Ceres Update: NASA still suppresses the latest images

Occator crater on Ceres seen from an altitude of 1470 km. Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA/MPS/DLR/IDA

Occator crater on Ceres seen from an altitude of 1470 km. Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA/MPS/DLR/IDA

Posting by P. LaViolette
January 5, 2016;

The closest image of Occator crater that NASA has released so far is that shown above which was released in July 2015; see posting: https://etheric.com/ceres-population-100000/.  NASA had claimed that by December 2015 images of Ceres would be available which would be taken from an altitude of 260 km, hence 5.6 times closer.  But no such images have been made available.  An article on Ceres and its bright spots was published last month in Nature magazine, but the magazine photo of Occator crater is of an image taken at a rather low angle of inclination and with a resolution no better than the above image; see image below.  

Figure 2a from the December 2015 Nature article showing a perspective view of the Ceres bright spots. Credit: Nature magazine 2015

Figure 2a from the December 2015 Nature article showing a perspective view of the Ceres bright spots.
Credit: Nature magazine 2015

The authors of the article attribute the bright spots to the accretion of water ice.  But whether or not that theory is correct will depend on the closer views which NASA has yet to release.  As I had predicted back in March 2015, if the close up photos show evidence of civilization NASA will likely come up with an excuse not to release them.  NASA is also known to doctor space images to omit evidence of extraterrestrial civilization.

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  1. Dogu 111 says:

    Hi Paul, i saw this on hotmail this morning, acctivity near the galactic core http://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/techandscience/suspected-supernova-baffles-astronomers/ar-BBodyKx?li=AA9SkIr&ocid=mailsignout
    . i havent been aware of any seizmic activity caused by preceding gravity waves but thought you might be of interest.
    kind regards

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      This “supernova” or “core explosion”, whatever it is, occurred billions of light years from our Galaxy. Hence any thoughts about associated gravity waves passing through our Galaxy are irrelevant. Such highly luminous outbursts constitute a serious blow to standard theory which is at a loss to explain where the energy comes from. However subquantum kinetics easily explains this energy as arising from genic energy. A thorough discussion of the energy powering supernova and galactic core explosions may be found in the 4th edition of Subquantum Kinetics.

      • Is Ceres even real, and not a Nasa Scottish Rite Freemason CGI nonsense?
        Since I’ve learned the Moon human landings were rubbish, they didn’t happen. And have read convincing things, such as from a highly educated Swedish currently working marine engineer, who says, with extensive explanations,
        Manned moon travel CANNOT HAPPEN Dr Laviolette
        At least with 20th century Newtonian rocket technology. The Apollo stuff it seems has been a Scottish Rite Freemasonic lie
        Since they set up and run Nasa
        So forgive me if i’m suspicious, about Hubble images, and Ceres images, and in fact come to think of it,
        I’m speaking as a layman. I would appreciate and love Dr Laviolette, you send me a few lines back. Assuring me Geocentrism is not the case, and the Sun is not much smaller than they’ve told us, and acting in a more of a spotlight way.
        These are very confusing times. but I know something is terribly amiss somewhere.

        • Paul LaViolette says:

          I have looked at some websites giving arguments that NASA never put a man on the Moon. Some of the points, e.g., about multiple shadows in the moon landing images, seem convincing. But I would like to see counterarguments. Quotes attributed to Van Allen and claiming that human beings could not make the journey through the radiation belts were taken out of context and skewed. Van Allen never said any such thing. This indicates that some of the anti NASA factions have their own agendas and are not being completely honest. So this on the whole undermines their attempt to convince people that the landings were faked. Anyway, going to Ceres with ion thrust rockets is fairly straight forward and not nearly as involved as placing a man on the Moon. So I don’t think there should be any reason to think such missions are faked. Anyway it is known that almost all, or a large portion, of the Glenn Martin NASA research center is focused on developing ion thruster technology. I can’t believe that NASA would be going to all that expense just for show. My hope is that they will stop wasting their money on ion thrusters and consider something far more efficient and effective such as the Nassikas superconducting thruster.

      • The main stream has recently upped the Aunty in nova class outbursts. They described Hypernovas, and they sounded familiar. 🙂

        Well done Sir.

  2. illumination says:

    I can’t seem to place comments on your article on “Om” (http://etheric.com/om-the-cosmic-vibration/), but I was hoping that you might expound on this.

    You mention “etheron states”, how many of these states do you posit exist?

    And do you have any kind of experimental evidence of the “Om” sound being involved in these state changes?

    • Paul LaViolette says:

      I have expanded the discussion on that article page to hopefully answer your questions.
      View at: http://etheric.com/om-the-cosmic-vibration/.

      • Thank you for the update.

        Mythology and lore not so esoteric after all. Whether this ancient knowledge was lost due to cosmic catastrophic events, or hidden away by the powers behind histories inquisitions. It only proves just how advanced the ancients were.

        As advanced as our modern society is, perhaps there is hope for cooperation between all scientific disciplinary studies.

        God knows we can not afford to repeat mistakes, simply because of stubborn pride, and money.

        A Newdawnrising, and the pricipice of which we skate upon, gets thinner.

        Life is alchemy, all determined by the heartbeats of the cosmos.

  3. Thank you Dr. LaViolette.

    I’m a most humble follower of your on going work. I’ve spread the word far and wide, on many discussion forums.

    It was considered as pseudo science, crack science, or just plain crazy some seven years ago.

    Yet the amount of such labels has dropped dramatically since 2013.

    Those who have tried to discredit your work, have never had an explanation for their arguments.

    Not once, has a shill, troll, agent, or real scientist proven your GSW theory, is anything less.

    You’ve so eloquently presented your case, that it is no doubt going to bring about a great revelation.

    Tptb know, it is time the little people let them know, their secret, is no secret. That even the men of power would drop dead of the surprise. That is what I believe the Pope revealed to certain world leaders.

    The Vatican owns the WISE IR satellite, it captured a core outburst of Sag. A, very shortly after launch. They know, but not when.

  4. joe bickett says:

    I am still wondering how nasa gets images from light years away and not one actual picture of earth. hundreds on the net, all apparently “composites” or faked CGI.
    If they fake any parts of photos they can fake all of it, like the faked videos taken on the space shuttle.
    I used to be a believer, was not always a skeptic.

  5. http://www.astronomy.com/news/2016/01/chandra-finds-supermassive-black-hole-burping-nearby

    I would imagine you already know this. Still found it interesting.

    Can’t stop laughing at the insistence of the term Black hole. 🙂

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