The Force of Star Wars and the Organic Conception of the Ether

Luke Skywalker in training. From the movie Star Wars.

Luke Skywalker in training. From the movie Star Wars.

Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi: The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together.

If we take the concept of the Force taught in the movie Star Wars and bring it one level down to the subquantum realm, this very accurately describes the transmuting ether postulated in subquantum kinetics.  Like the Force, the ether of subquantum kinetics “binds” the universe together.  This is essentially an organic view of the physical world, namely that one region of space affects other parts of space and is itself affected by those other regions of space.  In living things, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.  The same is true of the unitary fabric created by the Force.  There are no separate parts, the galaxy is bound together into an organic whole.

We encounter this same view of existence in the philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead.  To quote from my book Genesis of the Cosmos (chapter 4):

According to Whitehead, space is a kind of living organism, an integrated system in which the whole of space is more than just the sum of its parts. Just as the millions of cells forming a human being interact in multiple ways to compose a living entity, Whitehead conceived that every volume of space “takes account of ” (or interacts with) every other volume, so as to compose an integral structure. This organic conception very appropriately describes the transmuting ether.

Indeed, the transmuting ether of subquantum kinetics is characterized by the continual operation of both reaction and diffusion processes, much as are our bodies.  Etherons present in one part of space diffuse to other regions of space and take part in ether reactions transpiring there, thus affecting the outcome.  The ether in effect binds space together into an organic whole.

Were it not for the activity of this organic flux at the subquantum level, material particles and waves could not form.  They are essentially waves in the ether, inhomogeneities that are sustained by the etheric flux.  If these processes were to cease, these waves would dissipate and the universe would return to its vacuum state,  state of inactive uniformity.

We see the organic theme woven throughout the Stars Wars movies.  For example, Yoda lives in a jungle forest.  The Jedi resistance movement has its base on a thickly forested planet.  In Episode VI, Return of the Jedi, they are aided by the Ewoks, beings that live among the trees.


Victory celebration with the Ewoks.

It is interesting that George Lucas, creator of Star Wars, was strongly influenced by scholar Joseph Campbell, author of the bestselling book The Hero with a Thousand Faces.  Campbell compared creation myths from different parts of the world and found that they shared the same hero theme.  In all these myths a young warrior hero (Horus, Zeus, Marduk) confronts a suppressive elder (Set, Kronos, Tiamat) who attempts to kill him, but in the end wins by forming a victorious coalition.  The result is that a new state of order, the physical universe, comes into being.

As I propose in  my book Genesis of the Cosmos, these various creation myths that Campbell discussed in his book encode a highly sophisticated physics, namely the science of how matter comes into being from an underlying organic ether.  The evidence suggests that an ancient civilization that created these myths once understood and used the physics of subquantum kinetics and sought to preserve it for future generations by encoding its concepts into these myths through the use of metaphor.  Since Lucas was imbued in these concepts during the early stages of his writing of the Star Wars script, it is not surprising that we find him proposing the alchemic concept of the Force, an idea which is metaphorically embedded in these myths.  While the conscious mind might not at first sort out the scientific significance of these underlying themes, they are undoubtedly absorbed into the creative unconscious and by this means made their way into Lucas’ script.

Luke Skywalker being trained by Yoda in use of the Force.

Luke Skywalker being trained by Yoda in use of the Force.

I once read a magazine article in which George Lucas was being interviewed about his creation of the movie Star Wars.  He admitted in the interview that during those years he himself believed the Force to be real.  Likely he does to this day.  In other words, for him it was not just a script, but a new way of understanding the world, a paradigm in which telepathy, levitation, and psychokenesis find a framework for explanation.  The same could be said for the ether physics of subquantum kinetics.  Subquantum kinetics is a refreshingly new way of conceiving the world which not only explains what’s inside the box, but also what’s outside the box.

In watching the new Star Wars sequel, I hope you will heed the words of Han Solo:  “It’s true.  The Force, the Jedi, it’s true.  All of it!”  Indeed, the Force is real.  So, at this I leave you and wish that may the Force be with you.

