Effort: to computer simulate subquantum kinetics Model G to produce virtual subatomic particles





Posted: June 14, 2020

Dear All,

I am writing to notify you about a crowd funding effort for a research project being undertaken to further develop the subquantum kinetics physics methodology.  Information is at this link:


A group of volunteer physicists and computer programers led by Dr. Brendan Darrer are attempting to computer simulate the Model G reaction system that forms the heart of subquantum kinetics and money is needed to purchase computer simulation time on cloud platforms. The crowd funding goal is $12,000. Any amount you could donate to help them in their effort would be greatly appreciated. This effort is sponsored by the Starburst Foundation, a nonprofit research institute, and any money raised for this effort will be conveyed through this Foundation.

Please visit our crowd funding page and please spread the word.


Paul LaViolette
The Starburst Foundation
Niskayuna, NY

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