Subquantum Kinetics Video Being Attacked in Gaiam Comments Section


It seems the video Parthenogenesis: A Sacred Journey available for viewing on the GaiamTV website is being attacked in the comments section.  Addressing one viewer’s claim that the soundtrack had static on it.  The original soundtrack did not, and in case this was not due to this person’s own computer, I reported it to GaiamTV and they have now corrected any such problem.  Another comment made the same month by a viewer who claims to be aware of Subquantum Kinetics is very disconcerting.  My video does not claim space to be empty as this viewer claims.  It should be apparent to anyone that the video begins with a premise of an ether filling all space.  Also I have never had reactions like the ones he states about the source of the Sun’s energy.  I can only conclude that he favors some other cosmology.  Too bad he did not finish viewing the video.  He missed some of its best footage.  I am still hoping someone will add some comments.  So far have not seen any comments dating from May 2015.

Bottom line is that I need your help to balance these negative comments with some positive comments, similar to the ones that were made on that site in 2014.  If you have seen the video please go to the Gaiam website and leave a comment about it, hopefully better than these recent comments.  Or if you have not had a chance to see the video, I highly recommend you view it.  For those who are coming first time to Gaiam TV, I believe the first viewing is free of charge.  If not, the viewing cost is very minimal.  I would be interested to hear your reactions in the Gaiam comment section.  Just go to the above link.

Thank you to everyone who added their comments and for the nice things that were said.

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  1. Paul LaViolette says:

    Since I made this post, not a single person has viewed the Parthenogenesis video and made a comment about it on the GaiamTV website. The last comment someone posted there was 4 months ago. I am now closing down comments on this posting because they have significantly digressed and have no relation to the video.

  2. Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:


    Therell be a fair few comments coming your way, I hope youll get time and energy to read them all. And reply to certain ones where theres certain questions which im grateful for. Ive yet to reply to one of yours. Ive considered again your 2 options above, heres my sense and feeling:

    A good realisation ive had this year, when debating things in my head or with others. People have been brainwashed into one of two camps. Science vs Religion. Ive realised this has been a false purposely deceitful debate of distraction. A Cabal debate for us to play with. Richard Dawkins etc etc

    On my explorations and realisations about Tesla physics being real, and all the science implications. The extradimensional implications. Which Paul LaViolette discusses, this suppressed physics reality paradigm JP Morgan shut down. LaViolette on with his Ether super G theory that neatly unifies all the physics laws his SQK theory, everything fits. And it exposes the Stephen Hawking Michio Kakus with their dark matter as liars.
    LaViolette heavily starts discussing ancient civilisations , Egyot, stargates, technology they must have had. And look at the ancient writings of mercury Vimanas too. Breakaway civilisations could certainly be real. Whistelblowers this year are saying theres an ancient Mayan breakaway civilization out there now, with a space fleet.

    Whats my point? My point is this: These explorations have helped it click in my brain, theres no conflict between science and spirituality/Christy Consciousness. They aren’t mutually exclusive. Its not one or the other. In fact they dovetail together and interlock.

    And what im getting at is I think the Truth is both Option 1 and Option 2 are right. They are BOTH the case. I think its one huge complex situation going on but certainly, certainly, some very powerful interdimensional forces are at work. And Satan is at work theres no doubt. And the ultimate Power in this Universe, of Love, and Creator Source up there, is whats happening, and we are spiritual warriors with etheric Spirit Energy flowing down into us when we accept this and wake up to it. And open our eyes to the deceptions around to recruit us to Satans army

    At the same time whos to say there aren’t people like you and I and Jennifer living in the Pleiades star system now having this same type of conversation? Options 1 and 2 are both true

    Perhaps with more final overarching definition of Final Truth embedded in Option 1 the Satanic Conspiracy, definitely. I think the major game out there in the solar system, even with secret space programs, will be extradimensional

    Yes Josephus Flavius concerns me. Where does that leave the Bible? I find it hard to understand, its not in plain English. Good point Jennifer made, I cant see how the illuminati would allow such a best selling book out there for us, if it was loaded with revealing truth of the real situation. Plus it got recensored again with the King James version

    But the real King Jesus exiled to chester and died in 98AD, might still have been a very very good man and bringer of Light. Doing the same amazing stuff you told me about, precognition, seeing auras etc.

