The Date Revealed at Garabandal for the Coming World Miracle


Posted by: P. LaViolette
March 26, 2015, Updated May 22, 2019, Updated January 24, 2020

2020 Update: A comment left to another posting mentioned “Conchita stated that she will be a “very OLD” woman when the miracle occurs; 40 years of probing and studying show that the miracle will occur in 2037 or 2038. Don’t expect anything before those dates. Perhaps later but not earlier.”  Indeed, Conchita was born in 1949 and in 2020 would be only 71 in 2020, which may not be considered to be “very old”.  The Garabandal News website theorizes the date to lie in 2028, but acknowledges the dates 2034 and 2045 as other possibilities.  In 2034 Conchita would be 85 years old and in 2045 she would be 96 years old, indeed a very old woman.  Interesting, this Holy thursday date of April 6, 2045  falls close to the September 2045 date suggested by the Crab pulsar chronometer.  This possible ET pulsar beacon message being sent to us about the arrival of the next superwave is discussed in the following posting:

2019 Update:  The icon of the Virgin Mary at St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church in Milan (mentioned below) was witnessed to shed fragrant tears in 2017 just after Easter, hence around April 17th.  This breaks the previous two year recurrence pattern, now making it three years since the 2014 occurrence.  It did not shed tears either in 2018 or this year (2019).  So, if the three year recurrence pattern holds, it is possible that it could shed tears during Holy week in April 2020, possibly indicating the time of the miracle predicted in the 60’s.

In a recent comment (, I was asked why I had suggested Spring of 2020 as the possible date of the forthcoming miracle which was revealed between 1961 to 1965 to four girls in Garabandal, Spain.  The following posting ( summarizes hints that Conchita has left us.  Conchita, the lone survivor of the four girls who experienced this revelation, swore that she would only reveal the exact date eight days before its occurrence.  From clues she has dropped in various interviews through the years, we know that this miraculous event will occur on a Thursday at 8:30 PM in the month of April between the 7th and the 17th of the month, but not on either of those days (hence on the days of the 8th through the 16th).  She has said that it will be a thing never before seen upon the earth Indeed there are several dates that fulfill these criteria: 2017 and 2020 being the closest; see  Indeed, one person has noted that whistle blower Jake Simpson has claimed that a wave approaching the solar system will arrive here by 2017.  So why did I choose 2020 and not 2017? [Update: However this 2020 date may also be eroneous; see update above]

I was influenced here by the miracle of Milano that has occurred during the April Holy Week of 2010, 2012, and 2014 in which an icon of the Virgin Mary in St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church was witnessed to shed fragrant tears; see the following posting  The past miracles occurred on April 18, 2010, April 18 2012, and April 16th to 17th where the fragrant oil also materialized in abundance on the icon of the Syrian Saint Ephraem which had been brought to the church that year (perhaps in sympathy of the strife that was then occurring in Syria and which continues even today).  The first two of these miracles happened after Holy Week, but the most recent began on the evening of Holy Thursday, the Day of Ascension!  So, seeing that these events were symbolically associated with the Virgin Mary, I felt there must be a connection with the predicted upcoming miracle of Garabandal, perhaps messages of what is to come.  Noting the regularity of these events, each separated from the next by two years, I saw that the date April 16th, 2020 would coincide with this periodic pattern, and that Holy Thursday of April 13, 2017 would not.

In 2020 Catholic Easter occurs on April 12th and Orthodox Easter occurs on April 19th.  So depending on which one decides to choose, there are the two possibilities of Thursday, April 9th for Catholic Holy Week, or Thursday, April 16th for Orthodox Holy Week.  Since the Miracle of Milano has been occurring in an Orthodox church with the most recent event occurring on April 16th, Holy Thursday, I decided to choose Thursday of April 16, 2020 as the most likely.

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  1. bw carey says:

    Very interesting supposition, the new world is beginning, well, i have reason to believe, a number of signs have been sent, preparing those who believe, and giving hope to those seeking the way. I encountered the Holy Spirit in real time, saw the cloud in the sky, the picture is on my blog, encountered the circular cloud, and passing spirits overhead. God acts through love, it’s the communication tool, and as we love more we appeal to his mercy. The way we treat children and provide for them is sacrosanct, and a world that exposes them to violence and pornography daily is doing itself no favors.

