Miraculous materialization of fragrant oil on icon in St. Nicholas church in Milano


Icon of St. Ephrem in St. Nicholas church materializing sacred oil.



Posted April 17, 2014 by P. LaViolette:

An earlier posting described how tears of fragrant oil had miraculously materialized on an icon of the Virgin Mary and Child found in St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox in Milano.  These past occurrences took place on April 18, 2010 and again exactly two years later on April 18, 2012 actually beginning from the previous night.  In this posting we predicted that tears might again be seen after a two year period which falls on Good Friday, April 18, 2014.  If we count the leap day occurred in February 2012, the recurrence date would actually have been pushed to Easter Eve, Saturday.
Update April 21st:  Actually this prediction has come true!  The icon of the Virgin and Child did produce tears on Friday night/Saturday morning (April 18th – 19th).

Today, however, on Good Thursday, April 17, 2014, the miracle was again witnessed in St. Nicholas church, this time to occur on the icon of St. Ephrem.  The icon began materializing oil on April 16th when the priest was at the airline check-in counter for his flight to Milano.  Against the wishes of the priest, the customer service agent wanted it shipped as checked baggage.  At that point the icon was witnessed to begin materializing a fragrant oil.  The phenomenon so amazed the customer service agent that he finally acquiesced and allowed the priest to carry it with him on the plane.  When the plane landed in Milano, people on the plane stopped at the priest’s seat to witness the miracle. The icon was then brought to St. Nicholas church where today it has continued to miraculously materialize a fragrant oil said to smell similar to myrrh and roses.  The oil has been witnessed to materialize at various locations on the icon’s surface and to continuously run down the icon and soak its cloth below.  This was witnessed by many people including a trusted friend who was present and took the pictures posted here.  The oil is being extracted from the soaked cloth, put in bottles, and small quantities have been given to a few of the witnesses.  Also people have been touching the icon and putting the sacred oil on their faces as a blessing.


This is the third such miraculous materialization event to occur at St. Nicholas.  In view of the prophecy that Padre Avontios gave 17 days earlier on March 31st, for the miracle to be witnessed in this same church on the 17th makes one wonder if this number might be significant.  Recall the apocalyptic dream shared by MerryDove in the comments to the Trumpets in the Sky news posting in which a voice repeated to her the number 17.  Also the Sun happens to come exactly conjunct the Galactic center every December 17th.
Update (April 18th): The icon of St. Ephrem has now stopped producing oil.

A second matter: Calculations performed some days ago have revised the date when a companion star could potentially impact impact the galactic core and trigger a superwave.  These indicate that from the time that the companion is tidally stripped off the parent star when the G2 cloud reaches pericenter (~April 1st ± 3 weeks) it will take about 4 to 5 months for the star to loop around and fall onto the core; see diagram below.  Previous estimate of 2 to 3 weeks did not take account of the fact that the primary star is traveling at over 6000 km/s and hence some time is required for the core’s gravitational field to counter this momentum and redirect the star’s path inward.  So the new impact/superwave date is moved up to mid August.  Note that this matches with Padre Avondios’ prediction that astronomers would see something this July to August that would provide validation for the superwave discussion being posted here.  But, given that a core impact is one of several possible outcomes for a separated companion star or planet, I still stick to my previous prediction that there is no more than an 8 percent chance that some kind of core impact will occur.

Separation of a binary star in the G2 cloud at pericenter showing the trajectories of the companion and parent star.

Separation of a binary star in the G2 cloud at pericenter showing the trajectories of the companion and parent star.

6 Responses to Miraculous materialization of fragrant oil on icon in St. Nicholas church in Milano

  1. Lili says:

    Thank you Dr. Paul,
    I find this video, what he say until now is happen, but I don’t know. I believe we can change everything by Mind. Love & Light send you from cypruc <3
    2014 – Efrain Rodriguez – Catastrophe Meteor Tsunami & Earthquake – Prophecy Club

  2. Mary says:

    Thank you as always Dr. Paul. Blessings

  3. Walter Russell says:

    ” Everything in creation is in the continious never ending process of being and becoming. You are an universal unit ( Holon ) of creation , inseperable from the whole , therefore you will never cease to be . You are an eternally-regenerating being in this eternally-regenerative universe. You are forever unfolding and forever becoming. Being part of the whole , you are one with the Universal Source of energy that is creating the entire universe.
    Take this idea into your deep meditation and feel the exaltation of it – feel the mighty power of it .

  4. Laron says:

    Thank you for the update on Cloud G2 Paul.

  5. akram sher khan says:

    Peace be upon all.
    Thank you for another great update. I have had a dream along with my wife about a superwave very recently. It was in a flash seen in the sky and in an instant upon us all. My wife saw that everyone was deconstructed and reassembled on a molecular level in an instant. I have a question is the galactic center located in southern hemisphere from our perspective here on earth. I ask because in my dream the flash came from sky in the south. Thank you for doing what no one else does. Keeping it real and simple.

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      It will appear in the southern hemisphere where the Galactic center is found between the constellations of Sagittarus and Scorpio. If you are at a latitude similar to Washington DC, you will see it about 15° above the horizon when those constellations are at their highest point in the sky. If you live in southern Australia, it would be directly overhead when those constellations are at midheaven.