Paul LaViolette
December 13, 2015

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7 Responses to The Force of Star Wars and the Organic Conception of the Ether

  1. illumination says:

    @Juul your story was very interesting. In some ways it reminds me of Rudolf Steiner’s relation of space vs counterspace. It seems that you were able to experience both in that fashion that he referred to, and later Nick Thomas expands upon so adeptly in his books titled “Space and Counterspace: A New Science of Gravity, Time, and Light” and “Science between Space and Counterspace : Exploring the Significance of Negative Space”

  2. Nothing ever dies, and nothing is ever wasted. With great catastrophes on earth being a cyclical factor, there is no doubt there are other worlds not unlike ours.

    Everything is connected, from evolution on earth to galactic exodus via cosmo genesis. The sum of the whole, determines the one.

    Thanks for your perseverance Dr LaViolette. Maybe one day we could meet for Pizza, beer, and discussion.

    Never stop imagining- Carl Sagan.


  3. Juul says:

    thank you

  4. Juul says:

    thank you , very interesting
    it confirms that what I have been experiencing for some years
    now … this is part of what I wrote on a forum some months ago :

    Spring of 2001 was the year I had an out of body experience and from that time on I started communicating with my spirit friend Anne, who was with me during that experience. Later on I became aware of more spirit friends and I mostly kept our conversations to myself. Around 2010 I became sick and made the decision to stop going to the hospital or doctors after some time; I had zero confidence in them being able to heal me and I started listening to the advise of my spirit friends and I started trusting only in mother nature to heal my sick body. Luckily my husband stood by me during this ‘adventure’. During extreme bodily discomfort my spirit friends (sf) would often lift me somewhat out of my body and then the nausea and pain would be much more bearable and at these times I began to see more and feel more … it was like I expanded myself.

    One of these things was that I could see and feel what was happening at Fukushima:
    To me it looked as if there was liquid mercury flowing out of the reactors at ground level, a very very thin layer just beneath the surface, I can feel the energy coming from it and it’s horrible… For years now I have been praying the animals can have a quick painless death; for I cannot see/feel it is possible they could go on living in this now horrible place ; it has become torture to be alive in the sea between Japan and America. It has dived deep under America and now this thin layer has already spread out to past the east coast and is on it’s way to cross the sea and I feel it will reach Europa within a year. The spreading is going fastest around the northern hemisphere, but it is already past the tip of Chili and has been spreading at first along the coastline from the north to south. This layer will go around the entire Earth and absolutely nothing can stop this from spreading.

    The microbes around the world are in extreme turmoil ever since the layer started entering the sea around Fukushima; microbes are the only ones who are able to adjust to such a kind of environmental game change ; living organisms, each one of them , wether animals or plants are symbiotic lifeforms … our bodies are made and maintained by tiny little creatures … you have the good ones; they are light-giving, so life-giving, and the nasty ones, they are parasitic and only take light, so are life-taking. Where there is death or decay, the parasitic lifeforms explode and thrive immensely. Whatever sickness or disease (also mentally); it is created by parasitic lifeforms …

    My liver was at it’s ‘breaking’ point and I became even sicker , when they lifted me totally out of my body the first time it was like heaven. But even though I was out of my body ; I also was completely aware what happened in and around my body. I could see my sf but they were just golden light energy points ( during the OBE in 2001 I had seen Anne in her human form). Slowly in the space of a few months, I started to follow these sf lights and became aware of a world which at first just seemed to be just golden lights and energies and only after I had come there many times , did I see where I was; I’ll just tell you how I experienced it:

