Telltale Signs of a Cosmic Ray Shower?


July 11th, 2014

I don’t know if this is anything worth reporting, but I will report it anyway.  Today on two occasions while watching TV there was an interference flash of the picture and the audio gave off what sounded like a static discharge.  This seems very much like what would be caused by a cosmic ray passing through the TV electronics.  Digital TVs are supposed to be interference free except when an airplane passes between your antenna and the transmitting tower or except in the case where you have a weak signal.  Neither of these situations applied to this case. Also supplementary to this on several occasions during the past few days I have experienced a solitary blue flash of light.  I am guessing that our eyes and brains can act as very good cosmic ray detectors in that a penetrating cosmic ray would initiate a neural response.  I previously do not remember having such blue flash sensations.  So in combination with the TV signal experience I am wondering if occasional high energy cosmic rays may be arriving from the Galactic core in advance of a main superwave volley due to a possible superluminal propagation effect.  The recent finding that the G2 cloud a month ago had not yet reached pericenter now makes some sort of core explosion a more likely outcome. If any of you who follow these postings experience something similar that you regard as out of the ordinary, please comment.


July 12th update

The overwhelming response received to the above July 11th posting from people reporting  something similar indicates that this blue flash experience may be real and more widespread than initially thought.  It is such a brief event and so sporadic that most normally would not pay much attention to it.  The report that Kurt Sarrica made in the comments section was interesting: that Apollo astronauts had reported this same white or blue flash experience when they were in space outside of the Earth’s protective magnetic field shield  further strengthens this supposition.  (See the following wikipedia posting suggested by Kurt:  So that puts us flash seers in league with some fairly reputable space venturers.  I have not noticed these before, unlike a few of the people who responded in the comments.  It is perhaps the frequency of the events that has called my attention to them.  Considering that the G2 cloud may be approaching pericenter in this month or next month (as well as the prediction of Father Avondios),  this all gives me some reason for concern.

Such flashes which we are now experiencing on Earth under protection of the geomagnetic field would suggest that we are being exposed to very high energy cosmic rays, ones of high “magnetic rigidity” capable of penetrating the Earth’s field.  These would be the first to arrive in the advent of a core explosion because they are traveling so close to the speed of light.  In fact, it is possible they could surf a bit ahead of the light horizon, hence be superluminal.  I have mentioned before the experiments that Guy Obolensky and I performed some years ago which demonstrate that waves from shock discharges travel superluminally by piggy backing on the shock’s outgoing ether wind.  In the future keep in mind the flash phenomenon.  If you experience many flashes occurring repeatedly, try to take cover to avoid overexposure to cosmic rays.  This built in cosmic ray detector may be useful for surviving a future superwave.

In the comments Charlie Knoll mentioned the following cosmic ray neutron record maintained by the EU NMDB program (Neutron Monitor Data Base):  He mentioned that it showed two instances of multiple sites going down at about the same time.  I think only the second instance  is worth paying attention to.  It involved about 9 sites out of 33 located around the world all going off-line at the same time and an additional two sites already being off line somewhat before that; see summary chart below.

Neutron monitor readings at various stations around the world over the past 3 days.

Neutron monitor readings at various stations around the world over the past 3 days.

The detectors that went down are located in the vicinity of the north and south pole where geomagnetic screening is minimal.  They include:

  • SOPO (South Pole, Antarctica)
  • SOPB (South Pole Bare, Antarctica)
  • THUL (Thule, Greenland)
  • PW NK (Peawanuk, Canada)
  • NAIN (Nain, New Foundland)
  • MCMU (McMurdo, Antarctica)
  • INVK (Inuvik, Alaska)
  • FSMT (Fort Smith Canada)
  • NEW K (Newark, USA)

The detectors at NRLK (Norilsk, Siberia, Russia) and NANM (Nor-Amberd, Armenia) remained on but recorded large excursions in the midst of this period. A few of the detectors were not functioning prior to the event, like TXBY (Tixie Bay, Siberia), MWSN (Mawson, Russia), KGSN (Kingston, Russia), and IRKT (Irkutsk, Russia).

Each time tick mark along the bottom of the chart represents 1 hour in Greenwich Mean Time.  This multi-detector cut off (or down period) began about 19:20 GMT (equivalent to about 1:20 PM MDT (Mountain Daylight Time) or slightly after 12 noon MST.  Perhaps Charlie meant daylight savings mountain time.  I am currently near Athens Greece which is 3 hours later than GMT.  So this indicates that the detectors cut out about 10:20 PM my time.  In fact, that is about the time that I observed the TV signal interference.  I was watching a movie from 10 PM to 12 midnight and the interference came toward the beginning of the movie as I remember.  So this data confirms that the interference I saw on my TV coincided approximately with the knocking out of nine high latitude neutron monitors.

