Telltale Signs of a Cosmic Ray Shower?


July 11th, 2014

I don’t know if this is anything worth reporting, but I will report it anyway.  Today on two occasions while watching TV there was an interference flash of the picture and the audio gave off what sounded like a static discharge.  This seems very much like what would be caused by a cosmic ray passing through the TV electronics.  Digital TVs are supposed to be interference free except when an airplane passes between your antenna and the transmitting tower or except in the case where you have a weak signal.  Neither of these situations applied to this case. Also supplementary to this on several occasions during the past few days I have experienced a solitary blue flash of light.  I am guessing that our eyes and brains can act as very good cosmic ray detectors in that a penetrating cosmic ray would initiate a neural response.  I previously do not remember having such blue flash sensations.  So in combination with the TV signal experience I am wondering if occasional high energy cosmic rays may be arriving from the Galactic core in advance of a main superwave volley due to a possible superluminal propagation effect.  The recent finding that the G2 cloud a month ago had not yet reached pericenter now makes some sort of core explosion a more likely outcome. If any of you who follow these postings experience something similar that you regard as out of the ordinary, please comment.


July 12th update

The overwhelming response received to the above July 11th posting from people reporting  something similar indicates that this blue flash experience may be real and more widespread than initially thought.  It is such a brief event and so sporadic that most normally would not pay much attention to it.  The report that Kurt Sarrica made in the comments section was interesting: that Apollo astronauts had reported this same white or blue flash experience when they were in space outside of the Earth’s protective magnetic field shield  further strengthens this supposition.  (See the following wikipedia posting suggested by Kurt:  So that puts us flash seers in league with some fairly reputable space venturers.  I have not noticed these before, unlike a few of the people who responded in the comments.  It is perhaps the frequency of the events that has called my attention to them.  Considering that the G2 cloud may be approaching pericenter in this month or next month (as well as the prediction of Father Avondios),  this all gives me some reason for concern.

Such flashes which we are now experiencing on Earth under protection of the geomagnetic field would suggest that we are being exposed to very high energy cosmic rays, ones of high “magnetic rigidity” capable of penetrating the Earth’s field.  These would be the first to arrive in the advent of a core explosion because they are traveling so close to the speed of light.  In fact, it is possible they could surf a bit ahead of the light horizon, hence be superluminal.  I have mentioned before the experiments that Guy Obolensky and I performed some years ago which demonstrate that waves from shock discharges travel superluminally by piggy backing on the shock’s outgoing ether wind.  In the future keep in mind the flash phenomenon.  If you experience many flashes occurring repeatedly, try to take cover to avoid overexposure to cosmic rays.  This built in cosmic ray detector may be useful for surviving a future superwave.

In the comments Charlie Knoll mentioned the following cosmic ray neutron record maintained by the EU NMDB program (Neutron Monitor Data Base):  He mentioned that it showed two instances of multiple sites going down at about the same time.  I think only the second instance  is worth paying attention to.  It involved about 9 sites out of 33 located around the world all going off-line at the same time and an additional two sites already being off line somewhat before that; see summary chart below.

Neutron monitor readings at various stations around the world over the past 3 days.

Neutron monitor readings at various stations around the world over the past 3 days.

The detectors that went down are located in the vicinity of the north and south pole where geomagnetic screening is minimal.  They include:

  • SOPO (South Pole, Antarctica)
  • SOPB (South Pole Bare, Antarctica)
  • THUL (Thule, Greenland)
  • PW NK (Peawanuk, Canada)
  • NAIN (Nain, New Foundland)
  • MCMU (McMurdo, Antarctica)
  • INVK (Inuvik, Alaska)
  • FSMT (Fort Smith Canada)
  • NEW K (Newark, USA)

The detectors at NRLK (Norilsk, Siberia, Russia) and NANM (Nor-Amberd, Armenia) remained on but recorded large excursions in the midst of this period. A few of the detectors were not functioning prior to the event, like TXBY (Tixie Bay, Siberia), MWSN (Mawson, Russia), KGSN (Kingston, Russia), and IRKT (Irkutsk, Russia).

Each time tick mark along the bottom of the chart represents 1 hour in Greenwich Mean Time.  This multi-detector cut off (or down period) began about 19:20 GMT (equivalent to about 1:20 PM MDT (Mountain Daylight Time) or slightly after 12 noon MST.  Perhaps Charlie meant daylight savings mountain time.  I am currently near Athens Greece which is 3 hours later than GMT.  So this indicates that the detectors cut out about 10:20 PM my time.  In fact, that is about the time that I observed the TV signal interference.  I was watching a movie from 10 PM to 12 midnight and the interference came toward the beginning of the movie as I remember.  So this data confirms that the interference I saw on my TV coincided approximately with the knocking out of nine high latitude neutron monitors.