    • tj nicolas says:

      On the 17th of September 2017 a.The sign will be in the skies, the Virgin will be giving birth to Venus the star of Bethlehem , Her Son will be on her shoulder and the moon at her feet , the 12 stars of Leo at Her head , adorned by the twelve tribes of Israel .

    • Chantal Lareau says:

      Didn’t the message about the war i b or miracle day that it will not be during a feast dY of the Church but that it would be on the feast day of a saint of the Eucharisr?

  2. Louis says:

    It will arrive on June 2, 2017. It will start with a gravity wave and Magnitude 9.0 earthquakes in Japan and Chile. A Tsunami will impact both Hawaii and Japan. The ozone layers will protect the earth except for South America which will experience blinding radiation for two days. In the Northern Hemisphere, it will appear as the Christmas star as during Christ’s birth exactly 73 hours after the gravity wave.

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      What is the source of your information? Is this date pulled out of the air?

    • Vojko Ogrin says:

      Hi. Can somebody guide me please. I have just found out about Garabandhal story and have read something about it. I got one question and forgive my ignorance. Is any of those four girls still alive ?


      • Paul LaViolette says:

        Conchita is still alive as far as I know.

        • Vojko Ogrin says:

          I think one died in 2009 the rest are still alive. They live in USA. Conchita is the one who knows the date of the miracle and she suppose to tell everyone 8 days before. She must be alive. One thing i dont understand is why we dont hear about Garabandal Aviso etc in the Churches or tv if it is so serious for the world ? It is completely unknown amongst church people and the priests as well. The miracle wont happen in April this year because the warning suppose to happen 12 month before. Those three remaining seers should go publicly and preach about this and not hide away. Conchita is around 70 now. It will happen soon. What do you think ?

          • brian says:

            Vojko Ogrin, the warning is suppose to happen “less then one year” before the miracle.

        • Rose Gomez says:

          I think Conchita lives in washington dc. I thought I saw her communion during a televised mass on Sunday. She receives Christ on her knees. The lady looks just like Conchitas interviews but older. I think all girls are alive except one.

      • Chantal Lareau says:

        Yes. Conchita Gonales is living in the United States.

      • Jim fedigan says:

        Three girls are alive Mary Loli passed in 2009

    • EVM says:

      How do you come up with these dates and conclusions.

    • Mark Truso says:

      we are waiting…..we are waiting… Do you predict dates for The Watchtower perchance?

  3. H. Brown says:

    Hello.This post was extremely interesting, particularly because I was investigating for thoughts on this subject last Monday.


      • Steve C. says:

        Dear Bishop Vianna,
        Your comments are most appreciated. Can you offer any more insights into 2017 and the events that lie ahead?

        Could you comment about upcoming events in the church or in the world? Any further insights would be most welcome.
        Thank you and Merry Christmas,

      • Paul Francis says:

        Bishop? Of what territory? Consecrated by whom? There’s no mention of you on

      • Mark says:

        Dear “Bishop”,
        It is now 2018 …. are you still 100% sure?!

      • Jared Michaels says:

        Bishop??? of what church?; there won’t be any secrets or warnings revealed during the next 5 years unfortunately; it will be way beyond 2022;

  4. Dorothy Maffei says:

    I think you need to take into account Medjugorie. It is stated by Marijana that the sign will happen on the 18th of a month. She emphasizes this several times in her book. In the end, it really doesn’t matter. What really matters is man’s conversion to God and his neighbor and that conversion requires our reflection of God’s love to the world. Nothing to fear when you have God’s love in your heart.

    • Tracy says:

      You comment puzzles me in that you have a predicated belief in the actual date in the book being the date of specficity where I walk into that with the assumption that the date was likely altered from the 8th by placing a ‘1’ in from of it by an editor or publisher’s assistant in a controlled industry run by the so-called, self-titled elites, who have no vested interest in allaying the confusion created by the church or any of it’s representatives where they are also suspect in the divide and conquer ruling of this planet. Removing the ‘1’ would confirm Dr. Violette’s hypothesis. In truth, Universal Law is understood to be a unification of Spirit and Science. As soon as one begins to comprehend the unity of such, all things become visible.

