Disappearance of Malaysia Flight MH370: The UFO Connection


 In December 2013 Gillessen, et al. reported their latest assessment of the pericenter date for the G2 cloud, when it will be closest to the Galactic center.  This was figured to be April 1st, 2014 ± 22 days (see G2 news posting: https://etheric.com/g2-cloud-likely-contain-star-increased-chance-core-explosion/).  As I explained in the March 4th interview with Kerry Cassidy, the period from about March 10th to April 23rd should be a period we should be carefully watching what happens in the Galactic center in case a companion star or planet is torn away from the primary star believed to be hidden within the G2 cloud, because 2 weeks after that there is as much as a one in 15 chance that a Galactic superwave will be arriving on our doorstep.

It is now very disturbing to hear that on March 8th, just prior to the beginning of this yellow alert period, Malaysia flight MH370 takes off and disappears in flight with no good explanation and no evidence of any wreckage!  As the mystery deepens it has become the number one news story that media around the world has been reporting.  If you Google this flight you will get over a billion webpage sites discussing it!

Now suspicion has begun to emerge that there may be a UFO abduction connection.  Stories on this are circulating on the internet and media news sites with almost 3 million hits showing up on a Google search.  Here are a few examples of news stories on this:




Two things don’t fit in with a typical crash.  First there is the fact that people have called the cell phones of their loved one’s and they ring!  In person reports even that his call was answered but then was disconnected.  Cell phones don’t work if they are underwater.  If they were underwater, they would not ring.  However, as Alexander pointed out in the comments, a person calling a cell phone could hear ringing even when the cell phone is shut off.  But this is not a general rule internationally.  For example, when I shut off my Greek cell phone and call the phone number, it doesn’t ring.  I instead get a recording that there is no good connection with an offer to take a message.  So the interpretation of the ringing depends on the particular service that the cell phone was using.

Also there is the unusual radar activity over Malaysia that is most disturbing of all.  The media has been playing this down by simply saying that flight controllers have been unable to properly interpret the radar records.  But according to the story by Steven Cook presented in the first link above, while flight MH370 was in flight and just 250 km out from its departure airport, a UFO appeared on the radar map about 350 km to its southeast, transformed into a an apparent plane signal on the map, and then sped off to the northeast at about five times the speed of the other jets; i.e., at mach 3.5, only to come to a complete halt at the edge of the radar map and sit there motionless!  At this time flight MH370 is about 330 km from its take-off location, and then after traveling just 20 more km (after the UFO has stalled out motionless), it also begins to momentarily stall out and make unusual jerk-like cuts to the left and right.  These jerk-like flight corrections continue and then when the plane has traveled about 140 km from the point where these jerk-like flight cuts began, its altitude suddenly drops to zero, then at zero altitude the plane suddenly “shoots” 20 km forward along its previous northeast flight course  at a speed of ~Mach 5, then continues forward for about 5 kilometers at its previous cruising speed (but again at zero altitude) at which point it vanishes into thin air!  All these events from the point the jerks begin until the point the plane disappears would have transpired within the space of just 17 minutes!

Listen to this narrated discussion of the Malaysian air space radar record for the period covering the disappearance of flight MH370.

No wonder the air flight controllers say that they are confused by what the records show.  Now just because a UFO was hovering offscreen about 300 km east from where this inflight “struggle” took place does not mean that it could not have had an effect on the passenger jet.  As described in my book Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion, now also available from Amazon in ebook format, microwave phase conjugate beam technology can create tractor beam effects that can reach even over distances of hundreds of kilometers.  The unacknowledged U.S. advanced propulsion space program has had such technology for years which they developed in Project Skyvault begun just after World War II.  The U.S. secret space program also has had hypervelocity space vehicles in operation for decades.  So one possibility is that this was an attack on civilian aircraft technology to show the world how much superior this space program technology is.  This though seems highly unlikely to me.  I can’t imagine that even a secret space program would resort to such disgusting behavior.  The other possibility which seems more plausible to me is that the hypervelocity craft off in right field was an alien vehicle.  So if that is the case what would be the rationale of all this?

The idea that comes to mind, and to many this may seem totally off the wall, is that an alien race is planning to make a public appearance in a very highly publicized fashion.  What better way to do this than to make a jet mysteriously disappear, which turns into the leading worldwide news story, and then at an appropriate future date make it safely turn up in a prearranged location with all people on board claiming that they were safely treated, and to do this with hundreds of media channels covering the location of its appearance.  Maybe even with even a few UFOs hovering near by.  Then we might imagine that the people will be interviewed and claim that the ETs are in fact very friendly and that they did this just as a necessary publicity stunt.  The ETs will instantly have won the world’s admiration, not only because their stunt took a lot of guts, but because it was done in a very sophisticated way.  Then perhaps this alien race will make their grande appearance and claim that they had to breach the Prime Directive in order to point out to us that we only have x number of days until the superwave arrives.

OK, this may be a flight of imagination.  But with some of the strange goings on so far, it does not seem that far out.  If I am wrong, maybe Hollywood will make a movie out of the above abduction scenario (Though I claim screen rights).  Along these same lines, I wonder what Courtney Brown of the Farsight Institute says he is about to reveal to us on March 15th that is so shocking that it will change forever the way we view the world.  The date of his announcement is just 3 days away.

To embellish the above scenario, which some may view as a “flight of fantasy”, here is a quote from the book The Bermuda Triangle by Gail Stewart (click on link) in which radio contact was instantly lost from the missing ship.  Thanks to a comment by Kim for pointing this out.  Also in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, prior to the major close encounter event, a missing ship mysteriously appears in the Mongolian Gobi Desert and about the same time a torpedo bomber from Flight 19 which had gone missing in 1945 from the Devil’s Triangle suddenly appears in the Mexican desert.


