White Coat Medical Summit You Really Want to Hear

Posted: 8/1/20, Updated 8/22.20
by: P. LaViolette

Press conference, July 28, 2020: Doctors break their gag order and declare the cure for COVID19. Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, & Azithromycin.  Spread the Word.
Note that this website was one of the first to inform everyone about the value of this therapy; visit this posting:  https://etheric.com/home-therapy-for-the-coronavirus/ and listen to the video of Dr. Roger Seheult.  Also I highly recommend that you read the comprehensive analysis written by a group of doctors which is reported in the following pdf:

Ozone Therapy
Also yesterday my wife spoke with a Greek doctor Spiros who does ozone therapy in a clinic near Athens.  When she asked him whether his ozone therapy would help against the Covid virus, he responded that it should kill all viruses.
Two years ago I had personally been to his clinic and several times done the ozone therapy he talks about.  It involves withdrawing a quantity of the patient’s blood, injecting pure ozone into the blood, and then reinjecting the ozonated blood into the patient’s vein.  This process should only be done by a doctor using a professional ozone generator that produces no nitrogen oxide bi products.  The blood corpuscles take up the ozone (as they would oxygen) and can deliver this throughout the body where the ozone can have therapeutic effects, such as helping the immune system kill cancer cells, or virus cells, etc.  Whereas ozone is toxic to inhale in large quantities due to its destructive effects on the lungs tissues, when infused into a person’s blood it can have very beneficial effects.  He also had injected ozone into my knee joint which had inflamation from a torn miniscus.  This helped considerably and after repeated treatments I was able to give up using my cane and now have no problem with the knee.
Most government medical institutions are far behind in accepting the benefits of ozone therapy.  So people are left to go to private alternative specialists.  In Greece such therapies can cost from 100 to 250 euro.  In the U.S. they can charge upwards of $250.  Unfortunately, most doctors are completely ignorant of the benefits of ozone therapy.  One can find studies on the internet of how patients with Covid-19 have been cured after a 7 day sequence of ozone blood therapy.  One example is the study conducted in Wuhan reported 3 months ago: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1002/jmv.26040
But the most important point to take away here is that all along the medical community has had a simple cure for Covid that renders it harmless to the patient and it has not been used.  The same can be said for the hydrocholoroquinine and zinc therapy advocated by the doctors above.  So why is the medical community all around the world, the WHO, and CDC all ignoring these cures and letting people die on ventilators.  Why are governments taking such extreme measures to shut down work places and schools, and requiring people to wear masks even outdoors, if these cures exist.  Is it that they are bull headed stupid?  Or is there some sinister plot behind all of this, as some people have been suggesting, to bring the world economy to a halt by promulgating mass fear and then after a global economic collapse to mold what’s left into their personal agenda?

Boosting Your Immune System
Key to prevention is to boost your immune system.  For immune system boosting for a health issue I am treating I personally take the following:
• Vitamin C (3 grams) four times a day
• Reishi Mushroom extract (LifeExtension Foundation brand), 2 pills twice a day
• NK Cell Activator (LifeExtension Foundation brand), 1 pill twice a day
• Astragulus, two pills twice a day
• A multivitamin supplement that contains 35 mg zinc and many other things

You could contact Life Extension Foundation to find out what is best for you to take.  Also as noted in the above video, as a preventative, the doctors recommend taking hydrocholoroquinine twice a week with zinc.


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