      • Rick Downing says:

        You seem to be answering to something here that some of us (or, at least me) are not aware of. Could you please explain the relationship of your comment so that we can better understand its meaning with respect to the subject of this thread? I read it through, at least four times, but I still can’t put it together. As a first-time reader, your comment comes across as multiple (fragmented) statements, which seem to focus, in part, on something that is not covered in this thread. While it seemed interesting, I just couldn’t put the meaning together as it was written.

        Also, to others in this thread who seem to be caught-up in the challenge of knowing or successfully predicting the precise dates of these events, you should understand that the spirit side of life will likely never accommodate our insistent desire for this information. If you accept that the reward of your quest is simply knowing that your faith has brought you greater knowledge concerning these events, you will be better prepared, spiritually, when these things take place. Remember, it is a rather small percentage of the world population that has enough faith and spiritual interest to seek out information on “Garabandal,” so be thankful for what you have accomplished and please try not to consume yourselves with date predictions – as God can always extend or shorten the timeline for such events.

        • Tracy says:

          Rick…My comment was in reply to Dorothy and the inference she makes that the book, written by Marijana has the date of the sign on the 18th of the month. Dr. LaViolette’s hypothesis is that the miracle is likely to occur on April 16, 2020 in line with the periodic succession of the fragrant tears exhibited by the icon of the Virgin Mary in St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church, occurring regularly in 2 year spans. My observation is simply that with regard to publishing, the ‘assumption’ that there is no manipulation of important information is incorrect. The publishing industry is controlled by the same 5 major corporation that control all media World wide. Multiple authors have reported and in some instances had their books reprinted by other presses to correct information that was edited to have different meanings or computations from what the author originally intended. Let’s face it, when confusion is the succor of the day by an evil ruling class to separate humanity on every level, even within a certain religion, it sets my belief up for radical doubt. Further, the total caps comment by Bishop Robert does not dissuade me, as anyone from a church, Catholic or not, who proposes that Dr. LaViolette is “TOTALLY WRONG” only reaffirms my conviction that he is likely as correct as anyone in his comprehensive, analytical assessment of the Spiritual events in review. So let me state clearly that if Anyone as a representative of a religious dogma makes a statement from a position of Total Authority, I am, based on my awakened state, going to find that presentation of so-called truth as a point of Doubt, fostering further research and investigation. The other fact which carries my underscored belief in the accuracy of Dr. LaViolette is that in the US (where I am) there is a Huge separation of science and religion, when in fact, the unification of such by way of Universal Law ( is where the mysteries of the Universe are solved within the field of sacred geometry. Dr. LaViolette, as Dr. Stankov are two of men of vision worthy of my time and interest. To whit I add that I do not find the date important. What I treasure is the earnest and heartfelt desire to understand Spiritual matters far more important to humanity than the all consuming focus here on the Super Bowl. (God help us there!)

          • Rick says:

            Thank you, Tracy, for the clarification. I had to go back a little further to read what some of the folks (you had mentioned) wrote about in their comments, but I think I now have a better understanding of what you were talking about. It is interesting to me how religious dogma can have such a strong effect on people, with respect to how they interpret things like Fatima, Garabandal and Akita, or even the events that took place during biblical times. So, I would have to conclude that what you said in your explanation (to me) made good sense. If everything prophesied through the Marian apparitions at Garabandal were to happen precisely as she (Mary) said they would, then Joey L. would not have died before the “great miracle.” Right? Therefore, for anyone to insist that he/she knows, with absolute certainty, the year and the dates of the proposed events, you could be setting yourself up for a very big letdown. Furthermore, to think in this manner is not likely a thought fueled by God, but rather one’s ego desiring recognition for correctly predicting such dates. However, everyone should consider that man’s ego is likely nothing more than that part of our being that is influenced by evil. Even in the absence of christianity, this seems like a logical possibility. Everyone should consider that no matter how strongly we believe in something, our beliefs will never affect the truth and reality about that something. In the case of Garabandal, I think the desire that some people have to conquer the dates of when these events will occur, may not be the desire of God.

    • nems says:

      I agree. Also, it is said who will announce it, the event in Medjugorje/Međugorje, one week earlier!

  5. Art Darnell says:

    I found out about Garabandal in 1970. I was sure it would happen in the 70’s. I gave up a long time ago. Conchita herself does not know the date of the warning. My brother met her in 1973 and one of my best friends converted to Catholicism and is her God child. To guess is fruitless. To pray and do penance is the best we can do. God will decide.