I observed two distinct signal glitches on my TV separated by about 10 to 15 minutes.  Could this be the time difference between a proton cosmic ray primary particle and an electron cosmic ray primary particle?  The electrons travel at a slightly higher velocity because they have 1/2000 th of the mass of a proton.  The NRLK and NANM events that occurred after midnight GMT were long after I had shut off my TV and gone to bed.  So cannot correlate these two events.


July 14th update:

The neutron detectors that had gone off line apparently were back on line some hours after their shut down.  Since that time I have not noticed any TV interference or blue flashes.


67 Responses to Telltale Signs of a Cosmic Ray Shower?

  1. Sue B says:

    Hi Paul

    Thank you so much for for being kind enough to keep us informed of what going on. Much appreciated.

    I’d really appreciate your opinion of the following videos concerning the magnetosphere and the fact that the earth now has four magnetic poles, and that following experiments with magnets it may result in a violent flip of the planet.

    Thanks a lot

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      geomagnetic reversals cannot “flip” the planet. What happens in a geomagnetic reversal is that the electrical currents in the earth’s core that generate its magnetic field reverse. That’s all. There is no physical reversal of the Earth’s core mass. But such reversals do not occur on their own. They must be induced by outside forces, such as by a giant solar flare. Galactic superwaves might also cause a flip.
      I have discussed this cosmic ray connection before in my writings. Study my papers and look at the predictions verification section for superwaves in the and websites to see my past position on this.

      • Mr ifnoc says:

        Dr. LaViolette;

        Thanks for you contributions to the world during these times. Ever since I was a child I knew from where the creation of many worlds past came. My Earth Science teach turned me on to your works in 1988. I never let go of this. Your eloquence of explanation is incredible. You have answered my plethora of countless questions. I have only had one question, I have harbored it for decades. Because no one can know when. Yet your predictions that have not yet been validated, coincide with countless ancient prophecies, most have come to pass yet few remain. During my years of research, as an amateur, I had a thirst to know. On December, 26th 2004, in knew. A culmination had gone into over drive. I have fought for years to just have one person understand your works. You have God given ability to see the dynamics and chemistry of our universe in action. An amateur such as myself can know this painting you have presented. Yet few artists can filter the cynical minded. Science steaches us to never stop questioning. It is my opinion that the main stream communities of various disciplinary studies had best collaborate with all tribes of belief systems. Because it is unfolding exponentially. There are cyclic algorithms dwindling. Yet the masses are being left in the dark, and fed fear to keep their minds pirated to the strife the culminates with the cosmos. What would you think if I said a Galactic Exodus is, and has been occurring for quite sometime? Not unlike the times already written long ago.

        One EMP could trigger self destruction. It is my hope humans as a collective figure out true faith. But this just my hope, as this world falls further away from nature and it’s constant universal creation. My hope will be as a drop of rain prayed for but none will fall. The worse our society decays, the worse it will be for all of mankind. I believe your works are a gift, these must not be ignored. The Mother Star is restless. So is Earth.

  2. Judith Fudge says:

    Hello Paul,

    I recall about three separate times over the past 3 or 4 weeks that my Digital TV also experienced unexplained screen/imaging glitches. I did not think much of it at the time.

    Now, in light of the fact that my laptop screen went dead in an instant on July 12th at about 2.11 pm (1411 hours) while still connected to power source – and two other computers at the same desk, connected to same power source were not affected, and power safety switch had not tripped and all power to the home was intact; makes me wonder if this is connected to the phenomenon described?

  3. merry says:

    Solo dar las gracias por tan buena informacion marcare los dias 20 y 21 de julio para estar alertas.

    Just saying thanks for such good information mark it on 20 and 21 July to be alert.

  4. Tomislav says:

    Been seeing those in last year or two. Earths magnetic field is going down 10 times faster than predicted few years ago. We are living in interesting times…

    • Mary says:

      I have seen colored flashes since childhood and I am 60…only now am I taking note of the times and paying attention, and certain ones absolutely correspond to earthquakes times at Old Faithful as I am viewing it and then check the timing. As the one July 11th around 1pm Mountain Time. I was watching via webcam and saw it. I saw another flash today, around 1-2:30 pm EDT approximately… July14th 2014, but have no reference or verification yet. I did not do well on today’s recording of data…I was interrupted…it’s just as I said..approximate.

