Subquantum Kinetics Table of Contents

Table of Contents for Subquantum Kinetics   Chapter 1 – Overview of the Methodology   A New Paradigm for Microphysics   Process and Order   Experiments Contradicting the Assumption      of Relative Frames   Concluding Remarks Chapter 7 – The Cosmological Redshift   The Expanding Universe Hypothesis   Interpreting the Redshift with Model G   History of the Tired-Light Model   The Angular-Size-Redshift Test   The Tolman Surface Brightness Test   The … More

More Reviews of Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion

Max L. Day, Amazon Review (5 stars), January 12, 2013 Excellent Resource The theories behind anti-gravity propulsion are certainly controversial, and not accepted by so-called “mainstream” science. That is to say, they aren’t accepted by those in science who haven’t been “in the loop” of what the black-budget part of … More

Earth Under Fire (DVD Video)

Earth Under Fire: Understanding Mythology as the Science of the Past Based on the work of Dr. Paul LaViolette In this exciting new video, Dr. Paul LaViolette theorizes that there is a periodic cyclic catastrophe in the Milky Way. He proves that our ancestors knew more about the universe and … More

Galactic Superwaves and their Impact on the Earth

A 2012 update of Paul A. LaViolette’s original 1983 Ph.D. dissertation (technical background for his book Earth Under Fire) Table of Contents Chapter 1 – Introduction Chapter 2 – Extragalactic Evidence Supporting the Superwave Model: Toward a General Theory of Galactic Outbursts 2.1 Evidence of Superwave Activity in Active Galactic Nuclei … More

The Talk of the Galaxy

The Talk of the Galaxy Historical announcement to the science community of evidence of ET contact. Video of Dr. LaViolette’s presentation at the January 12, 2000 American Astronomical Society meeting. Includes discussions of his findings with astronomers who came to his booth in the conference exhibit hall. For the first … More

Subquantum Kinetics (4th Edition eBook)

Subquantum Kinetics: A Systems Approach to Physics and Cosmology A novel systems approach to physics that has far reaching implications for field theory, astronomy, and cosmology. For information on the third edition of Subquantum Kinetics click here.  People who purchase the third edition through or third party vendors are not … More

Subquantum Kinetics (Book, 3rd Edition)

Subquantum Kinetics: A Systems Approach to Physics and Cosmology Subquantum Kinetics is a revolutionary physics methodology that was inspired by advances in our understanding of how nonequilibrium reaction systems spawn self-organizing wave patterns. Replacing the fragmented and self-contradictory framework of modern physics, subquantum kinetics opens the door to a truly … More

Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion (Book)

Secrets of Antigravity PropulsionTesla, UFO’s and Classified Aerospace Technology About to go into its sixth printing! A complete investigation of the development and suppression of antigravity and field propulsion technologies. Reveals the workings of advanced technologies capable of controlling gravity that have thrust-to-power ratios thousands of times greater than the … More

Genesis of the Cosmos (Book)

Genesis of the Cosmos: The Ancient Science of Continuous Creation Provides compelling evidence that creation myths from the dawn of civilization correspond to cutting edge astronomical discoveries. Exposes the contradictions in the Big Bang theory and offers a scientific basis for the ancient myths and esoteric lore that encode a … More

Earth Under Fire (Book)

“One of the most amazing studies of cosmic cataclysmic cycles ever put into print.” Armando Canales, The Critical Review “I have collected 30,000 books and 20,000 videos over 40 years – now in a library – and this is the most important book I have found.” UK bookseller telling friend, … More