LaViolette to Speak About Ether Physics at Milan Symposium


University of Milan

Università degli Studi di Milano, Via Luigi Mangiagalli, 31

As of March 26th there are just three more days to register for free attendance.

On March 29th to 30th the Akashic Science Foundation and the Laszlo Center for Transition World Studies in collaboration with Guna Spa will present the First International Symposium on the New Science Paradigm.  The two day symposium will have free admission, but people interested to attend must pre-enroll.  The symposium will be hosted at the University of Milan in Milan, Italy

Università degli Studi di Milano
Via Luigi Mangiagalli, 31

On Saturday morning, after an introduction by Club of Budhapest founder, ex UNITAR director, and best selling author Ervin Laszlo, Dr LaViolette will lead off the physics paradigm session where he will speak about the subquantum kinetics ether physics methodology.  His presentation will highlight material discussed in his paper entitled "The Transmuting Ether" which appears as a contribution to Dr. Ervin Laszlo's newly released book The Self-Actualizing Cosmos: The Akasha Revolution in Science and Human Consciousness.  Other subjects which the conference will address include the Akasha Paradigm in Medicine, the Akasha Paradigm in Consciousness Research, and Implications and Applications of the New Paradigm.  A program for the symposium may be downloaded here: Symposium_brochure.  To enroll in the symposium, send an email to:  newparadigm.symposium at  Enrollment must be done in advance, otherwise there will be a fee at the door.

So join us in Milano for an event that could herald humanity's new paradigm shift.

Summary of Paul LaViolette's Presentation

Paul LaViolette will present his new and revolutionary theory called subquantum kinetics which was inspired by his interest to apply general systems open system concepts to microphysics.  It posits that the phenomenal world, at its most fundamental subquantum level, exists in the form of a transmuting ether whose various constituents continually react and intermingle among themselves in a manner not unlike life-sustaining biochemical reactions.  It qualifies as a unified field theory in that it explains in unitary fashion everything from the fundamental forces of nature to the internal structure and properties of subatomic particles.  His theory has had the respectable record of having had 12 predictions subsequently verified by observation.  It predicted the non-existence of black holes three decades before Hawking's recent abandonment of the concept.  Subquantum kinetics lays the foundation for developing new energy production and space propulsion technologies not anticipated by standard physics.  Supported by observational data, it also frames a new way of understanding our cosmos as an evolving entity that is coming into being gradually through a process of continuous matter and energy creation.  Paul LaViolette is president and founder of the Starburst Foundation, a nonprofit scientific research institute.

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