Water Powered Car Breakthrough Technology

Posted by: P. LaViolette
June 27, 2020
updated July 6, 2020

Walter Jenkins, director of H2 Global, has developed a dune buggy that can run on 99% water instead of gasoline.  He has also created a scooter whose engine runs on water.  Soon he plans to drive a water powered van coast to coast which will be televised on mainstream media.  Information about this amazing development can be found on his website at H2GE.com.  His Global 2020 Technology Report, available from  his website at the top of his homepage, gives a good overview of the technology.

He has also had interest from one aerospace company to test a water powered jet engine based on his technology.  Imagine flying nonstop around the world with no need of fuel stops powered by water extracted from the air!  A definite way to lower air travel costs.  But this technology touches all aspects of our life.  It allows us to convert to a water-hydrogen economy and wean ourselves off the petrochemical fuel economy that currently pollutes the world.  Jenkins technology actually increases oxygen output in the exhaust pipe and has no hydrocarbon, CO, or NOx emissions.  His development is a total revolution.

He talks about all this in his recent video interview posted on his website which is at this link: H2GE.com

For anyone who still doubts that “free energy” is possible, take a look at the video from the lecture I gave in November 2019 at the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference in Breukelen, Netherlands:  https://etheric.com/your-copy-of-paul-laviolettes-lecture-at-the-global-bem-conference/.  Jenkins technology and the air turbine technology developed by Kim Zorzi (https://etheric.com/inventor-kim-zorzi-successfully-reverse-engineers-schauberger-turbine/) could revolutionize our world in the post coronavirus era.

16 Responses to Water Powered Car Breakthrough Technology

  1. OLanerat says:

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  2. Drew says:

    Didn’t Stanley Meyer invent this in the 80s and wasn’t he killed for it? I worry that there are large financial incentives for people to make this technology avoid coming to fruition.

  3. NicW says:

    If you live in Greece, Paul, did that aerial phenomena we spoke of appear in the sky over your part of th world ?
    Ha- too coincidental isn’t it ?

  4. Nic Watson says:

    Oh btw. Sorry if I pester you buddy but there is a question I have wanted to ask you, Paul:

    I originally came across you after I got to know a person by the name of Pane Andov AKA the Astral Walker(?).

    His belief is, or was that, a Galactic Super Wave will carrey along with it a type of Spiritual energy ? That that energy could “upgrade” and/or “re-write” human DNA ? Apparently Pane had spoken with you in the past regarding all this, and I always wondered what you thought of that idea, Paul ? As I never recalled it being mentioned in “Earth Under Fire” or anywhere else in your writing. That in itself could be say something I s’pose. Even so It would be good to hear you address that question, even if it is only to answer me!! Okay ?

    Thank You Paul

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      After writing Earth Under Fire and particularly after 2006 talking with some sensitives in Athens, Greece I began giving more serious consideration to this although have not written much about. Don’t remember if I have a posting here about it. I spoke on this topic at the Laughlin UFO Mega Conference this past February. If you buy a copy of my lecture video from them it will give you an idea. Here is a summary of points I covered regarding the Human Ascension aspects of the event (using the term that has become popular of late):

      • Induction of Global “Harmonic Convergence”
      Basically with 10 billion Earth souls focusing their attention on the superwave spectacle unfolding before them a telepathic synchrony will develop similar to what happend during 911, but on a much larger and deeper psychological scale since this time it does not involve someone else in a collapsing tower, but every human being on the planet in a very personal way. Here are further bullets from my slide:

      • 911-Like Psychic Synchronization Due to Inherent
      Quantum Entanglement of the Human Subconscious
      • Synchronous Maslovian Peak Experience
      • Minds Become One: Hierarchical Higher Order
      Consciousness is Born
      • The Coming of the Son of Man (Genesis of the Super Soul)
      • Global Love Vibration

      (I try to take the positive aspect that there will be a positive outcome of this synchronization as billions of people begin praying and steering the synchrony toward a love vibration.)
      In my next slide I describe possible Philadelphia Experiment like effects of partial transparency of solid objects brought about by the negative charge (cosmic ray electrons and negative electric potential) that will bathe our planet. If you read subquqntum kinetics, you will understand that this negative potential produces a negative gravity potential (antigravitic effect) which has a tendency to partially dematerialize matter. Also the negative charged particles could have health benefits.