From the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind


From the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind


Two jet abduction cases have been disclosed by Air Force.  In one, a UFO flew into New Mexico and captured an F101 fighter jet that was on a test flight. The UFO was clearly seen on radar to join up with the fighter jet at which point it then flew off with the jet. The Air Force searched thru the night and into the next day looking for the downed aircraft but none was found. The next day the UFO came back at the same location and dropped the jet. Again clearly seen on radar, and the jet flew into the air base and landed.  A second incident happened over Lake Michigan.   A large UFO seen on radar flew in over top an Air Force fighter jet and abducted it also in the same manner.  Except this time it did not return with the plane or pilot.

Another news story that surfaced March 11th, claims that the flight was seen momentarily on Malaysian military radar over the island of Pulau Perak, see following news item: https://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread1001780/pg1.  This is in the middle of the Straight of Malacca.  This implies a major U turn from its previous course if true.  There is also a conflicting report from an Indonesian oil platform worker who claims he saw a fireball in the sky about 75 km away in the direction of where the plane first disappeared.  But if that is the case, why has wreckage not been found at that location?

Location of island Pulau Perak

Location of island Pulau Perak


Here below is an interesting video taken in Germany that someone notified me about.  When the UFO finally takes off, the photographer is so startled that he drops his camera.  Real or faked?

 The latest finding is that the airliner continued southwest into the southern Indian Ocean until it ran out of fuel off the western coast of Australia.  The Australian government vows to continue the search for debris.

40 Responses to Disappearance of Malaysia Flight MH370: The UFO Connection

  1. Kim Zorzi says:

    About five years ago an article was published in a Japanese Newspaper about an area where UFO’s were landing and taking off. This area is a “No-mans land” and is owned and operated by the CIA. The area is very large and fenced in on all sides. It sits between China on one side and India on the other. It covers a span of about 100 miles. If you look at the last known location of flight 370 in the Indian Ocean and go directly North you may see it is within flight distance of the missing jetliner. The jet could have been taken over by remote control and flown there since the 777’s are also outfitted for this. This technology is found on several 747’s in the past so they could be automatically flown to a specified airport and landed without the pilots input.
    I figured since they did not want people googling the countryside of that continent and finding the UFO base (rubbed out like area 51) they directed the search south as a throw off. The base is plenty big enough to swallow a 777 jetliner with nobody watching. Since there was 20 engineers who were involved in black technology on that aircraft
    you got to ask the question as to why they were headed to China. Maybe they thought there was safety in numbers and they could not be stopped. The others on board were considered as the CIA would say as “Collateral Damage”.

  2. Kim Zorzi says:

    In commenting about the video “REAL UFO & ALIENS”, this video in my opinion is fake. My reasons is there is another video out on the internet done almost exactly the same way in which the film shot was in Japan. It is a very good hollywood fake. The saucer is an old Shriver design taken off an old picture. Notice the saucer is over the hill, this is done to better implement it into the frame. Good job Hollywood very convincing but it just isn’t real.

  3. Katarina says:

    I listened to Gerald O’Donnell’s interview as well and was pleasantly surprised to hear Mary pose the question re: whether or not we were going to get lambasted by a Galactic Superwave and the ultimate answer was he did not foresee it happening in the immediate future (paraphrasing). I have sensed for the past couple months that it is not going to act up also. In one of his interviews prior to the above noted one he did mention there was going to be a ‘cleansing of the hard drive’ of humanity so to speak and this will commence in 2015/16…he cannot say what form it will take but we will be in for quite a ride. So perhaps we will get lambasted by some cosmic forces at that point? I do not benefit in any way by recommending Mr. O’Donnell’s work/training programs…I simply recommend his teachings as his methods really are far superior to the ones CB and Dames teaches. If one learns his RV training program I can tell you first hand you really will increase your brain’s intuitive abilities in a way that you never thought possible and also learn to connect with the universal mind/consciousness. Also, the interview yesterday was just a snippet and some may find it goes too far down a rabbit hole however, I suspect that for some of Dr. Ls’ readers this may not be the case. But, as mentioned before, you really need to go to his site and listen to several of his interviews. BTW…the RV course is half price until the end of March.

  4. Mary says:

    To those interested in listening to questions I put to remote viewer Gerald O’Donnell mentioned by Katerina, regarding the Malaysian flight and G2 cloud and Galactic Superwave it is available for free replay for 48 hrs only from air time 3 pm edst 3/18. It is 2 hrs long and cannot be fast forwarded. The listener questions are asked anywhere from the 2nd hour on, mine is not the first question. Perhaps the 3rd.. I do not remember. I mention Dr. Paul and his websites. Very unusual take on the missing flight and our immortality. I might add he sells courses to be purchased at your discretion. Listening to this interview may very much help you decide if this is for you.

    Here is the link for that Gerald O’Donell interview. http://eleganceofconsciousliving.com/replay/

  5. David says:

    ”We can prepare physically as much as humanly possible but one of the things people tend to leave out of the equation is psychological/spiritual preparation. What I mean by that is increasing one’s intuition will be key to increasing one’s odds of navigating what is upon the horizon.”
    Katarina, I do not think much of anything is intuitive anymore. By this I mean our society has advanced/deteriorated beyond my ability to interact with it in an intuitive manner. I have thought about this a lot lately, specially in light of world events.

  6. UKMerv says:

    More to the point of whether cell phones ring or not if under water etc, why were there no outgoing texts/calls sent out by the passengers? Very difficult to control at gunpoint and would either suggest the passengers were unconscious, or cybertechnology was used to blanket all transmissions. But again, a superior technology would also have prevented the Rolls Royce Engines from transmitting their “pings”. The Truth is out there somewhere.