Colonization of Ceres by a Breakaway Civilization?



Dwarf planet Ceres

Posting by P. LaViolette
March 7, 2015; See April 24th/25th update at end of posting.

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When NASA’s Dawn ion propulsion spacecraft approached Ceres and began relaying back photos clearer than any seen to date, astronomers were surprised to find two bright spots within a crater on its surface.  The suggested explanation is that these spots are either surface ice or a whitish salt deposit.  So they are anxious to have a closer look when Ceres makes its close encounter in a few weeks and begins taking close up photos of its surface.

Here are some media links about this:




• Video showing the planet rotating:

I don’t buy the given explanations for several reasons.

• First, the spots are brighter than the illumination of the day side.  Ice or salt would not do this.  This might be possible in the above photo if there were surfaces oriented at 45° angle to the Sun reflecting sunlight toward the spacecraft.  But look at the next photo below.  The spots stay illuminated even at sunset.  If it were ice, sunlight should be reflecting at low angle from the surface; not toward the spacecraft.  Now look at the photo below that where Ceres has rotated a bit more.  The spots are at the terminator shadow and still illuminated.  Now check out the image below that.  The spots are now on the night side of the terminator and we still see them illuminated.  They are not as bright as in the first photo because now we are seeing them at a low angle.  Light reflecting off of ice or salt does not do this.




• Second, if this is natural it is strange that two bright spots would be found in the same crater.  It is also unusual that one would be in the crater’s center and the second would be displaced from the first in a direction parallel to the planet’s equator.  City planners do this sort of thing, not Nature.

So it is not surprising that some believe this to be evidence of civilization; e.g., see:

Given that Ceres is 950 km in diameter, these luminous spots appear to be about 10 to 15 km in diameter.  This is about the size of a city and cities are normally illuminated.  Ceres would be an ideal place for a spaceport base whether it be an alien civilization or built by a breakaway terrestrial civilization.  Since Ceres rotates once every 9 hours, perhaps its residents feel that it makes sense to keep their city illuminated throughout Ceres’ rotation cycle rather than turning its lights on and off.  Besides at 2.77 AU from the Sun, even at mid day, Ceres surface would be receiving an illumination of only 13% of what the Earth receives, hence about what we earthlings would be getting at dusk.

So in the coming weeks I predict that one of the following will come to pass:
a) There is a civilization there and their existence will not want to be known by Earth media.  So they will disable the spacecraft.  Namely it will cease transmitting signals to Earth before it goes into a close orbit.
b) The shadow government will not want the existence of this deep space base known; so they will cause NASA to stop the visual feed and claim some problem occurred with the spacecraft.
c) The shadow government will decide this is a good time for disclosure and will level with everyone that this is one of our space bases, that we have been doing interplanetary space travel for decades with advanced propulsion technologies not used by NASA; or in the case that this is an alien ET base, they will decide this is a good time as any to disclose about the alien presence on Earth and in our solar system.
d) The camera shots being shown are not showing just visible light but also infrared light and there is some peculiar feature of the surface that allows it to strongly radiate infrared radiation.  But this does not explain the geometric alignment of the “bright spots”.

Personally, I feel that either (a) or (b) will happen.  I don’t want to be pessimistic, but this sort of thing has happened before; e.g., with the Russian spacecraft that got disabled by a laser beam during its approach to the monolith on Mars’ moon Phobos.

So let’s wait and see.  This may turn out to be another Malaysian airlines scenario.


April 24th/25th update:

New images of Ceres released April 14th show somewhat better detail; see below.  The spot at the rim of the crater now appears to consist of two spots one of which is triangular!  The plot appears to thicken.  Also the following link was provided by Mai who posted it in the comments section to the FRB ET post:

This reports that researchers are troubled about the fact that the central bright apart actually looks cooler in infrared images and that the bright spots near the crater rim do not show up at all in infrared.  Perhaps if these are space bases they make use of LED lighting which emits very little in the IR spectral region?