I observed two distinct signal glitches on my TV separated by about 10 to 15 minutes.  Could this be the time difference between a proton cosmic ray primary particle and an electron cosmic ray primary particle?  The electrons travel at a slightly higher velocity because they have 1/2000 th of the mass of a proton.  The NRLK and NANM events that occurred after midnight GMT were long after I had shut off my TV and gone to bed.  So cannot correlate these two events.


July 14th update:

The neutron detectors that had gone off line apparently were back on line some hours after their shut down.  Since that time I have not noticed any TV interference or blue flashes.


67 Responses to Telltale Signs of a Cosmic Ray Shower?

  1. David says:


    I would not rely on the Data at that link at this time as we are due a CME event today, the 6th of Sept. and there is a warning on the page at your link that says the DATA is not reliable “These data are invalid during a significant proton event because of sensor contamination at the GOES spacecraft.”

    FILAMENT ERUPTION, EARTH-DIRECTED: On Sept. 2nd, an enormous filament of dark plasma, which had been snaking across the face of the sun for days, became unstable and erupted. NASA’s Solar Dynamics

    According to NOAA analysts, the CME will deliver a glancing blow to Earth’s magnetic field on Sept. 6th. ”

    • Bruce says:

      Needless to say, there are multiple indicators we all can rely on to get to the bottom of things. The key is getting through all the noise. I’m thinking that Paul would know the easier routes to do so. If not, has also been quite good to many of us…

  2. Bruce Katz says:

    HI Paul,
    It appears several of the signs previously discussed are still in play. The electron flux monitor, cosmic ray charts, and unusual clicking from the TV set are all acting up. Further, the electron flux pattern seems unusually volatile. Are there any new distinct or unusual indicators that you’ve been viewing? Any additional thoughts?
    Thanks in advance,

  3. Kurt Sarrica says:

    Dear Dr. LaViolette,
    I just saw a recently posted YouTube video you and your followers might find of some interest. It is an interview with Robert Schoch who has done a lot of research similar to yours with regard to the concept that a massive solar plasma event caused tremendous destruction to the Earth at the end of the last Ice Age:

    Are you already familiar with Dr. Schoch’s work? I did not see any references to him in your “Earth Under Fire” book.
    As far as I can tell, he does not mention a “Blue Star” or make reference to the “galactic superwave” as a causal agent for the massive solar plasma event, but his research tends to support your “solar conflagration” scenario.

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      You are right, Robert Schoch does not refer to my findings on ancient solar cataclysms anywhere in his interview. For whatever reason, I don’t know. The reason I did not cite him in my book Earth Under Fire is that Earth Under Fire was first published in 1997, with the second edition being published by Inner Traditions in 2005. At that time Dr. Schoch had not published anything on solar cataclysms. His main contribution at that time was in pushing back the date of the Gizeh Sphinx to around 5000 to 7000 BCE.

      Schoch knew of my work as early as 2000. We had met each other at a conference in Montana hosted that year by Douglas Kenyon where we were both speakers. As I recall, I had spoken about the superwave phenomenon and its triggering of solar cataclysms and glacier wave floods and he spoke about the dating of the Sphinx. He had taken an interest in reading my book Earth Under Fire and had purchased a copy of it at the conference. Some months later, I had attempted to contact him at Boston University but did not have any response back from him, my calls and emails to him having gone unanswered. From that time until 2012, I had no contact with him.

      In other interviews he did in 2010 and 2012, which are posted on youtube, he also did not mention my work in connection with his solar cataclysm theory, e.g., the youtube posting of a lecture he gave in January 2012 at the Electric Universe conference. Like yourself, someone had sent me an email back in the spring of 2012 bringing to my attention to his failure to mention my prior work. In viewing it, I noticed that he described a number of ideas regarding large magnitude solar events occurring at the end of the last ice age and saw that many of the ideas he discussed were similar to ideas I had pioneered and published on over the preceding 30 years, but did not mention my name. I then did an internet search and came across a Red Ice Creations radio interview he had done that March (2012) on the subject of his then new book “Forgotten Civilization” which was to appear in the fall of that year. Again, I noticed that he discussed many of the ideas I have advocated and written about, but again no mention of my name. But I noticed that he did mention Anthony Peratt’s name both in that interview and in his Electric Universe lecture. When speaking about the past occurrence of a huge solar outburst at the end of the ice age, he just made a quick acknowledgement that it was not just himself, but that other people were also working on this too.

