New Observations Indicate G2 Cloud Has not Yet Reached Orbital Pericenter

Observations reported in the Astronomers Telegram on June 30th by astronomers Eckart, et al. indicate that the G2 cloud is still on its way inward toward the Galactic core and hence has not yet reached its orbital pericenter; see report here:

Late last year Gillessen et al. (2013) had made calculations of the orbital characteristics of the G2 cloud and had estimated that the G2 cloud would reach its point of closest approach to the Galactic core around April 1st, i.e., over three months ago.  But now observations carried out by Eckart, et al. suggest differently.  They see that the emission from the cloud is still largely redshifted, hence that the cloud is still heading away from us toward the GC.  This could explain why the Galactic core has been so quiet up until now.  They do not update the existing orbital characteristics to suggest when the cloud may be reaching its point of closest approach and an email I sent to them asking about this went unanswered.  When I have more information, I will post it.  Meanwhile we should again be alert to look for any evidence of the G2 cloud being split in two after it rounds orbital pericenter.

Secondly, and no relation to the above observation, Eckart also report that they observe the cloud is still compact, that it has not dispersed.  To remain compact while being exposed to the high velocity gas flow from the Galactic core the G2 cloud would need to be continually regenerated from an embedded star or binary star system.  In a paper published in December 2012 Echart, et al. was one who had suggested the possibility that the G2 cloud may contain an embedded star, corroborating my suggestion posted around that time.


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  1. OC says:

    Sure is quiet in data-land …

    I have always found Dr LaViolette’s C 3300 BC minor superwave curious because of references in and around around that time period.
    Berosus wrote about the Great Flood with an alleged date of June 15th, 3116 BC.
    Then work done on the Sumerian disc – June 29, 3123 BC. It seems superwaves can drag “debris” into the solar system.
    The Mayan date of 3114 BC.
    The Kali Yuga beginnings 3102 BC.
    And one of the oddest, if you take Nostradamus’ end date of 3797 and subtract the 7000 years of a “new reign” (C1.q48) you wind up with 3203 BC as a beginning point.

    Why do these references seem to tie to the minor superwave?

    If you look at this page ( ) and scroll down to “3,300 BC Egypt,” are the above dates a memory device connected to the minor superwave? There was a “new reign” in pre-Egypt that shifted into overdrive at this time, and had been around since 4000 BC it seems.

    If all of this is correct, and all tied to a mental chaos that began from the minor superwave, one has to wonder about the reality of a major event.

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      Yes, quite a few biblical/religious dates coincide with this date. You name a few I had not heard about. Interesting.

      • OC says:

        There’s much more to this … your work sits at the heart of the biggest screwup in human history. Once upon a time we knew the truth regarding our connection to the superwave arrival and “help from above” … what we today call the ET subject, but we lost the information. The date of 4000 BC I posted above was what I believed to be the beginning of this “problem” … a problem that took over the minds of the common people via control, and these controlling people are called the “religious elite.” I was wrong – it wasn’t the beginning … it was part two. My notes below are from the archeological information collected on this page: References were removed for easier reading.

        A few thousand years earlier “… there was a small group of people who possessed without working and a large group of people who worked without possessing – in other words, there were classes.”

        “It is characteristic that this most ancient of all known class societies should present itself to us as a patriarchal society of bitter destructiveness: the gloomy temples dug into the mountain like caves served to maintain power in a society that was obviously rigidly organized through open terror: human sacrifices. In the temples of all building levels huge amounts of blood were shed which the excavators retrieved in thick crusts on daggers, altars or draining funnels which were designed specifically for that purpose. The analysis of the isolated blood pigment hemoglobin revealed that it was generally human blood. In the chambers of one of these temples there were the skulls of more than 70 people and parts of skeletons of more than 400 different individuals “neatly stacked up to the ceiling”. The situation in the other settlements of Eastern Anatolia was comparable.”

        The only difference between phase two (that we are STILL living in today) and phase one, is that phase one was stopped.

        “However, whereas in other parts of the globe the development of this kind of class society proceeded further, history in Southeast Anatolia took a completely different turn. On a certain day 9200 years ago the manorial houses at the north side of the large square in Çayönü were burnt down, and this happened so fast that the owners were not able to save any of their treasures. The temple was torn down and burnt, and even the floor was ripped open, the stone pillars around the free space were taken down and the taller of them were broken up. The place itself – previously maintained and kept meticulously clean for more than 1000 years – was converted into a municipal waste dump.”

        “After a short chaotic transition all houses had been torn down. The slums in the west disappeared for good, but only a few steps away from the spot where the ruins of the manorial houses had burnt the new Çayönü was erected. The new houses were comparable in size to the old manors but there were no more houses or shacks built to an inferior standard and all hints to social differences were erased.”

        Unfortunately for us, in pre-Egypt and Sumer – “From around 4000 B.C. an exploiter’s class begins to establish itself which in 3000 B.C. finally gets into power. The development of metal weapons, a writing system and a ruling authority constituted the most effective mechanisms of oppression available to an exploitive ruling class.”