Images below were taken in April 2015 at a distance of 22,000 kilometers:

Magnification of the right side of the Ceres image shown below.

Magnification of the right side of the Ceres image shown below.


Successive shots showing Ceres in rotation.  Refresh page to watch rotation.

Successive shots showing Ceres in rotation.  Click image to watch rotation.

On Thursday (April 23rd) the Dawn spacecraft settled into an orbit 13,500 km above the surface of Ceres.  According to, the next day (April 24th) Dawn resumed its normal operating mode after a brief “communication glitch” with earth.  Beginning on Thursday (April 29th), Dawn is expected to spend approximately three weeks in a nearly circular orbit. During this time it hopes to acquire more than 2,500 images of Ceres. Then on May 9, it will descend to lower orbits to improve the view and provide higher-resolution observations.  So we will have to wait and see what further images are released of the bright spots, or whether there will be further communication glitches.

31 Responses to Colonization of Ceres by a Breakaway Civilization?

  1. Andrew says:

    The government will always cover up extraterrestrial existence just like the conspiracy of ‘The Dark Knight’ satellite in a polar orbit around Earth.

    If Ceres habitation is true the best thing to to is not make contact due to the fact their civilization would be thousands if not tens or hundreds thousands of years more advanced than ours. So many unknowns if we did make contact they’d wipe our initial attempt out with advanced weaponry as maybe even find us a threat and attack our home planet. It would bring into question why are they there? Perhaps their home planet was destroyed by their star becoming a supernova and seeking refuge. With even our basic technology we could survive on Ceres. The funny thing about the government is they’re in control and things that are said that have been ‘keeled’ could be faked, or perhaps not… People have said that we have had contact from extraterrestrials warning us about nuclear weapons that can destroy life, even with their experience they may have come close to destruction due to nuclear warfare. They knew that we were playing with something that we didn’t even fully understand, and we still are.

    So many possibilities and so few answers so far but we will alway excel.

    I clearly believe there is something out there you’d be ignorant for it not to be given the amount of space out there. Not sure how close they are, they could be sitting right across from you or could be a billion light years away.

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      I don’t believe this to be an accurate assessment of the extraterrestrial situation. Hawkings’ fears about this are as far off the mark as his black hole theory. The presence of a pulsar beacon network indicates the long term existence of a Galaxy wide civilization that routinely travels and navigates amongst the stars. See my book Decoding the Message of the Pulsars available on this site. The fact that a number of these pulsar beacons are conveying a message to warn us (human Earth residents) about the Galactic superwave phenomenon indicates that they also have concern for our safety. They want us to survive and develop. The Independence Day/War of the Worlds scenarios are fictions not to be taken seriously. Civilizations that are predatory quickly exterminate themselves leaving the more peaceful civilizations to advance technically and dominate the Galaxy.

      • This comment dr laviolette gives me some comfort
        You obviously know your stuff. Research into pulsars etc. ”The presence of a pulsar beacon network indicates the long term existence of a Galaxy wide civilization that routinely travels and navigates amongst the stars”
        This means, suggests, that its highly possible, things that Cobras saying is true, even if Cobra himself is a NWO pied piper in some form.
        But your comment givs me some hope and relief. That Project Bluebeam isn’t necessarily on the cards. There really could be benevolent ETs, in their motherships, spheres, in the solar system now.
        I know to many readers this sounds like insane scifi.
        But NAsa have released the photos for years but not commented on them. The SOHO sun images, other images too, clearly visible UFOs by the sun, some measuring many thousands of miles, strange shapes.
        it seems the sun is an interdimensional portal, it seems the stars in the galaxy are linked and a superhighway for travel, interstellar travel exists and this is what we see in Nasa photos
        The Vatican knows all this of course. look at YRFT yellow rose for texas, the papal key design
        3 knobs, representing the sun, 3 interdimensional portals, stargate portals

