White Coat Medical Summit You Really Want to Hear

Posted: 8/1/20
by: P. LaViolette

Press conference, July 28, 2020: Doctors break their gag order and declare the cure for COVID19. Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, & Azithromycin.  Spread the Word.
Note that this website was one of the first to inform everyone about the value of this therapy; visit this posting:  https://etheric.com/home-therapy-for-the-coronavirus/ and listen to the video of Dr. Roger Seheult.

Also highly recommended, read the comprehensive analysis written by a group of doctors in the following pdf:

Key to prevention is to boost your immune system.  For immune system boosting for a health issue I am treating I personally take the following:
• Vitamin C (3 grams) four times a day
• Reishi Mushroom extract (LifeExtension Foundation brand), 2 pills twice a day
• NK Cell Activator (LifeExtension Foundation brand), 1 pill twice a day
• Astragulus, two pills twice a day
• A multivitamin supplement that contains 35 mg zinc and many other things

You could contact Life Extension Foundation to find out what is best for you to take.


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