  5. NicW says:

    Didi you see the earlier post I put up, Paul ? Not 100% sure it was processed by the web page- it did say that the comment was “to be moderated” but, still don’t know for sure. Anyway, I put bit of info into it so before I do it again I just thought I would check that out with you.. ok ? thanks Paul

  6. NicW says:

    Howdy Dr Paul. I originally started to post this over on the most recent breaking (White Coat Medical) news page, not that it was related really, but I thought it would have the highest probability it would come to your attention- because it was more a more recent post.
    But in checking this page out, I see it has more relevance- particularly in light of the comments made here and that you replied to regarding times/ days and remote viewing of the future arrival of a superwave ?
    It would be amazing if you were to watch:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhDJTgzjbD4 (“Farsight Human News Forecast: August 2020”).

    Then If you skip to the 1:32:31 mark, Rock Arkie and Courtney Browne discuss the session in question, and in it he references not only something you are already familiar with, but also potential new information that I feel pretty certain would interest you. I personally find it quite disturbing- if I were to take it seriously that is- but It is all best explained by the video Paul, so please let me know your reaction.(In the event that you even get to this comment that is) Your opinion means a fair amount actually, and so Anyway.. I was just sayin.
    thanks in advance, and in closing I will just say: I don’t believe in Gods, or a God, but if I did, I would say: God help us all on this one.. just in case!

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      Thank you for bringing Rock Arkie’s remote viewing session to our attention. It does look like he sensed some sort of catastrophe happening in August that involved rocket launches, ships, military convoys, a presidential security announcement, and some sort of strange band like energy phenomenon appearing in the sky. All this is supposed to happen this month. It is now August 19th and so far this hasn’t come to pass fortunately. The kind of aerial display doesn’t sound like a superwave. Whether it could be referring to an aurora event triggered by a solar outburst, I don’t know. Elizabeth April who recently spoke at the Laughlin UFO Mega Conference in February said that two years ago she had been told by a “Galactic Federation” ET entity that periodically contacts her that this December there would be a 60% chance that the Earth would be hit by a solar flare this December. I contacted her and asked if she could get them to give an update on that prediction. Still haven’t had any more news on that from her. But meanwhile last spring I contacted Dick Algire’s remote viewing group about this. They remote viewed the entire year and didn’t find anything threatening happening as far as a solar event, which put me at ease. As you may know Dick was one of Courtney Brown’s remote viewers in his Farsight Instiute group.
      Interestingly after Rock Arkie begins talking about the energy band phenomenon at around 1:32:30 in the video, later at 1:35:30 he brings up about the Galactic superwave dream that he had years ago about being told that a Carrington event would precede the Galactic superwave. He says he didn’t know at the time what a superwave was and after looking it up on the internet was led to my dissertation and afterward contacted me. I vaguely remember him telling me about his experience. Quite interesting. It is possible that a gravity wave associated with the superwave, which travels somewhat faster than the visible cosmic ray/EM component could trigger a preceding solar disturbance. But I expect that would occur only days before the superwave. Current predictions from various sources put the superwave as affecting us some time in the last half of this decade, possibly 2028. We will have to see how Rock’s RV experience plays out over the next 12 days. But I don’t see it as being a serious solar-galactic event.

      • Nicolas Watson says:

        wow, and you’re welcome Paul ! So much information, in yr response (I was impressed !) And yes my thoughts- that this “band of energy on the sky” is not what you’d expect to see from a Super Wave- exactly.
        Still, it is reassuring to hear the thoughts from the Only valid expert really, on this topic: because it’s helped put Me at ease as well (I was thinking I might never see my sister, who is over in another country again!) -appreciate that.
        Yes, I thought that Rock Arkie referencing his RV experiences and then speaking about them to you was interesting too. That was why I immediately thought to alert you and hopefully get any views you had on that, so, just want to say big thanks for this-
        Cheers and hope you and us all see 2028 and beyond, maybe!

