An Overview of the U.S. Arsenal of Gravity Defying Craft

The Aurora SR-33A spacefaring vehicle.

The Aurora SR-33A spacefaring vehicle.

In our Electrogravitics Stargate Portal, we have added a link to a 2005 document prepared by Dr. Richard Boylan which summarizes a variety of field propulsion vehicles that were secretly developed by the U.S. government (see Portal Omega at the bottom of the page).  Some vehicles are said to be able to achieve speeds in excess of Mach 50, 18 kilometers per second.  This is 60% greater than escape velocity require for flight into space.  There Boylan talks about an informant who revealed that the U.S. utilized antigravity disc craft in the 1991 Persian Gulf war against Iraq.  It describes how these craft hovered in the sky emitting high intensity beams at the Iraqi troops.  This particular disclosure in Boylan’s document is a fact, and I can confirm that it did happen as described.  A Kurdish relative of mine was once enlisted in Sadam’s forces who fought in that war.  One day he told me about these craft that would glide in silently at night and then sit motionless in the sky discharging beam weapons at their forces.  He said that the Iraqi troops were deathly afraid of these stealth craft.  They had an Iraqi nickname for them, which he told me but I have since forgotten.  For those interested, Richard Boylan’s website is:

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  1. Mary says:

    I have no doubt. The general population has no idea but that is changing… although many have documented craft, boomerangs, triangles, etc. and Star Wars, visible laser beam strikes and craft being destroyed in space right around Earth above our heads. Google Space has not updated I heard since 2009 or so because of the evidence that would be revealed by new images. Dr. LaV, I’d like you to post or speak on project Bluebeam given the timing of the world’s attention upon Flight 370 and the vast speculation of contact…as many see that as the deception, but it may not be in your area of research. I certainly don’t want to run out to see a “craft” to find it is a holographic projection and be hit with a beam weapon! Those poor people…they know far more than the general American public but our news is censored. They have tried to tell us. Our troops were chipped in Iraqi Freedom, perhaps to forget? War is not healthy for children and other living things. I have been disgusted by war since I reached the age of reason. That was more than half a century ago.

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