      • I believe ‘Hawkings’ fears’ could very well be the result of a controlled compromised person trying to put fear into the collective consciousness, and lay the groundwork for an attempt at project bluebeam.
        Which I do not think they are going to pull off but it pays to be vigilant and keep spreading awareness of bluebeam.
        Some voices are even saying, I may even have mentioned this before, certain articles are on the internet. The real Hawking may have died years ago of his illness.
        The ‘Hawking’ today might just be a gatekeeper figurehead for the physics lies fairytales that are taught in universities and have moulded our whole socieities and economies since early 20th century.
        And it is curious that ‘Hawking’ appears as a quite regular guest on Jeffrey Epsteins private carribbean playground island, strange for a leading physicist, I wonder why he goes?
        I understand if this comment doesn’t get posted, since theyre controversial things im saying. But I feel these observations needed to be made in view of ‘Hawkings’ scaremongering about hostile aliens.

  2. jon says:

    Does the name of the spacecraft itself “Dawn” give us a hint at the real mission (dawn/disclosure of a new age)?

    Also, Ceres in mythology is the god/dess of the harvest. In this case, the harvest may represent the next evolutionary leap of mankind in tandem with the disclosure of who/what we are, our true parentage, history and technological reality.

    Dawn = the dawn (disclosure) of the new age.
    Ceres = the god of the harvest (time of ascension/next evolutionary leap and societal restructuring)

    Last but not least, the astrological underpinnings of this time support such ‘positive’ potentials as I’ve stated regarding Dawn and its mission as we have now entered the physical birthing period of the new age as of April 18th.

  3. Adam Lightworker says:

    The Pineal gland and DMT, and all the spiritual intiations the secret societies do, fit in here somewhere

    Maybe despite all this talk about SSPs, portals and stargates, and suppressed star trek technology the military industrial complex has – maybe these elite upper levels of freemasonry etc, regularly leave and travel and explore the universe, via their own interdimensional portals. If so, then from what I can see, a cause of our problems in this world, is all the secrecy. Why not teach all this to every child growing up? Our society would be transformed
    I suppose this means too, the bad people on this planet are fighting tooth and nail to keep these secrets for themselves and control us.
    On a positive note, it seems there are Positive Secret Socieities too, that are fighting for us.

    There is nothing inherently negative about the pineal gland. It is our body’s own physiological stargate — an organ that opens trans-dimensional portals.

    The “priests and peoples of the era” quickly distorted the positive message that Ra had given us, which also included the construction of the Great Pyramid.

    In the 1990s, a British scientist, Jennifer Luke, discovered that fluoride accumulates to strikingly high levels in the pineal gland. (Luke 2001)

    The Pineal Gland Has Highest Levels of Fluoride in Body

  4. Adam Lightworker says:

    Immortality, no loss and grief, or fear of death

    if the physics LaViolettes proposing, his subquantum kinetics, is real, and Free Energy and Spirits exist, and interdimensional portals that can take us round the Universe, that excite me hugely, dotted round the earth…..

    If all this is real, then that means, death of a loved one is no problem at all. it will mean a phone call, or email, or Skype conversation with the lost, missed, love one. This is the kind of reality, truth, and technology, I think very powerful people are withholding from us. This is wonderful news as I wont cope well at all if youre not here, knowing youre here and ok

    Our natural response, is to dismiss all this as rubbish, a stupid conspiracy theorist. So lets look again at the lights on Ceres in the Asteroid Belt from march 2015


    • Paul LaViolette says:

      As I have said before everywhere in space has access to the higher dimensional existence. You don’t need a portal at a specific location. We all pass into this higher dimension when we die. Bodies not allowed, only souls.

      • Adam Lightworker says:

        Yes, but I thought spaceships, can cloak themselves going into the etheric or another dimension? Then come back to this dimension
        Im sure too the Military industrial complex has developed amazing things since the 1950s classifying Townsend Browns work
        So couldn’t this mean technologies exist that permit SSP elite people to travel through the universe, or even time travel, and then arrive back in this dimension with their 3D body?
        Could it mean they’ve got technology to go in and out of higher dimensions at will?