        Everything we should know today in the vein of the superwave and ET – vanished over time; Marija Gimbutas’ work was the best we have regarding this feminine based “Goddess” culture. There were people who did try to preserve the information; the Hopi are one such people. There were others, and my take on Nostradamus is that he met them, hence his obsession trying to put a picture together that dealt with “the end” and other prophecies. He pinpointed the beginning date as well as whoever told him could pinpoint it, and he broke the entire picture above down to a simple quatrain:

        Century 5:53
        The law of the Sun and of Venus in strife,
        appropriating [making ones own] the spirit of prophecy.
        Neither the one nor the other will be understood.
        The law of the great Messiah will hold through the Sun.

        It’s the last line in that quatrain we need to understand … the “religious elite” controlled everything through religion, and the base format of Christianity holds our information; it’s the story of a coming destruction event and salvation from above. As Norman Perrin said in The New Testament: An Introduction: “When Paul speaks of “we who are alive, who are left until the coming of the Lord” (1 Thes 4:15), he clearly expects the event in his own lifetime. But 2 Thes 2:3-12 sets out an elaborate program of what must first happen before that event can occur. Not only has the apocalyptic imagery changed, but the whole tenor of the expectation is different.”

        The “sun” represents the so-called “sun culture” created by the religious elite, and “Venus” represents the lost feminine-based culture. Our information of the coming event and “help from above” is now held “through the sun” … and today the controlling remnants of that culture (we call TPTB) know exactly what is coming.

        In 1957, part one of said “knowledge” popped up in what I believe was “a text addition” to Fulcanelli’s original piece regarding Hendaye. You can see the panic. As was said in the last lines of Longfellow’s poem ‘The Occultation of Orion,’ lines he said “just dropped into his head:” “Forevermore, forevermore, the reign of violence is o’re.”

        And they know it:

        “For it is by fire and in fire that our hemisphere will soon be tried. And just as, by means of fire, gold is separated from impure metals, so, Scripture says, the good will be separated from the wicked on the great Day of Judgment.”

        “… we learn that a country exists, where death cannot reach man at the terrible time of the double cataclysm. As for the geographical location of this promised land, from which the elite will take part in the return of the golden age, it is up to us to find it. For the elite, the children of Elias, will be saved according to the word of Scripture, because their profound faith, their untiring perseverance in effort, will have earned for them the right to be promoted to the rank of disciples of the Christ-Light. They will bear his sign and will receive from him the mission of renewing for regenerated humanity the chain of tradition of the humanity, which has disappeared.”

        Has the G2 event been on its way here for 2X,000 years? Is this why ET has been in our faces all of this time, trying to teach us on a constructivist level? Is this why TPTB – aren’t telling us anything? As far as I am concerned, yes. All I can say is – stay tuned 🙂

        • Robin Small says:

          wow…. thank you very much ….!

          This to me verifies so much of what I learned as I awaken ..
          my energy focus (not as technical as Paul’s) and then all the surrounding dots that I have shaded in all point to a binary event … coming soon …

          So far I see strong evidence in :

          — native records …esp the Hopi and similar …
          — energy and spiral trying to mimic the unity circle (Sol) …
          — crop circles …
          — especially astrotheology and astrology and our amazing Sol centered and fractal human makeup …
          — even cube crystal diamond and sphere math …
          — our human prophetic/psychic nature …
          — and linguistics … fractal based linguistics …
          — and of course good old mind control religious symbols ..

          … and simple around the world reporting thanks to the internet …

          I wonder if that country is inner Earth ? or more simply the place where old structures remain standing … as of today …

    • Robin Small says:

      All I know is that if we take 3 Zodiacs of Universal clock work
      3 x 2160 = 6480 years

      then we make a couple postulations :

      1) Say the next big Earth Cataclysmic event is 1 year away max

      2) say that these BIG events happen every 6480 years

      3) say a Nibiru flyby is instrumental as well as a Super wave
      (fits with our Sun having a binary twin called Nemesis … with her flock of planets including the outer Planet X= Nibiru )

      and Nibiru’s orbit is 3200 years … right there is quite a line up of coincidences ..

      So I now back trace time based on every 3240 years say

      2014 = NOW

      1226 BC (very near Exodus time in Egypt … a MAJOR BIG event )

      4466 BC

      I do not know what you think … but this and other things all point to around now …


      Robin Small

  2. albert says:

    Hi Dr LaViolette thanks for the great work.My question is,do you have any new calculations/dates for the G2 cloud interacting with the core? Would it be similar to the April through mid August senario?

  3. Louis says:

    All is not quiet in the Solar System right now. There are some recent indications that a superwave might be approaching from the galactic center.