      He had met with Peratt in 2000 a few months after his encounter with my work on the subject. Dr. Peratt and his group have researched Indian petroglyphs around the world and they interpret them as depictions of the auroral displays of giant prehistoric solar storms. In his current interview Dr. Schoch also cites Thomas Gold whose work dates back to 1969 in which he wrote about a solar conflagration occurring in the past 30,000 years based on lunar rock evidence, whose work I also cite in my book.

      I should mention that in a paper he wrote in November 2011 he had cited my solar conflagration paper which had been published a few months earlier in the journal Radiocarbon. And I was happy to hear that he expressed enthusiasm about my findings which referred to ice core and sedimentary core evidence of a large scale solar cataclysm occurring around 12,900 and 12,700 years ago near the onset of the Younger Dryas and also another around 11,600 years ago at the termination of the Younger Dryas. But even so, he did not refer to my other work which places these solar cataclysm findings in a much larger context.

      Anyway I contacted Robert in June 2012 suggesting that when speaking on these topics that he be a bit more proactive in acknowledging my past work in addition to that of the other scientists. I pointed out to him that over the previous 30 years I had invested a lot of time and effort in moving forward on this topic, against the tide of the scientific establishment, to communicate my findings, not just on the superwave theory, but also on ideas relating to elevated solar activity and that SPEs and CMEs had constituted a particular hazard to early ice age man. Keep in mind, that when I had written on this 30 years ago, this antedated by many years the widespread discussion of the nineteenth century Carrington event solar hazard which had been popularized by a National Academy of Sciences report. It was also before a lot of the newer ice core and ocean sedimentary core evidence had come out. So it was even more difficult then, than it is today, to get anyone to take these ideas seriously.

      I told him that because his present area of investigation overlaps with my own, I thought it would be a good idea to let him know what I consider to be my contributions to this field, so that he is properly informed when he discusses similar ideas in his writings. I said that this goes as well for his forthcoming book, that I hoped that he had cited my prior work. Having not seen the book, I could not say to what degree he referenced my past work, including my interpretations of past conflagration and flood legends. I told him that I did not want to appear overly cautious, but that I thought it is good to communicate on these matters before his book goes to press so he is aware of a bit of the historical perspective regarding my own work. In case he was not familiar with it (even though he had purchased a copy of my book 12 years earlier) I did give him a list of some ideas that I considered to be novel (I list them here below).

      I told him that I understand from what I have read on the internet about his views that he takes a somewhat different view of the solar cataclysms subject than I do in that he does not consider that the Sun had become aggravated into an active state at the end of the ice age by external factors, such as cosmic dust injected by a passing superwave. Rather he seems to propose that what was happening back then was due to a phase in the Sun’s activity that was due to factors internal to the Sun, perhaps cyclic phases of the Sun that we do not well understand at present. This variable Sun idea is an idea previously advocated by John Eddy. I said that, even so, this should not detract him from recognizing my prior work on solar cataclysms. I maintain my view that in the past the Sun was aggravated by exogenous factors and that this explains why we have been going through a series of ice ages for the past 3 million years and have not for many millions of years prior to that.

      I note that in his recent radio interview on youtube that he focuses on the date 9500 BCE as a time of a major solar cataclysm that affected past human civilization. He seems to present this as being a new idea. Yet in fact, in my book Earth Under Fire, in Chapter 6 (p. 201), I discuss the large amplitude solar cycle geomagnetic field modulations and disturbances which occurred around 11,600 years ago and noted that, together with other evidence of elevated solar activity during this extended terminal ice age period, this indicated the occurrence of solar flare activity at that time that was hundreds of times more intense than today and approaching levels found in the vicinity of a T Tauri star. This published work dates back to 1997. Also in my 2011 Radiocarbon paper I had pointed out that at around 11,571 cal years BP (about 11,620 years before 2000) there was a large amplitude acidity spike in the Greenland ice core record, the largest to occur during the entire Younger Dryas period, and that an almost equally large acidity spike occurred one solar Hale cycle later (22 years) and coincided with an abrupt cooling spike and Be-10 spike and was immediately followed by the prolonged climatic warming that ended the last ice age. I pointed out that this indicates the involvement of an active Sun. These are interesting findings for this period that no one else had previously pointed out. As far as I know, I was the first.

      Robert responded to my email reassuring me that some of the topics I had referred to were included in his book whereas others were not, and that he planned to include a more in depth discussion of such topics in a possible follow up book. So I did not get a firm admission from him that he cited my solar cataclysm work. I had requested a copy of his book from Inner Traditions (my publisher as well) but don’t recall whether I received a copy. As far as I know, his book did briefly mention about my superwave theory and in Appendix 3 he did discuss my dating of the ice age termination date. But again, these are done with no reference to my solar cataclysm work. Without having the book in front of me, I cannot say for sure if he did. But, a book review on indicates that (surprising to me) that he didn’t cite me. It reports: “Laviolette provides still another explanation for the ancient cataclysm scenario; (one that did not find it’s way into Schoch’s book.)” So apparently, my attempt to call his attention to my work prior to the publication of his book had no effect at all.