        Also, a lot of importance, seems to be put on chakra/vortex points round the earth? Are these interdimensional portals?
        But as you say, you don’t need a portal at a specific location. So it seems either holding a ritual somewhere, or using classified technology, a portal can be set up anywhere. So how does that differ to the supposed fixed place portals like at Giza or Paris or maybe the Vatican?
        These are burning questions id be very grateful for your thoughts Dr Laviolette, thanks, Adam

      • Dear Dr LaViolette

        Thank you for your words. I would like to share my experience as I can confirm their absolute truth.
        I too had such an out of body experience… before and after being pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital emergency room. In the meantime I was observing everything from a ‘birds eye view’. As I was ‘flying’ around above what I observed below , there, a lifeless body in a fetal position on a tile floor in puddle of water.. I had no idea it was my own vessel…. the human below was a complete stranger to me, yet I was compelled to help, and as circled slowly back down to see what I could do to for the helpless being below , I was looking into what was a big mirror but could not see this “me” the soul spirit, but yet I could see everything else in the room brilliantly clear..I could move through walls. I had out of body, become true compassion/which I since that time have come to know as pure love. I now know that this compassion/love is our soul, and that there is no death. …. I watched as the person “I” was put on a stretcher in an ambulance to a hospital where I immediately was given saline . As my brain/body was restored, with the lost water, I awakened in the same body I had tried to help, and my first though was, oh, it is me, and I then recalled all the details, which I explained to the doctor and his team who wanted to find out the level of brain damage I may have had, ( with electrodes) which I refused, recalling my name and year of birth they let me go . And, I am still here .. residing in my vessel of ego/and mind chatter/I live in a chatterbox…who needs tv?

        Yours truly

  5. tom womeldorf says:

    NASA’s Dawn space craft should be in orbit around Ceres by now. Has anyone heard of any new updates on this?

  6. Chuck W. says:

    These bright lights are evidence of artificial light. Evidence that Ceres is occupied by extra terrestrial intelligence.

    We have not returned to the moon in over 40 years. Why? Because there is alien inteligence on our moon!

  7. Adam B says:

    Supercorporation running the Secret Space Program?

    I have listened to some startling reports on youtube from an ‘Insider’ that gives David Wilcock some of his info, and DW says he vets insiders very carefully

    Just a quick thing ive heard from youtube, which may well be rubbish

    If this secret space program is real, it certainly isn’t some nirvana utopia up there, or on the colonies

    If Ceres for example, those lights are real, and its a colony

    Instead, what someone whos says hes a former insider says, this thing is run by a Supercorporation, an interplanetary one. And is the level above the corporations that are corrupt here on earth

    And, he said, the supposed ‘Breakaway Civilisation’ up there, is run in a totalitarian like way, and human engineers or whoever get tempted to go up with their families, but the conditions are not nice, and its a miserable existence of slavery

    There are privileged elites, who apparently enjoy the technology toys and health machines, who own the mining colonies on the solar system. But use slaves and machines. It all sounds quite sinister
    Im inclined to believe this.
    Think about it, whoever would want to withhold all the incredible technologies from humanity, keep them for themselves, and secretly create a space fleet and colonies and start mining…..theyre not nice people. Theyre likely to be the same type and ilk as the greedy oligarchs down here on earth.

    Its been said the Supercorporation Elites don’t want a repeat of what happened in America, when the colonists turned on the Empire. So its now totalitarian

    I just want Free Energy for us all here on earth, and everyone to be happy and free. If the existence within the SSP is so Dystopian, im in no hurry or interested in going up there at all.

    Maybe there are battles and struggles going on, and maybe powerful good forces are working to liberate not only us here on earth, but the slaves in the SSP too? After what he had to say I appreciated all over again being here on earth

    But what are those lights on Ceres??

