New Photos from Dawn Spacecraft Show “Suburb” Bright Spots Appearing on Ceres



Hi res view of Ceres bright  spots taken at an altitude of 4500 km.  Released June 6th

Hi res view of Ceres bright spots taken at an altitude of 4500 km. Released June 6th

Another shot of the bright spots taken by NASA on June 9th, altitude 4400 km.

Another shot of the bright spots taken by NASA on June 9th, altitude 4400 km.

Posting by Paul LaViolette

Also see previous posting on Ceres at:

June 29, 2015 Update

A single remote viewing of Ceres conducted a month ago (so far uncorroborated by other viewers) indicates a presence of alien being colonizations on Ceres and on the celestial bodies near it.  It would be helpful to get input from other qualified remote viewers about the Ceres bright spots target.

June 15, 2015 Update

An image of the crater released by NASA on June 6th taken from an altitude of 4500 km shows the bright spots in even greater detail; see latest photo above.  The interpretation that we are viewing a planetoid based space city or mining colony continues to look even more probable.  Now, as many as 10 bright suburb specks appear to flank the main bright areas.  The eastern most “rectangular” bright area now appears to be resolving into three contiguous bright regions.  By August the probe will have images taken three times closer and by December it will view the crater from a distance of only 260 km, 17 times closer.

May 12, 2015, Updated May 22, 2015

Images released by NASA on May 16th resolves the eastern bright spot (right) into a main rectangular spot surrounded by four nearby satellite spots or “suburbs”.  Also the main central bright spot is now seen to have a polygonal contour.  These new results considerably strengthen the notion of a planetoid settlement established by either a breakaway civilization or alien beings.

JPL scientists, however, still stick to their theory that these bright areas are spots of ice or other highly reflective material selectively deposited in these particular areas.  See for example the discussion at:  posting: or the quote by Christopher Russel at:  Some suggest that an ice rich comet crashed onto Ceres and that the water congealed into ice forming the observed bright spots.  However, with such a scenario one would expect the bright areas to each be circular and be surrounded by outgoing rays of debris as in the bright impact recently photographed on the Moon (see below).  The formations seen on Ceres strikingly do not fit this model and in fact have a distinctive unnatural appearance.  Also the ice theory does not explain why the main central bright spot appears cooler in infrared than the surrounding terrain and why the eastern spot community shows no distinctive difference from the surroundings in infrared.


Impact crater on the Moon.

The new images of the bright spots on Ceres have a resolution of better than 1 km per pixel, which implies that the outlying suburb spots seen in the first photo have a size of somewhat less than 1 kilometer.  This seems quite plausible as a size for a “suburban” humanoid or alien settlement.  In all, the bright spots seen on Ceres have a distinctively complex morphology more reminiscent of civilization than of natural planetary formations.

Ceres imaged from an altitude of 13,600 km

Ceres imaged from an altitude of 13,600 km


NASA maintains that the surface of Ceres is speckled with similar bright areas.  But a glimpse at the 360° view gif movie they provide (posted below) shows only one other bright area on Ceres and this appears far dimmer than the bright areas seen within the equatorial crater.


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  1. A thoughtful probe into the origin of craters.

    “Electric Crater Chains”

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      They make a convincing argument. These craters are likely due to either electric discharges or the impact of solar coronal plasma ejections.

  2. Tom Womeldorf says:

    Dr LaViolette, NASA Down photo mission was to take pictures at lowest altitude above Ceres in Dec. I checked there web page but didn’t see any new photo for Dec. of the bright spots. Did I miss it or have they not released them yet?

  3. Hi Paul, 🙂

    I assume you’ve seen this, but in case you haven’t, here is a Thunderbolts Project video titled:

    “Ceres: An Electrically Scarred World”


    Jock Doubleday
    Acting Public Relations Director
    Official Videographer
    Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation
    Skype name: Jock Doubleday

  4. David says:

    I think you are right Aliendoubter I noticed each of the lights appear to occur in an impact crater.

  5. AlienDoubter says:

    I think it’s disappearing. By the time exposure is adjusted sufficiently and the distance is low enough, we will see nothing there. Just terrain that happens to be more reflective, probably exposed ice.

  6. tom womeldorf says:

    This cannot be water ice because being exposed to a vacum and sunlight it would rapidly sublime and escape into space. A cilicate material or other types of mineral compounds would not be as reflective. I am not an expert on this. When NASA’s satellite gets close enough for detailed photos and they show domes or other types of artificial structures then the “cat is out of the bag” If they don’t want the public to know and I assume this to be the case, then they will airbrush or alter the photos and explain it as a reflection of something.

