The predator-prey relationship and its appearance in stock market trend fluctuations

A method developed by E. Kerner for testing biological population fluctuations for predator-prey behavior is applied to the Dow Jones Average. The result shows that the stock market exhibited predator-prey behavior before and after the crash of 1929. The result shows that for about five years prior to the crash the market behaved as a hot market. This challenges claims by efficient market theorists that the market has always been efficiently priced. More

The expanding universe model fails the test

  The expanding universe model fails the test: Towards a new cosmological paradigm P. A. LaViolette, submitted (2017) Abstract The no-evolution, static universe tired-light model and the no-evolution concordance expanding universe cosmology are compared to observational data on six cosmology tests. The tired-light model is shown to make a superior … More

Autopoietic Gene-Enzyme Cycles and the Emergence of Life

Journal Keynote Paper by Paul A. LaViolette. Systems concepts are applied to solve the problem of how early life could have emerged from an initially abiotic organic environment. Proteinoid or lipid microspheres are proposed to have polymerized from a primordial organic soup and to contain various amino acids and several different nucleobases. A self-replicating “basic set” hypercycle consisting of 10 XNA gene strands and 10 enzymes is proposed that utilizes inorganic phosphates as an energy source. More

Are Radio Pulsars Extraterrestrial Communication Beacons?

by Paul A. LaViolette The Starburst Foundation J. Astrobiology & Outreach 4 (2016): 148. Abstract Evidence is presented that radio pulsars may be artificially engineered beacons of extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI) origin. It is proposed that they are beaming signals to various Galactic locations including our solar system and that their primary purpose … More

Polar Precession / Polar Obliquity Calculator

A spreadsheet program that Paul LaViolette has written for use with Microsoft Excel®. Calculates the ecliptic longitude position of the vernal equinox for arbitrary dates in the past. It also calculates the corresponding angle of polar obliquity (the inclination of the Earth’s pole to the ecliptic). The program uses a … More

Solar Cycle Variations in Ice Acidity at the End of the Last Ice Age

Possible Marker of a Climatically Significant Interstellar Dust Incursion Planetary and Space Science(2005) 53(4): 385 – 393 Abstract Hammer et al. [1997] report the presence of regularly spaced acidity peaks (H+, F­, Cl­) in the Byrd Station, Antarctica ice core. The event has a duration of about one century and … More

The Pioneer maser signal anomaly

The novel physics methodology of subquantum kinetics predicted in 1979 that photons should blueshift their frequency at a rate that varies directly with negative gravitational potential, the rate of blueshifting for photons traveling between Earth and Jupiter having … More

Stationary Dissipative Solitons of Model G

Model G, the earliest reaction-diffusion system proposed to support the existence of solitons, is shown to do so under distant steady-state boundary conditions. Subatomic particle physics phenomenology, including multi-particle bonding, movement in concentration gradients, and a particle structure matching Kelly’s charge distribution model of the nucleon, are observed. More