  6. Alex says:

    Thanks for taking Garabandal seriously, Dr LaViolette! It is so good to see a man of science to estimate heavenly prophecies. I remember of another such man, Sir Isaak Newton, although his estimation of the Revelation still awaits its fulfillment.

    Well, if we count the 100th anniversary of Fatima as the fulfillment of the long delayed prophecy, that falls between May 13 – Oct 13 2017,(ex pope Benedict and others said it, Malachi Martin, Fr Amorth). Then we should expect the Chastisement to happen in 2017 shortly before that (let say before October as final option).

    Then the Miracle cannot happen in another time other than April 13, 2017. And the preceding Great Warning anytime between now and March 2017.

  7. Reuben Ortiz says:

    In December of 1999, I had a 27 minute instance take place in my life that I could not understand, but I believe it now to be the “The Warning” for my soul.

    I was praying about 4 to 8 hours a day at the time, was working at one of the largest law firms in the world. I quit within 3 weeks, my wife who is Jewish has since become Catholic because of the things that occur around, and in my life.

    I did not understand what had happened to me for 27 minutes. I searched and found Garabandal as the only answer to what happened to me. It makes sense to me, as I changed my life completely, and only want to do the will of GOD now. I do my best not to sin.

    I believe that GOD has given me a possible date for the warning, and it is November 1st, of this year. I make no claims that this is the date, because I am pursued by the evil one who does everything in his power to deceive and destroy me in mind, body and soul, but my faith in Jesus Christ will never change in mind, body and soul, so he(satan) has no power over me, but he is powerful to deceive, as in many visionaries today are.

    I think, that even if what was given to me as the month and day of the warning is not true, people should be ready for this event, because I believe that what was said and predicted at Garabandal is true, and will come to pass for all mankind.

    Whether or not November is the month of The Warning, may GOD bless all mankind to be aware of Garabandal, so that mankind will prepare themselves in life for eternal life in Jesus Christ’s Holy and Eternal Name, AMEN

    • hung says:

      Regarding your date of warning 1 November 2016, could you tell us how did you receive it?

    • Joseph Johansen says:

      I see that your prediction of November 1, 2016 WAS A COMPLETE FAIL. The lesson in this for you? Don’t try to predict anything in the future, because it only makes you look silly when it doesn’t come to pass.

  8. bishop robert says:

    your date is NOT correct i had contacts with the seers.please understand that is why there is a time frame between the miracle and the warning.

  9. I followed the garabandal events for over ten yrs* Father Louis Andreu seen the miracle/ padro pio etc* Why would four poor girls innocent make up the same exact stories and describe our blessed mother in detail? They didn’t make it up* Last reason to believe? Our blessed mother does not lie* It will happen*

  10. Steve C. says:

    Dr. Laviolette,
    I’ve read your book and articles, Stanford’s work, and have extensively researched Fatima, Garabandal and other apparitions. I am glad you have taken an interest in Stanford’s material because I’ve repeatedly pondered it for 30 years and believe the source was accurate.

    The information from Stanford’s source appears to be corroborated by recent information from an American seer Charlie Johnston ( although Charlie would absolutely refuse to consider the Stanford material!

    Nevertheless, Johnston speaks of Russia and the US uniting to withstand a war by China and Islamic countries followed by a ‘Rescue’. Only Stanford’s source describes a similar conflict followed by a ‘cosmic-solar’ event.

    Moreover, I agree that the incoming superwave you and Peter Deunov described also matches the data from Stanford’s source about the ‘cosmic-solar’ event. The wave also is of a magnitude to alter the earth’s orbit and is similar to the type of catastrophe’s featured in Jno Cook’s work,

    Finally, Johnston posits an endpoint in late 2017 for what he calls the storm. He refers to the end as ‘the Rescue.” I believe that late 2017 is also the time the superwave arrives and rescues humanity from China and Islamic nations.

    That said I would propose the following as a rough timeline for events between now and the rescue or arrival of the superwave.

    1. Now and Autumn 2016: Natural disasters of increasing destruction severely displace the global economy, which cause a major breakdown in law with widespread civil unrest. Earth’s speed is decreasing and the sun is becoming less electrically active, which causes different stresses & effects on the earth.

