The Date Revealed at Garabandal for the Coming World Miracle


Posted by: P. LaViolette
March 26, 2015, Updated May 22, 2019, Updated January 24, 2020

2020 Update: A comment left to another posting mentioned "Conchita stated that she will be a "very OLD" woman when the miracle occurs; 40 years of probing and studying show that the miracle will occur in 2037 or 2038. Don't expect anything before those dates. Perhaps later but not earlier."  Indeed, Conchita was born in 1949 and in 2020 would be only 71 in 2020, which may not be considered to be "very old".  The Garabandal News website theorizes the date to lie in 2028, but acknowledges the dates 2034 and 2045 as other possibilities.  In 2034 Conchita would be 85 years old and in 2045 she would be 96 years old, indeed a very old woman.  Interesting, this Holy thursday date of April 6, 2045  falls close to the September 2045 date suggested by the Crab pulsar chronometer.  This possible ET pulsar beacon message being sent to us about the arrival of the next superwave is discussed in the following posting:

2019 Update:  The icon of the Virgin Mary at St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church in Milan (mentioned below) was witnessed to shed fragrant tears in 2017 just after Easter, hence around April 17th.  This breaks the previous two year recurrence pattern, now making it three years since the 2014 occurrence.  It did not shed tears either in 2018 or this year (2019).  So, if the three year recurrence pattern holds, it is possible that it could shed tears during Holy week in April 2020, possibly indicating the time of the miracle predicted in the 60's.

In a recent comment (, I was asked why I had suggested Spring of 2020 as the possible date of the forthcoming miracle which was revealed between 1961 to 1965 to four girls in Garabandal, Spain.  The following posting ( summarizes hints that Conchita has left us.  Conchita, the lone survivor of the four girls who experienced this revelation, swore that she would only reveal the exact date eight days before its occurrence.  From clues she has dropped in various interviews through the years, we know that this miraculous event will occur on a Thursday at 8:30 PM in the month of April between the 7th and the 17th of the month, but not on either of those days (hence on the days of the 8th through the 16th).  She has said that it will be a thing never before seen upon the earth Indeed there are several dates that fulfill these criteria: 2017 and 2020 being the closest; see  Indeed, one person has noted that whistle blower Jake Simpson has claimed that a wave approaching the solar system will arrive here by 2017.  So why did I choose 2020 and not 2017? [Update: However this 2020 date may also be eroneous; see update above]

I was influenced here by the miracle of Milano that has occurred during the April Holy Week of 2010, 2012, and 2014 in which an icon of the Virgin Mary in St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church was witnessed to shed fragrant tears; see the following posting  The past miracles occurred on April 18, 2010, April 18 2012, and April 16th to 17th where the fragrant oil also materialized in abundance on the icon of the Syrian Saint Ephraem which had been brought to the church that year (perhaps in sympathy of the strife that was then occurring in Syria and which continues even today).  The first two of these miracles happened after Holy Week, but the most recent began on the evening of Holy Thursday, the Day of Ascension!  So, seeing that these events were symbolically associated with the Virgin Mary, I felt there must be a connection with the predicted upcoming miracle of Garabandal, perhaps messages of what is to come.  Noting the regularity of these events, each separated from the next by two years, I saw that the date April 16th, 2020 would coincide with this periodic pattern, and that Holy Thursday of April 13, 2017 would not.

In 2020 Catholic Easter occurs on April 12th and Orthodox Easter occurs on April 19th.  So depending on which one decides to choose, there are the two possibilities of Thursday, April 9th for Catholic Holy Week, or Thursday, April 16th for Orthodox Holy Week.  Since the Miracle of Milano has been occurring in an Orthodox church with the most recent event occurring on April 16th, Holy Thursday, I decided to choose Thursday of April 16, 2020 as the most likely.

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