  8. Adam B says:

    Dear Dr LaViolette
    Ive become aware and been interested in your youtube lectures and radio and website for 2 years now. Its all profound even though im not a scientist at all. The suppressed technologies being the most exciting.
    Things in our world seem to have so many lies, on many fronts.
    I note where you say on this website things from physics that can be put in the bin, just keep the observations. I also note Stephen Hawking now acknowledges black holes don’t exist.

    With your SQK theory model of genic creation of matter can I please clarify and ask:
    – Does that mean the universe is not, as of 2012, at the maximum point of expansion? Are you saying there was no Big Bang, and therefore no expansion/contraction? Just an endless, timeless place, where matter is created spontaneously out of the super G theory?

    – Also what do you think of Michio Kakus ideas about Hyperspace, as he tries to talk about a unified theory of everything? I never read about Kaku talking about TTownsend Browns electrogravitics. Is Kaku misguided or wrong in his ideas in your view? Heres a link where he talks about Hyperspace. Many thanks

  9. David says:

    The spots appear to be some kind of reflected light to me, as the one on the right dims to almost nothing in the last photograh as it turns away from the sun lit exsposure.

    So these do not appear to be self luminous, which would make them appear brighter or even more distinctive, one would think, as they turn into the darkened part of the rotation. Something like a deer’s eyes in the headlights of a car.

  10. Bernard P. says:

    Dawn is so-named because it is believed planets formed thru planetismals in the early solar system but this is contradicted by much evidence. What does Dr. LaViolette have to say about this and the exploded planets-tidal effects-solar fission theory of Van Flandern?

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      I don’t know what Van Flandern proposed. It’s possible that the asteroid belt is a gravitational resonance band produced by the gravitational actions of Jupiter and Mars where incoming planetoids and asteroids tend to congregate. If a planet was hit by something to cause it to fragment, why is the asteroid belt circular? Action equals reaction.

      • Bernard P. says:

        There were originally 12 planets that formed by fission in pairs from the sun, but 6 blew up because of tidal stresses, 4 of them leaving moons that themselves blew up because of tidal stresses causing the inner and outer rings of the Main Belt and Kuiper Belt. Hartmann suggested (Moons and Planets, 1983, p. 164) that large bodies fragmented due to tidal stresses, which would presumably not involve explosions. There is proof there was a planet or 2 that blew up in what is now the MB, but this may have been because of a plasma weapon.

  11. Pema says:

    No one mentioned the black knight satellite? hmmm…

  12. Larry G says:

    What if the crater is volcanic and producing heat at two near locations, at some low level of intensity, and it is warming a pocket of frozen C02 (or some other gas that may glow like the lights shown), but the gas dissipates rapidly enough that there is no wispy appearance?
    (I really want it to be a secret facility or something).

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      There is no volcano cone and besides planetoids this small don’t retain enough internal heat to have volcanic activity. We will just have to wait for the close ups (if they come).

  13. Mary says:

    Great post Dr. Paul!
    This has been all over the media and the Internet.
    Your comments are very much appreciated! Thank you, Mary

  14. My friend, now named Millennium Twain, fathered the original space program legislation and then exited the system when he found out that NASA was a front for a secret Rockefeller/Rothschild-funded military space program.

    He subsequently wrote “The Undiscovered Physics”

    and then more recently wrote “When Roadrunner Called Coyote” (excerpt below):

    “. . . Thus this story, of the Coyote and the Roadrunner, in 2013 — when I thought that all vistas, all peaks, had been realized — thought that the old stories merely needed a modest revisiting, refining, extending, completing.

    “And found that the story had, in fact, NEVER BEEN TOLD …

    “And no one to blame but myself, for being otherwise absorbed in life, for overlooking the obvious. [Knowing for two-plus decades now that no one is ever going to tell the story for me, the truth to me.]