    I guess I am just going to have to go there and check it out myself. I will text you all when I get there

  7. Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:


    I think ive got it Men Scryfa, somethings clicked. Though I hope im wrong. or I hope their plans get interfered with.

    Ive realised these ceres lights the daily mail and exp the Express enthusiastically covers. This is a cabal operation

    I think by the time 2015s up theyre planning to show the ILLUSION that aliens are on there in some colony.

    It is very easy to tinker and genetically engineer strange looking alien like things. And who knows make up and costumes too

    What im saying is I think this is a gentle lead up for humanity to swallow the Bluebeam illusion, though it wont be an invasion at first.

    But it will present a whole new false cabal cpntrolled reality for the masses, another layer of manipulation

    I have reason for optimism though forces could be at work to disrupt and expose this, ill expand on this with some links another time

    Laviolettes comment today about the Remote Viewer what he saw on Ceres made a lightbulb go on just now while cleaning the kitchen

  8. Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

    Im sorry, before we start talking about ‘Aliens’ there, I think that could be disnfo
    Lets keep it closer to home, its a human SSP solar system colony run by the corporate illuminati cabal. Or maybe a good SSP faction
    There may well be aliens. But I note a lot of Roswell/alien/ET ufo commenters conveniently leave out Nikola Tesla and T Townsend Brown suppressed physics
    So im wary of Paul Hellyer and attempts for a project Bluebeam

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      I also believe that a breakaway human civilization is a likely explanation, but don’t rule out an alien colony. More remote viewing inputs are needed on this.

      • tom womeldorf says:

        Dr LaViolette, are you aware of any remote viewing on this subject? Ingo Swan was the master of this, but passed away a few years ago. I don’t know of anyone who could fill his shoes

        • Paul LaViolette says:

          The only remote viewing is the one I mentioned in the previous posting on Ceres. I think that further remote viewing be undertaken. Perhaps we can interest the Farsight Institute to target this location. They have already targeted Saturn’s moon Iapetus ( and found an ancient structure there.

  9. tom womeldorf says:

    Dr LaViolette, I have not seen any photos from NASA of Ceres in any of its phases, which would help to resolve the fact that these bright spots may be reflections, in that as the spots move past the terminator into the dark phase they should dim and be no longer visible. I am referring to quarter or half phases, which would be more obvious. NASA surely has taken photos of the different phases as there satellite has orbited the planet several times by now. If these are alien or human breakaway colonies why leave the lights on when they would have long ago been aware of the arriving photo mission? It all seems a bit odd to me.

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      There is a gif movie at the bottom of the page that shows the surface as Ceres rotates. Not aware of any more recent movies of this closer up. Probably city lights would not easily show up against sunlight reflection effects. What we are seeing may likely be reflection from surfaces of a multiplicity of dome-shaped building structures. This could explain the light fading after sunset.

  10. Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

    As Cobra points out :
    Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations on human society, so what we are doing really does have an influence:

    • Peter Waldo says:

      From a ‘political’ standpoint, what is the larger context related to Ceres and what’s being released? That, it seems to me, is the question. While it’s tempting to throw our space agency under the bus could these photos and coverage in fact be purposeful? That is, could it be intended to apply pressure to the elites for disclosure? Seems like a good strategy if that is the case….

  11. Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:


    And Hawking is not the only famous scientist who has a gloomy vision regarding our future. (Adam – this could be illuminati black magic techniques, planting seeds in peoples minds, to fertilise the Field of consciousness for it to manifest. It might also be some Law of the Universe they must obey, to openly state their intention. Also, ive read some commenters, that Hawkings been seen as a guest at Jeffrey Epsteins private island)
    Ellon Musk, Tesla Motors CEO, said that artificial intelligence poses a real threat to human race.

    According to Musk, humans must be extremely careful about artificial intelligence, because it could turn out to be our “biggest existential threat”. Musk even compared A.I. with a “demon”.

    [That is, if the above is really the opinion of the real Stephen Hawking. The is some suggestion that the man masquerading as the eminent professor is a hoax, who is used as the mouthpiece, as it were, of the ‘science’ they want us to accept.
    On a personal note, I have family connections who knew Hawking well at Oxford, rowing and drinking with him, and he was never expected to survive more than a few years of his medical condition, ALS. Also his recent photographs bear no resemblance to the real man – Jennifer].

