman Mercl says:


    We report new observations of Galactic Center sources G2 & SgrA* from the W. M. Keck Observatory. Both sources are of great interest and vary temporally; G2 is the putative gas cloud now passing through periapse in its orbit around the black hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy and SgrA* is the emission associated with the central black hole. Our observations were obtained on 2014 March 19 & 20 (UT) with the Keck II laser guide star adaptive optics (LGSAO) system and the facility near-infrared camera (NIRC2) through the K'[2.1 µm] and L'[3.8 µm] broadband filters. At this time, G2 was expected to have been at closest approach with a separation from SgrA* of only ~20 mas and, therefore, to be spatially unresolved from SgrA* in our L’ observations, which have an angular resolution of ~90 mas. Nevertheless, the two can be disentangled spectrally. In the L’-band, both Sgr A* and G2 contribute to the total flux; however, Sgr A*’s L’ flux is estimated and removed based on (1) the K’-flux, where G2 does not contribute significantly, and (2) the well measured and constant K’-L’ color of Sgr A*. Each night, roughly 20 interleaved measurements were made at each wavelength (exposure time of 28 and 30 sec at K’ and L’, respectively), with a duty cycle time of 134 sec for the two wavelengths. Our preliminary estimate of G2’s 3.8 µm de-reddened flux density is 1.7 ± 0.2 mJy (or equivalently an observed magnitude of 14.1 ± 0.2 in the L’-band), which is consistent with measurements from earlier years (2002-2013). During these observations, SgrA* was quite faint (3.8 µm de-reddened flux density of 1.5 ± 0.2 mJy, which is 1/30 of the maximum observed at near-infrared wavelengths), allowing G2’s flux density to be robustly measured. We conclude that G2, which is currently experiencing its closest approach, is still intact, in contrast to predictions for a simple gas cloud hypothesis and therefore most likely hosts a central star. Keck LGSAO observations of G2 will continue in the coming months to monitor how this unusual object evolves as it emerges from periapse passage.

  10. Stephen Griffin says:

    Dr LaViolette,

    I really enjoyed this interview.

    Thank you,

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