    “And so — though it has been two decades since I have known of the whole fraud of Special Relativity, of the ‘lightspeed limit’, and more than a decade of the fraud of the Rocket Equation, of the half-century (going on a century now) of spaceplane flight history — and years since I have written of ‘Interplanetary Rockefeller’ and discussed the most likely of their MIC-Aerospace Guild Interstellar Missions — I was always focused on the romantic, the human-crewed missions to Alpha Centauri, to a possible Nemesis or Twain-Star Red Dwarf partner of Sol.

    “And so I missed the most obvious, largest, expansive scion, growth, explosive envelope of the Borg, the Matrix — the Robotic, Android, and AI MIC-Interstellar missions.

    “Alpha Centauri was only a 2-3 year journey for our Rocket Jocks, and Sirius a 3-4 Year jaunt. (Altair but a five year excursion …)

    “All these — and the other hundred-plus stars of our immediate Solar Neighborhood — are only a few months away for high-g MIC-early (MIC-automated) probes. You can see the difference between Human-crewed and Robotic Interstellar missions times here, for Alpha Centauri, Kentaurus:

    1g human-crewed — 31 Months, One Way  (Peak Velocity 1.3 Vc, Average Velocity 0.65 Vc)

    2g human-sleeper — 22 Months, One Way  (Peak Velocity ~2 Vc, Average Velocity ~1 Vc)

    100g robotic — 3 Months, One Way  (Peak Velocity ~13 Vc, Average Velocity ~6.5 Vc)

    1000g robotic — 1 Month, One Way  (Peak Velocity ~40 Vc, Average Velocity ~20 Vc)

    Here are the Flight Times for the Sirius Trinary system:

    1g human-crewed — 44 Months, One Way  (Peak Velocity 1.85 Vc, Average Velocity 0.925 Vc)

    2g human-sleeper — 31 Months, One Way  (Peak Velocity 2.6 Vc, Average Velocity 1.3 Vc)

    100g robotic — ~20 Weeks, One Way  (Peak Velocity ~20 Vc, Average Velocity ~10 Vc)

    1000g robotic — ~6 Weeks, One Way  (Peak Velocity ~60 Vc, Average Velocity ~30 Vc)

    And the Flight Times for Altair:

    1g human-crewed — 62 Months, One Way  (Peak Velocity 2.6 Vc, Average Velocity 1.3 Vc)

    2g human-sleeper — 45 Months, One Way  (Peak Velocity 3.6 Vc, Average Velocity 1.8 Vc)

    100g robotic — ~13 Weeks, One Way  (Peak Velocity ~26 Vc, Average Velocity ~13 Vc)

    1000g robotic — ~8 Weeks, One Way  (Peak Velocity ~84 Vc, Average Velocity ~42 Vc) . . .”

  15. Thomas says:

    If it isn’t lit on the night side… your last photo detracts from your theory.

    My own theory is that there is nothing new to see here. Just the shadow government playing the attention whore as always. It’s a cheap and effective technique of distraction.

  16. Bernard P. says:

    Oh, and 1 more thing. The IAU should drop the ambiguity and contradiction in the terminolgy and call a spade a spade. The way it has it now, Pluto, Ceres, etc, are planets and not planets at the same time. If Ceres is not a planet, and it isn’t according to the IAU, then the terminology should reflect it, otherwise it is nonsensical. Ceres, like Pluto, etc., is a planetoid–Pluto is a KBO and Ceres an asteroid.

  17. Bernard P. says:

    Oh, and the lights, they look too out of place to be natural, but NASA will only “explain” them away with the wave of a hand.

  18. Bernard P. says:

    They’ll never do disclosure, that’s 1 thing for sure.

    Ceres looks for all the world like a moon and in fact it was, according to Van Flandern, specifically a moon of Krypton. He also predicted it would be found to have a prolate shape, hemispherical asymmetry, and no satellites of its own.

    In any case, very fascinating and exciting stuff.

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