  5. Stephen says:

    Hey Paul, I have experienced seeing a flash out of the corner of my eye a few weeks ago as well as other unusual glimpses. Also, I am experiencing a mostly continuous high pitch (feeling)/sound with occasional pitch changes. I believe it has to do with the density/dimensional shift we are in. Thanks for your service, Stephen

  6. Dear Dr. LaViolette,
    I think you may already be aware of a rather eccentric prognosticator named “Clif High” who has developed a semi-credible future-predicting technology called “webbots” which supposedly taps into the “global consciousness” effect upon the internet to describe upcoming events. Some of his predictions are remarkably accurate. Others are utterly wrong. But his most recent video report predicted something quite curious which I thought you might find interesting. Please see @14:00 on the video linked here:
    Clif is predicting that around July 20 or 21, 2014, “There will be a WAVE of FEAR & DANGER causing people to want to leave California, Oregon, & Washington State . . . AND there will be an extraordinary aberration in which GRAVITY IS GOING TO SCREW WITH OFFICIAL MEASUREMENTS, causing things to weigh less or more than the standard accepted amounts for a given volume of a particular substance being sold.” I am wondering if these two prospective events could be symptoms of the galactic superwave? Perhaps extreme seismic events on the West Coast will cause mass evacuations? And could a powerful series of gravity waves pulsing from the galactic core explosion actually cause the measured weights of commodities to fluctuate? It has been my experience with Clif’s predictions that he is better at predicting WHAT will happen than he is at predicting precisely WHEN it will happen, but every once in a while he will nail both variables at once. So everyone should mark July 20 & 21 on your calendar with a big question mark.
    Take care.

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      Interesting prediction. It has been shown by the research of Greg Hodowanec that weights normally change on a daily cycle by a small percentage. Possibly in this upcoming event, if it takes place, this weight cycle effect will become more noticeable. It is a mystery what causes it. Perhaps variations in ambient galactic gravity potential play a role.

    • Justin says:

      Interesting about Cliff’s information, Kurt. While i’m involved with and very much believe/know the reality of nonphysical and unity consciousness reality, i do tend to approach outer sources with open minded skepticism. I think there are many ways to “read” consciousness patterns, but i prefer attuning to inner guidance overall. In any case, i will mark my calendar for Cliff’s dates as a pre caution of sorts.

      I meditated and attuned to expanded inner guidance a few weeks or so ago, with the intention of finding any information about a possible galactic super wave and when, and just got an impression of August. Take it with a grain of salt, as i don’t bat 100% with this kind of stuff. It’s possible that the gravity wave will arrive at the end of July (along with huge earthquakes etc), and the rest of the wave at the beginning of August. This would be inline with the Padre’s info some too.

      There are a couple of possibly related messages. Some years ago, around 2009 or so, my also rather intuitive wife had an interesting dream where she was curious about a future anniversary date of ours, Sept. 22. She came upon a scroll, which had this date and a future year (all i can remember is sometime in the decade of 2010, and she strongly thinks it was 2014), the scroll opened up, and a knowing voice read from same, saying something like, at this date, many will be very hungry and vegetarians will have to hunt in order to survive. (We happen to eat mostly vegetarian).
      I figure the average, non prepper, household has about a month or so food stored wherein if they ration, they will not experience severe hunger or true starvation. Most relatively healthy people, with access to clean drinking water, can easily go a month or so without any food and survive. However, if something happens in August to shut down most of the power grid, etc, then i expect that panic and pseudo hunger to start taking place in the masses by that date of September 22nd.

      A couple of days ago, i had a few snippets of different dreams. One i know was precog and already verified. The other one deal with my wife and i being in a central or south American country (i think), and somewhat unexpectedly, the land we were on, upthrusted tremendously, something like 25, 000 feet in a relatively short time frame. We were ok, but some other people weren’t. I remember being surprised by it happening, because it was such a major, unexpected, and fast developing event. I don’t think the dream is literal, but symbolic, and may relate to the issue of a Galactic Superwave because while i do seriously consider the reality of something possibly happening in the near future, part of me doubts and waffles back and forth about it. I’m also slacking in preparations some. So the dream may be saying that while we will be ok, we will be caught off guard some, and it will be a truly major, life changing chain of events set into motion. No idea what being in Central or South America means–maybe there will be a huge quake or earth event to happen there to herald the event, or possibly relates to the weather at the time–very hot and humid? I live in VA, and end of July, and most of August does tend to be very hot and fairly humid.

  7. Jordon says:

    Dear Paul,

    I appreciate your hard work keeping us posted on the G2 Cloud. But I have to say I don’t think this is anything to worry about.

    I feel this event is nothing to be feared, but should be embraced and welcomed. I think this event is what the bible refers to as the harvest.