    It was like I ‘popped’ out of a tube-like-tunnel and I could see an immense fractal light structure towering above me, the light was alive…this fractal was vibrating life , it was so high and went so deep into space I couldn’t see/feel an end to it ( and still haven’t) , my friends were all around m, and they started to explain that all I saw was … me; they were me … I could not understand how this could be so, and then, they connected me, one after the other, with a point of consciousness inside the fractal light body and then I could feel for myself … it truly was me; I could feel it. There was no difference in feeling. They showed me how we all are connected; we are literally connected by our love and light; this is our body. I could travel inside this fractal lightbody and move with extreme speed ; later on I found out I could also go outside …

    This fractal lightbody is built up, fractal after fractal, of points of consciousness … I felt past lives, but also influences I couldn’t understand … Each point of consciousness is a doorway to other realities … All realities are connected by fractal lightbodies (we create realities). We can use them as tubes to move from one place to the other … We can move through ourselves freely, only in spirit at first , but the future I saw holds far more wonders.

    When I left the fractal lightbody it was like I was sucked ‘up’ high speed from behind to very far into the universe. As I was moving out I began to see, feel, and talk to multiple consciousnesses and when I reached my point of view where I could see our reality bubble and I understood all … zooming back into this reality was done on purpose in a very slow pace (explaining , enlightening all the way back) so that I could hold on better to what was being shown … I wish to share all my earthly mind has been able to understand up to now; and I would wish to share what I have seen but don’t understand… We are one; together we can perhaps see and feel more what I cannot comprehend alone …reflection is needed. I have seen more of who we are, but I still cannot fathom … My earthly mind is incapable of holding this information; it is simply to much for this ‘avatar-body’ of mine at this time, my body first needs to heal and evolve into something capable of doing this ‘higher energetic work’… That’s why they let me see how to heal the human body; how to quicken the ‘seed’ to life. We have been living dormant on the earth for a long time … Now it is time to rise and be alive again! I would like to share all I know regarding healing the human body and at the same time healing the human mind; The one goes with the other …

    Before I had this experience I was certain I would live in a ‘jozef rulof-like’ spiritworld after ‘death’ … When I saw what I saw, I thought this was more science fiction than I had ever seen in the movies or on tv. At this point of view I could see that there were more of these fractal lightbodies; too many to count … They were just like mine … The energies these ‘snakes’ of light gave off was tremendous, so much power and strength, and all wrapped in love and light, and they began to move extremely fast … The light exploded around them and everything inside of me began vibrating at these movements. It felt like enormous power surging through me. Lightsnakes swirling around each other, explosions of golden light… The lights moved beautifully between them. I am beyond words to express, just so very beautiful! I only could feel love.

    The lightsnakes were breaking through this reality’s ‘cell wall’; some of these snakes of loving light had anchored into the earth (energy-like) and this gave freedom to other lightsnakes entering and anchoring within … They showed me that there were problems in connection; for many here on earth they had lost all connection and for many of the earthly points of the lightsnakes, the connection was pretty unreliable.

    This is all like a game to them. We are playing a game and this reality bubble of Earth is just one of the games we play. My life as an earthly point (of the fractal lightbody) and all of my sufferings has just been a game… It made me furious inside and I exclaimed: which sick mind would come up with such a twisted game (having all the suffering of the world in my mind also) it’s no fun you know! How could you !? … well that didn’t give me much relief. Because they started laughing with great joy
    and they told me between laughter that it was; that we all had. I also had come up with this game … They gave me the feeling I myself had been certain before entering this game about remembering who I was and my anger proved I had been very wrong in that … I still feel ‘query’ about this and I must be some mighty arrogant consciousness to have so expressed my certainty beforehand; otherwise they wouldn’t have laughed at me so vividly, I think… But loving laughters, not mean in any way.

    Then who am I, I asked … What are we? They answered: We are multidimensional. Our fractal lightbody is just our game-suit … We need it to play inside realities … We are all that is … I still didn’t understand, couldn’t feel… and then it was like I was thrown out by a catapult. I was thrown far far away into the cosmos … I got a bit scared, for I felt so very small and I could feel so much focus resting on me… I was floating on their focus on me… Felt very weird, and then I became the whole cosmos for a blink of an eye and I could feel where the focus was coming from… It was from far further deeper into the cosmos and at the same time from deep within myself. They were playing in this earthly game also, but not like we ‘play’, but through their focus only, and all focus being pointed on our earthly reality bubble. After that they let me see and feel what was to happen.