    Watch here for some major earthquakes in the weeks and months to follow:

  4. Bob Cohen says:

    Dr LaViolette,
    Thanks for your your great work! Is it still your estimate that the G2 cloud will approach 130 AU to Galactic Center or given the delay will it likely come even closer?

  5. albert says:

    Hi Dr LaViolette thanks for your work again! So if April 1st plus 5 and a half months equals August 14th,and pericenter is approaching now with the new data,is the new possible event 5 and a half months from now?What do you think?

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      No one has announced a new modified trajectory (to my knowledge). So there is no way to know the true pericenter date or to make any estimations from that. There is only discussion that the previous trajectory estimates were incorrect.

  6. Petra says:

    I got this link with the title “Why galactic black hole fireworks were a flop” yesterday by mail from a friend.
    What do the experts mean about it?

    Best Greatings

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      This is just one opinion. I agree with the opposing opinion that there is a concentration of matter centered within the G2 cloud. The reason why there are no “fireworks” from infalling dust, and I stated this a year ago, is because this dust is being blown away from the Galactic core by the fierce ion and cosmic ray wind. So there is no chance that it will fall in. Many astronomers do not think of this because their idea is that Sgr A* is a quiescent black hole with very little coming out to oppose the inward pull of gravity. This model is naive. There is also the consideration that G2 may not have yet reached pericenter, that the previous orbital assessments for an April 1st pericenter passage were off the mark.

  7. Bruce Katz says:

    Your comments are the most insightful and honest I’ve seen on what is happening in our galaxy and beyond. Though we don’t necessarily want these events to play out, mankind is curious and this sort of knowledge is hard to come by. Thanks for your great work. By the way, I noticed the SGR A* monitor was down again. So are the Yellowstone live cams. Technology, my computer, is rather slow today as well. Let’s all hope for the best,


  8. Kurt Sarrica says:

    This is an interesting development. It prompts me to ask a question which has been rattling around in my noggin ever since I first heard of the possibility of a galactic core eruption triggered by the accretion of an orbiting star: Is it possible that while everyone is watching the G2 Cloud as the anticipated source of an accretion into the galactic core, there could be an unseen object approaching the far side of the galactic core which could collide with Sgr A* even sooner? I am thinking of what happened on Feb. 15, 2013, when all eyes were on Asteroid 2012 DA14 making a near miss of Earth, yet another asteroid snuck in and exploded over Chelyabinsk, Russia.
    On a completely separate track, I thought everyone would be interested in this new research paper regarding the relationship between cosmic rays and volcanic eruptions:

    Since volcanic eruptions are a suspect factor in the abrupt glaciation that began the Younger Dryas, I am wondering if perhaps a galactic core explosion not only ended the Younger Dryas via the “solar conflagration,” but perhaps it actually started the Younger Dryas 1300 years earlier with superwave cosmic rays simultaneously seeding clouds and erupting volcanoes on a global scale–in addition to whatever volcanic effects the gravity wave might have caused?
    Thanks for the update!

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      For many years I have claimed that the Younger Dryas cooling was initiated by elevated levels of cosmic rays. This was possibly due to enhanced solar cosmic rays from an overactive Sun at that time. I discuss this in my Radiocarbon paper a preprint of which is available on this site and at

      It is always possible that an undetected small object might make its way toward the galactic core. We are only able to see the large stellar objects that are big enough to generate luminous gas clouds.

  9. Skylark says:

    Thank you, now I understand better. I do wonder how reliable the supposed orbit calculation is. What are the chances of the orbit being different, and the cloud being redshifted also after periastron?

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      No chance that it will be redshifted after perastron. After that point it will begin to blueshift.
      The orbit of course is different from what was calculated last year that predicted perastron in April. No new calculation is available. But presumably the closer it gets to the GC, the more accurate the perastron date.

  10. Mary says:

    Thank you Dr. Paul, This blackout or lack of information is most challenging to abide calmly with. We are deeply indebted to you for providing us with updates and your vast knowledge and explanations as you are able to. Please keep me on this posting list for further updates. I would also like to say thank you to Charlie as I was unable to get on the Astronomers Newsletter email list myself. Please let us know of any upcoming interviews you may decide to do so we may view or listen to them live if possible. Best wishes as you continue your work in Subquantum Kinetics. Much gratitude to you and prayers for your well being. ~Mary

  11. Thank you so much Paul. Is this saying there is only one star not two.. Is this safer?.. We see the sun very quiet, but many rare objectsa around. could the ETs be helping. Because I believe the magnetic shield is even weaker… The Earth GAIA is moving a lot, now 6 point earhquakes seem usual, and nothing happens it is all miraculous,,, so maybe we can continue like this, all miraculous? it would be wonderful that something happens with no damage, or the least damage possible.

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      I did not say whether the cloud would have one or two stars. No way of knowing at this time for sure.

  12. Robin Small says:

    Excellent update Paul …

    Ok … I am going to just say what’s on my mind; I really think we have the potential for a binary event in the making …

    Hey if no one says it … no one notices right …


    Robin Small

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