    I’m sure you know we are now entering the new age of Aquarius.
    Aquarius is symbolized by the Water Bearer but it is an air element. Aquarius is pouring out the waters of the cosmic ether.

    Here’s a few quotes from the prophecy below that was written 70 years ago:

    “Everybody will soon be subjugated to divine Fire, that will purify and prepare them in regards to the New Era.”

    “This immense wave comes from cosmic space and will inundate the entire earth”

    “The Fire of which I speak, that accompanies the new conditions offered to our planet, will rejuvenate, purify, reconstruct everything”

    Prophecy – The Earth Will Soon Be Swept By Extraordinary Rapid Waves Of Cosmic Electricity

    • Justin says:

      I mostly agree Jordan, and certainly fear is a limiting consciousness to align with. With that said, i still think it would be wise for people to prepare holistically, including some survival gear, food preparations, travel plans, etc. Personally, i wouldn’t mind exiting stage left, but i know i have a contract of sorts, to stay and try to help others. This awareness is why i have and am preparing some physically as well.

      I don’t think we are going to magically ascend due to such an event. Will the general vibrational frequency get upped some, yes, i think so, but spiritual growth and attunement is NEVER simply just handed to anyone, let alone the masses, on a silver platter. It’s always been something we have to consciously choose and work towards, and the difficult and contrasting nature of this dimension we call the physical, is both somewhat unique and potentially very helpful towards these goals. The name of the game here is consequence, polarization, and suffering, and nothing nudges consciousness growth faster or more deeply than these as a combo.

      But, i do think that this is and will be a time of facilitation, and certainly in a sense i think we are and will be helped out by outer forces, whether guidance consciousnesses (E.T.’s, human graduates, Co Creator Beings, etc, etc) and/or energetic events that shift frequency some. But that won’t mean it will be easy, quick, or handed to us in a completed form. There is a lot of work for the helpers incarnated now to do once the collapse happens. The well known OBE experiencer/author and hemispheric sound technology pioneer Robert A. Monroe aka Bob Monroe (someone i have a lot of respect for), was shown that in about a thousand plus years from his then present time, all humans alive would be a lot like Jesus, very spiritually intune, able to easily manipulate physical reality with mind/thought/intentions, have a very expanded awareness, and ready to graduate and move onto something else en masse. While that is a relatively short time span in human evolution terms, it is still over a thousand years and something we will gradually, but ever increasingly grow to, as the more of us individuals become very spiritually attuned.

      Unlike some more overtly new agey new age sources, we are not going to instantly and collectively ascend super quick, all shift into the 5th dimension, etc, etc. This info comes from either wishful thinking, or from sources that would like to mislead, and there are definitely sources that seek to mislead.

      Meanwhile, some holistic preparation might be wise if you think you are meant to stay and help out. Some will transition and help out from the nonphysical. We will need helpers both in and out of physical. To our expanded, total selves, neither one is a biggy, we’ve all made the transition many, many, many times.

  8. Elinor says:

    Hello Dr. La Violette and thank you for providing us with this information. I wanted to ask a question. Forgive my ignorance on the subject, but sometime between June 10-12 (depending on which news source you read) there was a massive energy spike picked up on the ACE satellite and was called a huge gamma blast. Could this be another sign of an impending core explosion?

  9. Mary says:

    My father also suffered a stroke about the same time, but survived. I will be confirming the exact date. My condolences, Marysol. I experienced 2 brief visual flashes while viewing the live webcam of Old Faithful and I believe they corresponded with earthquakes occurring there, yesterday July 11th (I saw the camera tilting, rising and falling although they try their best to hide that) if you get through leave the tab up as the routers get jammed and refresh…if unsuccessful, scroll down and click webcam page and then Old Faithful here is the report confirming the earthquake at time I was viewing and today July 12th yet unconfirmed. This YT channel does daily reports although the USGS has turned down the ultrasensitive seismometers, and under reports. The same channel in “uploads” has one video showing the shaking and one with a “UFO” firing in the sky above. This exact same “UFO” firing has been captured by the Crrow777 YT channel numerous times as well as holographic lunar wave projections confirmed by experts. I did see a posting that the North Star was off by some degrees yesterday, and made a partial adjustment. Something is happening and my ears are individually toning regularly….
    Gratitude Paul, please never hesitate to post…these things are happening! Please stay safe, we treasure you.