    Now I saw from even a greater distance our reality bubble and it was just like a great mosaïc, one that was alive and more beautiful than I could ever express into words. My love exploded by looking at this mosaïc and I could see my own connection to this game. The love became light and travelled the distance in a couple of ‘heartbeats’ and then I saw: Great changes happening; dark and light had always shifted pretty equally in the past, but that was changing… all that left the mosaïc came back as light in the new game. But to us as earthly points, we will experience the breaking down and it will seem as if all is lost and they let me feel that at that moment we would unite and create our new reality and that our knowledge of light would be the key to this.

    They told me this had been a game of duality and the new earth would be a game of oneness. We (the light) have lost the old game… Darkness has been so clever to recognize (steal) the importance of probiotic life forces, and is very advanced at destroying our earthly avatars. They showed me what a healthy human would look like energetically and to me it was like we were enormous fountains of living light. Then they zoomed in on this light and also showed me close up from the light which the golden lightsnakes expelled from their bodies … Both light seemed alive, with a will of it’s own, and I could zoom in until I saw what this was … They were uncountable, many little light microbes!… With us humans and also with the snakes.
    They are our connection to the divine; they are our light; we are them; they are us = one. And we humans/earthly points all have far to little of the good loving light-bearing darlings in our earthly bodies and so our connection is ‘crappy’ for most parts of us. But also our bodily and mental health is very, very, very low; we need to update ourselves and become self-conscious… If you want a lightbody to express yourselves in, with accompanied extra functions; you’ll need to update your avatar and that can only happen once you have gotten the balance in your earthly body back in favor of the light-bearing little darlings. Your body is their home and they love to dive into our chakra streams and go to everybody surrounding you. You will feel much more alive and so will everybody around you … But it takes much
    time so shift this balance. You cannot do it too fast or you will get herxheimer, after
    herxheimer reactions; you should clean up just fast enough as to keep these adjustments of your body within your capability to deal with… Be kind and loving to yourselves , don’t push too hard… Trust your own feelings and know you will get past this period of cleansing. Read up on natto, kombucha, milk kefir, and virgin coconut oil if you want to start healing yourselves.

    Later on I had thought/visioned a lot about that… They knew all along, our so called leaders are trying to exterminate us as if we are cockroaches…, and they have been doing it for over 60 years. Modern medication is poison and it kills our microbloom; this is just how they wanted it. Keep us dumb and unable to use our bodies in the proper ways; only allowed to live too slowly to be eaten alive by parasites from the inside out… This is what they gave us and they did this willingly…, even made money to torture us more and more; all the while selling it to us as something we needed; something they told us would make us better… We trusted; they lied… We have suffered much and it’s time to take back our powers to clean up the mess and move on. Creatures with no empathy are no part of us, parasites are no part of us, and still they have made it so that we all serve them by poisoning ourselves and our loved ones unknowingly; They kept this knowledge (almost all grocery foods are filled with poisons to keep us from evolving. They maimed/broke our bodies and minds from a very early age through food, vaccinations and education. They will reap what they sowed… No doubt about that! I can really feel sorry for them; but sadly they truly are the winners of the game of duality and that makes it their own choice. Like a snake or a lobster who sheds its skin; we will shed all that doesn’t belong to our symbiotic organism …

    This is what they told me: The basic ‘level’ of the game is changing while we are playing on it; This has never happened before at such a speed. The all in all is being born into the reality of Earth… But I do not know what kind of impact it will have on this earthly reality, or how it would change. But I do know I would like to be alive to experience this birth of the all in all. It feels like something very, very good and fine to me, but I do not understand… So please share your feelings on this and then they let me feel that the other ‘fun’ part was: How much of our minds would we be able to let go?

    They then explained how we are ‘built up’…

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