Paul LaViolette interviewed on Camelot Live Stream TV Friday Dec. 6th


Paul LaViolette was interviewed on the Camelot Live Stream TV on Friday Dec. 6, 2013 at 3 PM EST.  He discussed galactic superwaves, the G2 cloud, and other subjects as well.  To view this interview click below.


The interview has been archived at this link on the Project Camelot website.  

For more information about the interview visit:

In another interview, December 16, 2013, on the Black Tower radio show WASB 1590 AM broadcasting from Brockport New York, near Rochester, Paul LaViolette spoke about advanced space drives, reverse engineered field propulsion technology, galactic superwaves, and SETI.  The interview may be viewed here:  For other interviews click here:

12 Responses to Paul LaViolette interviewed on Camelot Live Stream TV Friday Dec. 6th

  1. Winston says:

    An impressive share! I have just forwarded this on to a co-worker
    who has been conducting a little research on this.
    And he in fact bought me breakfast because I stumbled upon it for him…
    lol. So allow me to reword this…. Thank YOU for the meal!!
    But yeah, thanks for spending time to discuss this issue here on your

  2. Daniel Knight Hayden says:

    I only recently heard about you. I am VERY impressed with your perspective(s) and I wish I had heard about you years ago.

    I watched all the videos I could find on the internet and I was pleased to watch this recent Camelot interview. I bought and read “Secrets of Anti-Gravity Propulsion.” I am now reading “Subquantum Kinetics” and “Genesis of the Cosmos.”

  3. Yana G. says:

    Dr. LaViolette, thank you so much for all your dedicated work to humanity. I watch your interviews over and over again and have read your books. You have brought more knowledge and understanding not only to my questions about the genesis of the universe but also explained the meaning of ancient legends. I find your writing very clear, precise, well researched and alive. The fact that you are a scientist with a broad knowledge and understanding but also open-minded about the metaphysical aspect is very refreshing and promising. Thank you for your dedication to the service of humanity. You should be awarded with Nobel prize for it. You are one of the most brilliant minds of our time. I have only deepest appreciation and respect for you.
    Wishing you the best. Yana

  4. David says:

    Dear Dr. LaViolette

    I was so happy to see your interview. I too was distracted by the irrevelant questions, but all in all it was a very informative interview, it is a shame so much internet hype interjects into seemingly everything.

    I would love to see an interview or an exchange between you and the ThunderBolts people. Perhaps than I could get a better grasp of you respective perceptions of how things work, as I am really poor on both math and electricity.

    The ThunderBolts People are having an annual Convention March 20-24 2014 in Albuquerque, NM.

    I want to thank you again for your insights. I was relieved to hear the “Grid Test” included a solar event aspect. It gives one some hope that somewhere in the Matrix of the Government there is someone awake.

  5. John G. says:

    Thank you Dr. LaViolette!
    I Have been listening to all your interviews on the web.
    I appreciate you for taking your time to inform the public.
    Excellent work and a job well done.
    It’s difficult to put into words how much your work has improved my views and knowledge base.
    And you should the look on peoples faces when i’m listening to you at work.Some get it some don’t.

    All the very best to you.

  6. Bob says:

    The interview was great, the first 17 minuets re ison was distracting, but your explanation re the journey of the G2 cloud was clear and direct enough for non-scientists to understand what’s at stake in our near future and how you came to your judgments. Thanks for the work that you do. The interview left me with a couple of questions (1) back before 12/21/12 there was talk about a hot magnetic ribbon that IBEX found outside our solar system…If the super wave shows up, does the ribbon get pushed into our sun? (2) With Fukushima tower 4 ready to topple over as is, it seems like the stakes couldn’t be much higher. Again, thanks for your great work!

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      Thank you. To answer your question, the amount to which the IBEX ribbon would get pushed in depends on the intensity of the superwave, i.e., the pressure that the cosmic ray wind exerts on the heliopause. In my dissertation, in 1983, I estimated that the heliopause was pushed inward to around the position of the asteroid belt. Less intense, shorter duration superwaves would not bring it in this far.
      P. LaViolette

  7. BLPHNX says:

    I’m not sure what compelled me to come by and view the recent Camelot interview but I found your insights to be intoxicating. I seemed to me the person interviewing certainly was hung up on her own agenda trying to get, seemingly secret or alarming information on Ison, as if you had inside info. But it was good she moved on from that because you actually have so many interesting things to talk about. I do have a question I very much want to ask you of my own as I would love your insight explanation, but not sure if it is appropriate to ask here, if this distracts from your zodiac puzzle (which I’ll have to look into that later). But all this aside, you have brought to my attention what you at least feel could be a real concern for us possibly coming in April. If you can respond to me, could you provide a link, blog, something like this which could be a source of latest updates/developments on that? You are brilliant, enjoy your refreshing perspectives, I look forward to reading your books, etc.

  8. columba says:

    Thanks for interviewing Paul again. I was on his site looking for any updates to his work. Perfect timing.

    • Dust Cloud says:

      Hello Paul,
      Great to see your interview with Kerry, another one for The Camelot Hall of Fame !!! facinating to say the least. one thing I could’nt help noticing was the uncanny parallels in your research findings with the teachings by Ashayana Deane – on her life studies of Stargates and Ascension Mechanics ( see: Kathara – YouTube
      Ashayana Deane Kathara Ascension Mechanics GA Guardian Teachings Keylonta Keylontic Science.) a 3 part – 6 hour interview with Kerry Cassidy – mind blowing, a must see !!!!
      The thing that strikes me is the correlation between dates calculated from the BE10 findings & tree ring observations with those extinction events described by Ashayana Deane and the demise of Atlantis. Her insight into future events also support your predictions all be it from a different perspective but similar outcome.
      Your reasoning of sub quantum physics in some respect seems to complement her insight into dark matter which essentially is what forms first and is the building block of physical matter that we can identify with from the atomic level. This also supports your theory on the creation of matter from the Galatic core. Her information from the Guardian Alliance goes into fascinating detail on how actual matter is formed from the initial dark matter stages.
      Although you may have different views regarding black holes, your explanation of the Galactic core seems to match somewhat her version of the God source where all life and matter goes through a rebirth process.
      Please keep up the great work and looking forward to seeing you again soon on Camelot !

  9. Lena Max says:

    Great interview!

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