John Wells interviews Paul LaViolette on Caravan to Midnight



The Caravan to Midnight show interview of P. LaViolette aired on October 15th is now posted on youtube:

The actual interview begins 22 minutes into the show.  Topics discussed included: the B-2 bomber propulsion system, the Nassikas thruster, and T. Townsend Brown’s electrogravitics research, topics that will be covered in greater depth at the Secret Space Program conference the weekend of Halloween in Bastrop Texas.

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  1. Patricia Lagrange Martínez says:

    Hello Dr. Paul LaViolette.
    Thank you very much for your information and valiosos coments. I was very pleased to see and listen to you again. Cheers.

  2. Thank-you Paul for very enlightening interview with John B. Wells. The Nassikas thruster really deserves more explanation … You refer to it as a ‘fueless thrust’ device. Can you please direct me to a fuller expose of how this works, or at least the basic principles if patents are pending. Such a device seems to be in great danger in this greedy world of fossil fuels.

    Your work is invaluable, if only because it draws a clear blue line between fantasy and the mind of a brilliant and honest scientist. As you know, there are not many of those to be seen these days …

    With due respect, Richard

      • Hello Dr LaViolette
        I enjoyed your recent John B Wells interview
        At the point where you discuss… society/humanity needs to make some kind of spiritual change, leap, to be able to safely use free energy technologies, and not misuse them
        My thoughts on this are, you do have a point. But I feel the situation is generally more positive and one for optimism and you didn’t take your line of thinking down that road I thought
        My point is, I think humanity and society has been manipulated and warped by bad suppressing controlling forces. A lot of effort has gone into channelling and changing human nature. This includes making life very difficult for many people,
        creating a ‘rat race’, where money and striving and competition is the only option. Throw in mass media lies and social programming from 101 sources, and one can see how the entire picture is manipulated to portray Man as an unstable aggressive violent being, that would create horrific mayhem if it werent for the restraining influence of ‘Benevolent Government’ keeping things in check.
        This I think is a false picture being portrayed by the Controllers Dr LaViolette.
        A Divide and Rule strategy.
        And the enslavement of debt based Babylonian fiat banking on humanity, started by these evil people, has created this Truman Show. As well, the petrodollar economy, the suppression of free energy, has had an enslaving effect, since it has had effects on many things:
        Costs of goods, Transportation costs, Manufacturing costs, processing costs, as well as robbery being charged a lot of money for electricity and gas bills. This has all created a horrible rat race in this world, a false reality.
        And my feeling is, when (not if), but when Thomas Townsend Browns electrogravitics gets widely disseminated and used for all, and when Nassikas Thruster technology gets used and adapted for other uses such as home free energy generation….
        This will cause a calming effect on humanity since we will start to see the rat race being dismantled. Society will start changing in many beneficial ways and very naturally changes will happen in the populations brains and hearts, and minds, as they wake up and realise
        the old way was one of manipulative divide and conquer that has warped human nature.
        This will be a great natural spiritual awakening as a result of, T Townsend Brown, not in spite of.

        What must accompany free energy releases are the essential Truths, of psychotronic weapons too. That are being covertly used to influence peoples minds and implant thoughts and moods. Everyone must know how these Nikola Tesla technologies have been used these last 100 years

        I have optimism and faith, and I really feel and sense Dr LaViolette you, and your SQK theory, your insights, and your great communicative abilities, are a major major beacon of light for us all at this time

        This Nassikas thruster technology needs to be adapted for home and car free energy generation

        BTW Mehran Keshe might have other agendas, not be all he seems. His plasma free energy (if genuine), seems very very different from TTownsend Browns Electrogravitics

        ALSO THIS
        India Permits Free Energy Technology Despite Threats from UK, US, Saudi Arabia

  3. Mary says:

    I just finished watching your interview today and a big “Thank You!” Dr. Paul.
    You came across very well indeed! Organized with your illustrations, calm and in smooth flowing control of the technical operations on your end. It was so nice to see you face, and listen to you as you went into further explanations of topics covered here. I do hope you accept John Wells’ invitation to return again soon. Bravo! Well done!

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