The Covid 19 Political Resistance has Begun

Posting by: P. LaViolette
October 20, 2020

On October 19th and 20th physicians, epidimeologists, lawyers, and economists from many European countries gathered in an online symposium to shed light on the Covid-19 epidemic and to protest the false information that has been spread in the media, the stupidity in which the situation is being managed, and the draconian manner in which measures are being imposed.

This symposium entitled International Scientific Symposium: Science and Society in the Pandemic War (Διεθνες Διεπιστημονικο Συνεδριο: Επιστημη & Κοινονοια Στον Πολεμο Της Πανδημιας) was organized by a team of Greek physicians and comes to the world from the very same country that in the days of ancient Greece first invented the idea of democracy and which through the legacy of Hippocratos first gave birth to modern medicine.  I encourage everyone to view the two day symposium linked below.  Not all the presentations are in Greek.  Many are in English, Italian, and German.  So if you are fluent in one of these languages, I am sure you will find parts of this symposium quite understandable.  I am sure you will find this eye opening.  It is time that everyone stands up for their rights and protests the unwaranted spread of fear and the fascist policies that are being imposed on the public.

Day 1

Day 2

Speaker Program


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