  10. Mary says:

    Dear Paul, I appreciate receiving notice of this new posting but somehow missed the original July 11th posting to which you refer to an overwhelming number of responses. I always click both boxes below.
    I would have very much have liked to have read all of the responses as well as the comments by Kurt Sarrica and Charlie Knoll. Somehow I did not receive it and have been following email notices to the new posts and comments diligently as soon as they arrive to my email inbox. I will try to find information through wordpress. I do not wish to take any of your time but perhaps someone else can help me understand how I could have missed this…and reply to this comment with the URL link to that page of responses…I would be very appreciative. I don’t want this to happen again! Thank you, very sincerely, you, and all here are held in meditative protective prayer. ~Mary

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      Mary, all the comments can be found at the bottom of the posted page. You will find those of Kurt and Charlie there as well.

  11. Maybe what I can tell you is the same as you say.
    Not these days, but in January I had a huge flash of DMT that blinded me. I was driving on the road very fast
    I hit the brake suddenly and I had a car accident that could have killed me, the car turned around and returned back on the highway. I was alone on the road if not another car could have killed me. Nothing happened to me was miraculous. It seems that happened the same day several people, some meditating, saw other strange events that saved his dead father. Actually, I asked him to do a brain MRI that week. to help me see what it was and the neurologist said they know of those events that might happen once in life, not recursive. They know it has to do with heart and occurs before death … They wanted to check my heart. I told them I knew it was DMT, she did not know what that was and I told her she gave me verifying what I was looking for in my research of glandular development and activation of the pineal gland evolution. It is a spark of the heart that goes for the Vega vein and activates pineal gland. In fact, the next day my father was dying. 16 days sleeping in the hospital and now hyperventilating … So put a hand on his heart and the other on the crown of his head, his reaction was so strong that I took, but after a while I decided that maybe I helped , so I did it again and since had his hand on his heart and the other on the top of his head, took a deep breath and went, he died. So easy amazing.
    I say all this because it was a beautiful experience synchronous and there was no reason why the flash of blinding light happens inside my head. Not only me, but several people told me that also happened to them … This was January 14, 2014. Thanks. Perhaps this is related to what Paul is talking about here

  12. Riku says:

    Hi Paul,

    I’ve been seeing blue and red colored flashes every now and then with my left eye and it has been happening for an year now. Last time it happened some days ago and I’ve been suspecting that I’m seeing cosmic rays with my eye, because I’ve been following this site.

    Sometimes there have been anomalous reading which have been way, way off the charts. Though unfortunately quite usually they hide and edit the data there.

  13. Dear Dr. LaViolette,
    The blue light flashes you report seeing remind me of several occasions where I have heard Apollo astronauts recount experiencing bright flashes of light while their eyes are closed. Apparently this is a fairly common phenomenon for astronauts in spaceflight, especially for the Moon missions where they have ventured beyond the protection of the Earth’s magnetosphere:

    Another possible “harbinger” of the approaching galactic superwave could be indicated by this peculiar set of observations relating to a putative “pole shift” and antipodal pairs of earthquakes:
    I am always highly skeptical of claims of pole star deviations, but this account includes these observations of a peculiar axial “pivot” of simultaneous antipodal earthquakes. If these quakes were being caused by gravity waves coming from the galactic core, then the “pivot axis” ought to be perpendicular to the center of the galaxy at the time of the simultaneous quakes. Correct?
    Unfortunately, the video does not make any specific mention of this, but it is probably something you might want to investigate further.
    Thank you for your update.
    Yours truly,

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      Thank you about informing of the astronaut’s experience. I have now mentioned this in the posting update.

  14. Mery says:

    Hi Paul. We have quite the same feelings. As I saw it several times a blue flash of light.

  15. Trampas Graham says:

    Thank you–I appreciate this post.

  16. tony says:


  17. tony says:

    Odd as it may seem I have been getting this flash of blue for approx 3 years. On many occasions not knowing what is happening. For the.first.time last couple of days I was looking at a electronic device on my ecenter and was approx 10 ft away and seen the blue light and the heard a static or zap noise as if a electron jumped from that very same spot. I thought I was becoming more eye powerful able to start this way to move things. I would probably very much agree with Paul on this and also that I recieved a dreamy message of eye controlled propulsion wich allowed me to move things around. Spot to spot! This is huge for warnings at least I got it!

  18. Charlie Knoll says:

    The cosmic ray data from this site can contain quite a bit of errant data but there do seem to be 2 instances recently in which multiple sites went down or showed anomalies. These occurred at approximately 5pm MST on July 10 and about 1pm MST today (July 11).

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      Thank you Charlie, I have added a discussion about this neutron detector data in an update to the posting.

  19. OC says:

    “I don’t know if this is anything worth reporting, but I will report it anyway.”

    Paul, you are all that we have regarding this event … don’t even think about it – report it.

    Thank you for all you work on this.