    2. Autumn 2016 to Easter 2017: Civil unrest is halted by the “Warning” or illumination of Conscience, possibly on Friday, October 7, 2016, Feast of the Holy Rosary. Society begins to pull together again to deal with ongoing natural disasters. Many churches, mosques, synagogues begin to work together to help people in disasters and to prepare for the Great Miracle, which is a global second Pentecost. I believe it will occur on Holy Thursday, April 13, 2017 because of a new title about the Blessed Mother given by the Catholic Church and because the Catholic and Orthodox Churches concelebrate Easter together for the first time in centuries. The second Pentecost leads to a short period of peace and the natural disasters subside for a while.

    3. Summer – Winter 2017: Humanity returns to old ways and strays from a return to God. China and some Islamic nations unite to attack the West, which is still economically and militarily weakened from disasters. The Christian West and Orthodox East unite to resist the onslaught of Islam and China. The war and the approaching superwave cause the natural disasters to begin again.

    Tragically, because of their ruthlessness, China & Islamic nations will be perceived as victorious. Then comes the galactic superwave that burns the earth and washes away their perceived victory.

    The new world after the superwave is called the New Jerusalem.

    Anyway I just wanted to share my .02 cents as there many discussions circulating. After sifting through this material for decades and postulating different outcomes this is the best estimate that I can give and I think it is fairly accurate and can stand up to intense scrutiny.

    However, I have found that not many folks have the interest or knowledge to scrutinize it.

    Perhaps as disasters and other events occur, someone might recall reading it here and it might be of use in helping to sustain their determination to survive the hard times ahead.

    Again, thanks for being open to these ideas.

  11. I am enthusiastic about Garabandal, and have spent 14 years as a Catholic teaching brother. I spent 25 years searching the world as a pilgrim, withnessing miracles in lands once torn by cruel strife, living close of people whose lives were remarkable and inspiring. I have studied all my life, and earned degrees in physical science, English, theater, psychology and science education. I have published peer reviewed articles about science education, one of which was called “our most pirated article” by an editor of a science education journal.
    I have also written and published music for Catholic chapels on US Army bases in Germany and a Catholic university ih Asia.
    All this has been a gift of God, for which I can claim no credit.
    But I urge all people to make sacrifices, concentrate on vital issues, surrender to the graces and inspirations and circumstances God sends to each of us, confess our sins to God and to a spiritual advisor, and pray fervently with a prayer group. Join one you are close to. Relax and let God lead you to your Divine destiny. Have Faity, cling to Hope, trust God, and lie in His cupped hands and let himj carry you through life like you are a tiny bird fallen from the nest. God is all about love, mercy and powerful wisdom. Relax, love, and enjoy.
    Peace to you!

  12. Michele Wong says:

    No one should know or name any dates . Only God the father knows the time and date .

  13. NR says:

    Hi there!
    First and foremost, I usually tended to divide matters from “spiritual” and “science” into two separate fields. However, time and time again I saw fantastic stuff comming out, from my dive into comparative mythology, to things of the most surprising matters (that I can’t still fit on my world view) such as an illiterate Brazilian, suposedly a “medium”, called “Chico Xavier” stating amazing stuff on the 50’s 60’s, such as the moon will be discoverd to have water and that from water – and other stuff that will enable us to be there (by the 60’s popular standards, that was sci fi), that transplants would enable us to exchange organs between bodies, that even illegal industries would be created to harvest organs without consent from individuals, and many more funny facts that came to pass by our current days. One can allways have access to archives from those times, with television interviews and book editions from those decades and prove it’s early inception from this particular author.
    (Being a medium) he stated that after the atomic bomb, a collective of consciences watched humanity and that after the lunar landings, they gathered in the solar system to decide on human affairs, and that humanity was given 50 years so that it could evolve moraly without falling down into a third world war. That “end-date” whould then come to pass on 20 July 2019 (50 years after 20 July 1969), after which we would be welcomed into their interplanetary community.

    While at first that might sound absurd, if one reads Vedic knowledge one gets the impression that even human kings did travel to other parts of space, and even felt the effects of relativistic theory (which in fact is a theory of the effects of gravity, rather then it’s genesis).

    Nevertheless, I just thought it was worth to mention this because of the incredible gathering of sources aiming at our times and Paul LaViollet’s prediction of galactic core wave emissions at about 90% certainty.