      I don’t mean to sound complaining in any kind of egocentric way. I am only trying to set the facts straight and give here an adequate answer to the question that Kurt sent in. I personally believe that it is important to cite the work of past researchers particularly if their postulates have been published and even subsequently confirmed by newly emerging evidence, as mine have been. If you look at my work, it is replete with citations of other people’s work. In a way, it is a disservice not to cite wherever possible instances in which other people have proposed the same idea that you yourself discuss. The reason is that citation allows people to follow the thread back to the others’ work and to references and ideas that you might not be mentioning in your own work. If you do not agree with some things the prior researcher has said, it is best to state your difference and why you disagree. It is not a good strategy to ignore his work all together and pick items from his research without giving their source.

      In my 2012 email, I pointed out to Robert the following ideas that I have developed and which I feel are original:

    • There is the idea that large magnitude solar flare coronal mass ejections or solar proton events had occurred toward the end of the last ice age. Together with the effects of incoming cosmic dust, I single out these mega flares and the elevated solar luminosity occurring at that time as one of the prime causes of abrupt climatic change, melting of the ice sheets, continental floods, and excessive rains. I also attribute these as the primary cause of episodes of geomagnetic field collapse, geomagnetic excursion, geomagnetic flips, mass animal extinction and associated human fatality, as well as the cause of genetic mutation. In particular, in addition to climatic excursions occurring at earlier times during the ice age, I mention that the sudden ending of the ice age around 9600 bce was one of the periods when these mega solar events were happening and I attribute the abrupt warming at that time to a solar cause. I told him then that I understand that this terminal ice age period is one that he particularly focuses on in his lectures about his book. Although, as pointed out above, he did not mention my name in the 2014 youtube posted interview you refer to.
    • I am also the originator of the glacier wave idea, where water impounded on the surface of a melting ice sheet can cause a glacier burst which then self-amplifies as it proceeds toward the ice sheet periphery, and then can proceed outward along across the continents. More recently, during the past 7 years or so I attribute these glacier floods as the cause of the Heinrich layers observed on the ocean floor and hence identify some of these glacier waves with Heinrich events. I also have interpreted the tundra flood remains in Alaska and Siberia as being produced by such waves, as well as the cause of animal remains found in more southerly regions. I have associated these waves with the production of lignite deposits in Europe, maintaining that the wood was carbonized by solar cosmic rays prior to its flood burial (as opposed to the standard theory that such carbonization occurred gradually over millions of years due to the wood’s own sulfur acids). I proposed that the Missoula flood may have been triggered by one of these waves inducing the emptying of Lake Missoula and also triggering of the eruption of nearby volcanoes. I also discuss how the cold meltwater from the north would have triggered torrential downpours out of the water saturated air as it proceeded southward.

    • I originated the idea of how a solar coronal mass ejection could overpower the Earth’s magnetic field, even causing its total collapse. This happens when the ring current produced by the trapped solar storm cosmic rays generates a magnetic field opposed to the Earth’s. I have explained that this would be accomplished by SPE (solar proton) events that were at least 100 times more energetic than the February 1957 event. No one else had presented similar ideas at the time, although 12 years later two French scientists published a paper also proposing exactly the same mechanism.
    • I also was the first to propose a solar cause to geomagnetic excursions and geomagnetic flips and advocated that such disturbances were rapid events, not changes taking thousands of years due to movements of the Earth’s core. My proposed theory was later confirmed with the discovery of the Steens Mountain geomagnetic excursion recorded in lava which showed that the field reorientation took place in a less than a few days. Many of my proposed ideas, which were originally at odds with standard belief, and their later confirmation by later findings are listed on the Starburst Foundation website, e.g., see: Another indication of the rapidity of geomagnetic change is the reversal event which dates to around 41,000 years ago which showed a sharp onset and renormalization at its beginning and end.

    • I also have explored the effects of solar cataclysms on the evolution of life over the long-term, where such solar events (which I believe occur at the time of superwave dust incursions) cause quantum evolutionary jumps by inducing mass extinctions coupled with elevated mutation rates.
    • In addition, I have proposed the novel finding that warmings at the end of the ice age occurred synchronously in both hemispheres supporting this with various geological evidence. This is important because extraterrestrial effects such as changes in solar luminosity that would have caused climatic changes, would have caused simultaneous change in both hemispheres. Such evidence makes it easier to convincingly propose extraterrestrial mechanisms such as the one that Schoch and myself are proposing.

      Paul LaViolette
      August 31, 2014