    So acknowledging that King Jesus, calling him Jesus Christ, and getting on the side of Him, and Goodness, and God whatever God is…….is certainly a powerful thing. And I can see how the Satanists feel threatened about this. Henrys comment Flavius set Christianity up as a new control religion shows me I shouldn’t get to hung up, or upset, ive not studied the Bible. Whatever Good and Truth is in there, im sure im Aligned with it and alls in Divine order for the battle ahead.

    That shofar horn trumpet on your webpage. That could be what those very strange trumpet sounds people round the world are reporting. it could be the cabal acting out another prophecy.

    Ill have to research Noahide Law, a potted version, when I can

    Glad ive got this out

  3. Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

    I think, theres a lot of truth in Interstellar, Mathew McConaughey looking behind bookcases, flitting to different time points. Just like the Angels and Spirits do, as they try to help us

    it raises the question in my mind. Am I, are we, being helped and guided by higher dimensional beings, who are actually ourselves?

    Am I , is my Spirit, looking at me now? Because once I die, my Spirit will be roaming round the etheric dimension, able to visit any point in space and time, I choose.

    So does this mean my Higher Self has a presence in my life now? Giving me prompts and clues and help? Am I actually an Angel?

  4. Adam Lightwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Program says:

    Heres a 10 min clip, of a man who was in a plane crash. He was lying in hospital bed, near death. Suddenly, like a glove coming off a hand, he said he felt himself pop out his body, and was in the hospital room, but in the after life, the etheric, Spritual dimension. .
    Heres a few interesting points he says about what its like;

    – Its as real a place, as this world were in now

    – everythings more vivid, all the senses, all the colours, everything

    – A big difference is, theres no sense of time in the after life dimension. In our world, time is linear. Theres a past, present, future, we can think ahead to 6pm today. In the Spirit world, time does not exist.

    – I think this means Spirits and ghosts and angels, can travel about not just to different locations, but to different times as well

    – He then travelled through the hospital wall, and went to an amazing place,

    – There was a golden river of light

    – he says his life was changed forever when he came back

    As well, youtube is filled with NDE tales like this. Theyre truthful people, not trying to sell some book or become famous. many NDE survivors , say they meet dead loved ones in the after life. Its a real place.

    I think we can all take comfort in the implications of all this

    Ill say one last thing. This isn’t any longer about a matter of religious belief. One doesn’t have to be religious. This is science, physics. And just like Tesla free energy technology that’s been suppressed, thats going to be made known very soon, these Spiritual truths have also been kept from the general public. because it would mean a loss of control over us by the elites. The same physics that means telepathys a real thing, and it explains quantum entanglement perfectly. And remote viewing.

    What fascinates me a lot is, if technology exists where someone can be alive in this life, and go through a portal, and explore the etheric dimension while still be alive now. That has to be the ultimate mindblowing profound thrill? Apart from being in love and sex with a beautiful woman

  5. Dr. Paul,
    I strongly agree with your view of the existance of Aether. About 35 years ago I came up with the idea of Theory of Aether. It led to a new physical constant and new concepts in physics based on aether as shown below. Once this concept is fully developed, it could revolutionize the way we think of physics. Obviously, with all the physics theories including gravitation, quantum mechanics, string theory and many more, we still entirely rely on nature to provide us with energy! That includes sun, uranium, coal, oil, natural gas, and other forms.
    Conventional theories of physics are all based on formulation of their respective fields, such as gravitation or electromagnetic. But, there
    exists a universal field that is called aether. All forces of nature is a result of interaction with aether. This theory would help to establish a unified field. If each fundamental forces of nature is formulated based on interaction with aether field, it would bring a better understanding of the four forces of nature and therefore unification. To properly define aether we would need a new constant as shown below:
    U= Universal Constant
    m= Mass of Proton
    c= Speed of Light
    This formula that defines one of the properties of aether, could lead to brand new and highly advanced physics. One of the implication of this formula is that the mass of proton and speed of light are not universally constant. That means protons that are closer to the center of galaxy have more mass than the protons in the vicinity of earth. Likewise the speed of light would be slower closer to center of galaxy.
    Appreciate your or your readers feedback.

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      You should read the book Subquantum Kinetics available from this site. In reading about it, you will find that it predicts exactly what you are saying about the variation of particle mass and light speed with changes in gravity potential. It also presents a unified theory of the forces of nature.