Subquantum Kinetics Table of Contents

Table of Contents for Subquantum Kinetics


Chapter 1 – Overview of the Methodology
   A New Paradigm for Microphysics
   Process and Order
   Experiments Contradicting the Assumption 
     of Relative Frames
   Concluding Remarks
Chapter 7 – The Cosmological Redshift
   The Expanding Universe Hypothesis
   Interpreting the Redshift with Model G
   History of the Tired-Light Model
   The Angular-Size-Redshift Test
   The Tolman Surface Brightness Test
   The Hubble Diagram Test
   The Galaxy Number-Count-Magnitude Test
   The Supernova Data: Evidence for Time Dilation?
   The Redshift Quantization Effect
   Beyond the Big Bang
   The Reality of Energy Nonconservation