    Good to have a place where people can really discuss whatever they imagine and expect real serious critics over it.

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      With what is currently going on in the world, I wonder if we will be admitted into their “interplanetary” community.

  14. Mary says:

    Thank you for this posting Dr. Paul.
    Sincerely, Mary

  15. Justin says:

    More and more i’ve come to think that most of humanity is not meant to know more specifically when these events will take place. I’ve gotten conflicting information on it, and have given up trying to pin point a more exact date. I know it will be in my lifetime and that’s all i’m certain of at this point.

    I trust dream messages more than meditation ones because there tends to be less skewing (speaking of my own experiences). My most recent dream just indicated soon, but i’m not sure what “soon” means.

    Meanwhile, i’m trying to be more detached to the feeling of having to know the more specific timing.

    It’s strange, because i’ve experienced and have received verification from guidance before on other topics and issues, but i’ve been so off on the issue of timing with this issue. I’m not sure if it’s interpreter distortion, interference from unfriendly influences, or being taught a lesson.

    Anyways, i do appreciate the updates, but i’m not going to focus too much on this or that date for now, unless i get some very unmistakably clear or having a powerful synchronistic experience.

  16. Olivia says:

    Thank you Mr. Laviolette for these hints!

    Thursday April 16, 2015 can also be the date for the Miracle. It fits perfectly into the following conditions:

    1.On a Thursday at 8.30pm;
    2.Between the 7 and the 17 of the month;
    3.On the Feast Day of a martyr;
    4.In March, April or May.

    April 16 is the Feast of Saint Engratia: . She was a Spanish martyr of the persecution of Christians by the governor Dacian.

    Conchita could reveal the date on April 8, and the Miracle could occur on the 16.

  17. Rich Moser says:

    Hi Dr. Paul, I’m curious why you selected these two particular predictions among the many that are out there. You didn’t mention any connection to your own astronomical predictions, so was it intuitive on your part? Thanks, Rich

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      If you read my book Earth Under Fire, you will see that I devoted a chapter to prophecies and a large part deals with Ray Stanford’s interpretation of the Fatima prophecy which has strong parallels to a superwave catastrophe. The Garabandal prophecy is related in many ways. The Miracle of Milano is one that a friend of mine has personally witnessed and I have visited that church. Because it also involves the Virgin Mary with a miracle occurring in April, I figured there was a connection.

  18. Beatriz Ortega says:

    Dr. La Violette:

    On 2017 will be 100 years when the Fatima Virgin appeared to Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco. Portugal (1917).
    There is a woman with the name Mhoni Vidente (seer), who is very famous, because predicted the quit of the Pope Benedict, and also predicted that the next Pope will be Latino, even gave the day and hour! She said that the Fatima Virgin choose Pope Francis, and also said that the Fatima Virgin will come again on 2017 and everybody in the world will be witness of a big event in the sky.

    • Mi says:

      We are told by god that we cannot know the day or the hour with regards metaphysical finalities but that leaves the month and the year available

  19. OC says:

    Hi Dr LaViolette

    I’ve heard of Garabandal but have never really gotten into it; maybe I should take a look. Do you know of any “trustworthy” information breakdowns on the web? Is this an end times scenario?

    The reason for this post is that I have kept a really bizarre “dream” that someone posted years ago buried in my notes. It’s probably just a coincidence, but I thought I’d post it anyway.

    I know what the symbol means, and if Garabandal is anything truthful, there’s a connection to this symbol. I just want to look into this subject more to see what there is to see before I take this any further. Meanwhile, here’s the dream and the symbol involved.

    5-25-98 – DREAM – I was seeing a web page with a small rectangular window on it on which positive statements were appearing. I clicked on the window and it became larger. More and more sentences appeared at various places in the window, seemingly at random, but increasingly filling in the space.

    A long narrow arrow appeared at the bottom of the window, such as like a pool cue. It was similar to a slide bar with one end smaller than the other. I knew that clicking on that arrow would affect the window and it’s contents.

    I tentatively and hesitantly clicked on the larger end of the arrow and the window instantly got larger. More and more positive statements appeared at random within that window until the space was filled. When it was full, a large graphic appeared suddenly, superimposed over the window. It had large open eye within a Triangle, above it, it said, “THURSDAY” which reminded me of the CBS logo and the dollar bill.