  7. David Ring says:

    As I browsed your site I just came across your 2017 conference presentation summary which says the following: PRESENTATION: TWO OVERUNITY TECHNOLOGIES AND A THEORY THAT EXPLAINS THEM begins with a discussion on the Sun Cell developed by Black Light Power Corp., a technology that could one day power and heat our home. It is able to capture energy released in water from the transition of hydrogen atom orbital electrons to subground energy states. While this behavior is not anticipated by standard quantum theory, the novel physics methdology of subquantum kinetics (SQK) does allow this. At the same time SQK can explain the operation of the Nassikas superconducting magnetic thruster, a device which per unit thrust weight provides over 1000 times more thrust than NASA’s NSTAR ion thruster with no energy consumption. The Nassikas thruster can get us to the stars.
    I guess that answers one of my questions and confirms that you truly are a man of great foresight and genius. It should also help shorten your reply to my comments above.

  8. David Ring says:

    Hello Paul,
    I bought a couple of your books some time ago and was able to get the gist of your concept of the galactic superwave. You might be interested to learn that in a 2019 conversation I had with a physics degree graduate from Princeton U. who is now working for a certain department of the USG. During our conversation he told me that he has been informed that one of your superwaves is definitely on its way and should be giving evidence of itself in/by 2025. His words were that it would arrive in about 4 -5 years from the time of our conversation. That would seem to narrow the window of the time frame of your broader predictions regarding the existence of such a wave. I neglected to ask how the person who had informed him was able to obtain that information and as I recall he said something about it coming from/through NASA. I subsequently asked Nancy the skeptical psychic whether she might be able to remote view (RV) the whereabouts of the wave and she said that it was “too indefinite a target for her students or her to RV.” I found that very disappointing and still feel that someone with the right skills just might be able to confirm or deny the existence of an oncoming GSW. Do you happen to know some gifted RVrs that could uncover that information in a form that would be acceptable to you?
    Are you familiar with the theory of the electric universe in which the primary driving mechanism for all we see are variations on a theme of EM plasmas and Birkland Currents rather than gravity as the accepted theory currently held by most astronomers and astrophysicists? Here is a URL that might prove enlightening.
    Are you familiar with the company Brilliant Light Power based in Princeton NJ? The founder was intrigued by the excess heat that consistently appeared during successful “cold fusion” experiments and was not discouraged by the negative publicity that followed and ended up driving Pons and Fleischman out of our country and over to France. It took him a couple of decades and a return to acadamia in order to come up with a theory that would then enable the patent office give him a proper patent for his remarkable energy device which works as shown on his website. He claims to have found that the hydrogen atom has a lower inner electron orbit which enables them to give off far greater amounts of energy than had been previously demonstrated by other means. He calls the hydrogen atoms with electrons in that orbit ‘hydrinos.’ My question for you is….Is there anything in the Subquantum Kinetics theory that YOU have developed that predicts the possiblity or actuality of the existence of Hydrinos?
    Final thought, I have recently come across a relatively inexpensive product which has just been patented and is being manufactured here in the USA. It has been proven to stimulate the production of a copper peptide that in turn activates the production of young pluripotent stem cells in your body. It would appear that in addition to helping a person deal with a great variety of aging symptoms it also seems to be able to facilitate the REVERSING of the aging process in many individuals. If that interests you, I would be happy to supply you with additional information.

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      Re comment 1: Thank you for the information. Yes I am in touch with some RVs who could check out this date. Will let you know if they find out anything. Other dates I have heard are 2027 from someone who contacted me on facebook and 2029, predicted by mystic Petr Deunov in 1944 before he passed.
      Re comment 2: Yes, thank you for the link.
      Re comment 3: Yes, it is discussed in my book SQK.
      Re comment 4: Are you referring to the LifeWave patch X-39, that reflects to the body certain IR frequencies that stimulate stem cell production?

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