    Bluefeather6 says:
    Just type Mehran Keshe Stephen Hawking and see what comes up, disclosure on the the Black Hole Theory and many other shenanigans ….

    Stephen Hawking cash cow puppet – all interviews are staged

  12. Ceres’ white spots multiply in latest Dawn photos\Bob King
    Universe Today
    Mon, 11 May 2015 02:08 UTC

    “Where there were two, now there are 10! Ceres photographed on May 3 and 4 by NASA’s Dawn spacecraft show multiple white spots inside the 57-mile-wide crater located in the asteroid’s northern hemisphere.
    We don’t know exactly what those mysterious white spots on Ceres are yet, but we’re getting closer to an explanation. Literally. The latest images from the Dawn spacecraft taken a mere 8,400 miles from the dwarf planet Ceres reveal that the pair of spots are comprised of even more spots.”

    “Dawn scientists can now conclude that the intense brightness of these spots is due to the reflection of sunlight by highly reflective material on the surface, possibly ice,” said Christopher Russell, principal investigator for the Dawn mission from the University of California, Los Angeles.”

    “Dawn recently concluded its first science orbit, making a 15-day full circle around Ceres while gathering data with its suite of science instruments. This past Saturday, May 9, its ion engine fired once again to lower the spacecraft to its second science orbit which it will enter on June 6. On that date, the probe will hover just 2,700 miles (4,400 km) above the dwarf planet and begin a comprehensive mapping of the surface. Scientists also hope the bird’s eye view will reveal clues of ongoing geological activity.”

    “There’s no doubt a lot’s been happening on Ceres. One look at all those cracks hint at either impact-related stresses some kind of crustal expansion. Geological processes may still make this little world rock and roll.”

    see photos

  13. Peter says:

    Dr LaViolette, if I download the animation GIF and open it in GIMP, frame 15, when the bright feature is just emerging from the terminator, the central bright feature appears as a mountain ridge. The other part is a raised plateau (established at the other terminator later). The central feature appears as two dots, starting to brighten. I’m sorry, but your argument of an outpost of some sort is still not convincing.

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      Yes, it is possible that the central feature is on a ridge and that two areas in this feature may be brighter than the rest. Perhaps this raises some doubts, but in view of all the other peculiarities, I would not rule out the base hypothesis just yet. I don’t see that having the eastern feature on a plateau rules out a settlement. In another month Dawn is said to be positioned much closer to the surface, twice as close and in December it will be at 375 km altitude, over 20 times closer. So soon we will see more clearly what is going on.

  14. Adam Lightwarrior says:

    This is one part, of the concerted strategy, by White Hats infiltrated and embedded in all sorts of organisations, including Nasa and the SSP Solar Warden. Disclosure strategy
    Theres many strands to it. Last weeks NBC reported San Diego UFO parked in the sky, was one. 2015s going to be hotting up, momentums building
    We must watch out for any Project Bluebeam tricks and stunts. I think though Paul Hellyer means well, somethings amiss. He might be somehow laying the groundwork for Bluebeam.
    I notice a lot of commentators, like Hellyer, and those on Veterans Today, VT, theres lots of effusive talk about Roswell, and back engineering of ET technology, and alien pacts with the US Govt. All this may or may not be true
    But its conspicuously absent, from a lot of commenters narratives, our own home grown technological leaps in 20th century, by T Townsend Brown electrogravitics, and Tesla. These seem to get left out
    As it happens, I think aliens probably do exist.
    Cobra and David WIlcock and Corey Good ET SSP Whistleblower, sound very convincing about the Blue Avians coming here to help the good Solar Warden SSP faction

    Nevertheless these Ceres lights are mindblowing. Only brainwashed people, clinging to the Matrix they’ve been born into, could not see these lights are artificial, like suburbs, away from the centre, like the CBD of some city centre.

    Cobra says by the way, the Blue Avians and Galctic Confederation will never allow a Bluebeam to happen, so my minds at peace on this issue.
    These lights on Ceres on May 12th are a turning point. We have to start realising, all the physics the Matrix has taught us, is wrong. Theres a whole new world of Free Energy, antigravity, Gnostic Spiritual Physics out there, that has interdimensional vortex points and spirits and Angels and Demons, other dimensional beings.
    What an exciting time were entering. The best part is, Evil is going to be removed and banished from planet Earth because of this.
    Those lights are mindblowing is all I can say

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