LaViolette to Speak at the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference in the Netherlands

Join me on November 9th and 10th at the Global Breathrough Energy Movement Conference to be held in Breukelen, The Netherlands.  The Breakthrough Energy Movement's focus is on creating content to bring awareness about Breakthrough Energy technologies and their implications and we need you to make this happen.  The GlobalBEM conference 2019 will be a great event to expand your horizon. More

A 67,000 Year History of Solar Terrestrial Cosmic Events

The following is a terrestrial chronology charting the arrival of Galactic superwaves, cosmic dust incursions, extreme solar events, and glacier wave flood events during the past 67,000 years. It is divided in two parts, 67 kyrs BP to 19 kyrs BP and 19 kyrs BP to the present.  All dates have been converted to the Cariaco Basin radiocarbon dated varve chronology published by Hughen (2006).  References given in column 3 of the tables are given below.  More

EHT image of M87 is not proof of a black hole

When the Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration said they would release their first image of Sgr A* on April 15th, instead, close to this date, they announced an image of M87 that was a rework of an image published two years earlier.  Still to this date, they have not released an image of Sgr A*.  The core of M87 is 1550 times more massive than the core of our galaxy, hence would be 1550 times more distorted due to gravitational warping.  More

Event Horizon Telescope to Make Big Announcement April 10, 2019

The Event Horizon Telescope array was built to give us our best view of the Galactic core.  On Wednesday the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) Collaboration will announce their first findings on what the Galactic core looks like.  I believe that what they see with the telescope will be very different from what they expect based on black hole theory.  Below I will restate some of the predictions of what to expect based on subquantum kinetics. More

Who is Cobra?

There have been many websites on the net that have appropriated the superwave concept for their own purposes and have sidelined Dr. LaViolette and the Starburst Foundation, in the sense that their names are NEVER mentioned when they discuss the coming superwave event.  They claim to have high ideals of helping humanity.  But if they really followed the ideals they preach, they would have made citations to Dr. LaViolette's work.  More

Corey Goode and other disinformation agents create confusion about the coming superwave

Corey Goode, who claims to have inside knowledge about the Secret Space Program (SSP) has been giving lectures and interviews, including a series of interviews on GaiaTV.  He claims that beginning in 1987 the SSP sent out spaceships and discovered a superwave heading for Earth.  No mention of the author who discovered the superwave phenomenon and who had labored for 40 years trying to warn people about the phenomenon. More

Crab Nebula changes its brightness

It used to be that the Crab nebula's x-ray and gamma ray brightness was so constant that astronomers used it as a "standard candle" to assess the brightness of other sources in the sky. However, continued observation now shows that its brightness varies over the years. In 2011, astronomers reported finding that the hard x-ray and gamma ray flux from the Crab Nebula was declining by 3.5% per year. More

Cosmic dust incursion: Verification of the solar cause of the mass extinction

New evidence has come out that definitively supports the solar theory of the Pleistocene megafaunal extinction and puts to rest the idea of a comet impact. Before addressing that, let's review the various extraterrestrial cause theories that are out there that attempt to explain this. One theory, first proposed by myself in 1983 (PhD dissertation) suggests that the Sun as the cause, where the solar activity was aggravated by the incursion into the solar system of cosmic dust. More